Yasser Arafat’s $2mm and My Upcoming Comic Book

In January I wrote one of my favorite posts on this site:

How I Screwed Yasser Arafat Out of $2 million (and lost another $100 million in the process)


In December I have a comic book coming out based on this blog (Round Table Comics is the publisher.

Here’s a page they just showed me from that particular blog post above. I pushed them to make me look better in the comic than I do in real life. Here’s a rough version of the page:

  • Willchoi73

    James, the ceo of 1-800-FLOWERS is Jim McCann!

  • Can Issue #2 be your Street.com days?  I miss those videos and you must have some hilarious back stories.  

  • You’ve done a very interesting thing here James; you’ve either forgotten, chosen to omit (unlikely considering you included Mobilelogics name), or taken comedic license with the name and appearance of the “Spook” you have playing the CEO of aforementioned company.

    If you have forgotten, check my last name against Mr. Smith there and it might jog your memory.

    • Funny. Rob might have been the only guy to make money on the deal.