Reasons why I didn’t Want to do Yoga

My wife was arguing with me about why I should do yoga. (Click on her link to see why she is so into yoga).

So she made this video of all the excuses people use to avoid yoga. Most of these excuses were mine.

9 Lame Excuses for Avoiding Yoga:

  • Sooz

    Johnny Knoxville had the most hillarious segment(1st season)of him entering a yoga studio all wired with microphones and fake sounding gas ready to implement when he was instructed in different positions(down dog was rediculously funny).
    No inhabition allowed..when it comes to yoga.
    How great is it that your wife comes by this naturally..and you adore her for many reason beyond that!

  • Sooz

    Life is all about balance and I think you’ve met your perfect match..:)

  • I heard Yoga is relaxing but this video is still not enough to convince me to sign up.