Why “I Was Blind But Now I See” is My Best Book Ever (and now on Kindle)

I’m not going to brag. The purpose of this post is to inform on three things:

A) A lot of people have been asking me when the book is going to be available on Kindle. It’s there. Click on the cover below and it will take you to the Kindle version. If you can’t see the image below then click here. i was blind but now i see

B) I want to describe how this book is different from my last book “How to Be The Luckiest Person Alive!”

C) I want to describe how this book is different from the blog. There is much original material and, as opposed to the prior book, it is not a collection of my favorite blog posts.

Also, why do I self-publish? I strongly encourage people to self-publish rather than use a traditional publisher who will only hurt and exploit you. I describe in detail:

Why and How I Self-Published My Latest Book. IN OTHER WORDS: You should self-publish also. Click the above link to see why and how.

The 8 Reasons You Might Want to Look At “I Was Blind But Now I See”:

1. Its Easier on the Eye. 

For this book, as opposed to my first self-published book, I used a professional book designer, Alexander Becker. You can find his website here. He didn’t just design the cover, he was very proactive on every decision ranging from fonts, to how to emphasize topics without using bold type, to changing title names to be less blog-like, to re-formatting the way I was doing lists. In other words, he made it a book, something I neglected to do with my first self-published book.

i was blind but now i see

(In the trailer for “Limitless” Bradley Cooper says, “I was Blind But Now I See”

2. Original Material.

My first self-published book was mostly a collection of blog posts, which is why I gave it away for free and also priced it for just 99 cents on the Kindle.

I’m not saying there isn’t value in that. There’s value in curation of the dozen or so best blog posts out of 200. But in “I Was Blind But Now I See” there’s a lot of original material, even if some material is based on some of my blog posts. I describe more, below, what some of the original material is.

3. Modifications/Extensions.

The main theme throughout my blog (a theme which has evolved through time) has been that we’ve basically been brainwashed into sacrificing both happiness and money to keep government, parents, banks, corporations, etc happy at our expense.

Once we recognize this and do what I call the “Daily Practice” one can become truly happy and reach success, although through a very different route than expected. In my “How to be the luckiest person alive” I describe this to some extent but in this book I go much deeper.

From going more in depth into how to overcome the brainwashing to providing modifications to the Daily Practice to fit different lifestyles.

4. No Fluff.

Every chapter fits the overall theme of the book, which can be summed up in this excerpt that I’ve previously published.

5. Proven to Work.

Since my last book has come out I’ve had many people write me describing to me how successful they’ve been with the Daily Practice and the ideas I write about.

I’ve always known that these ideas have worked for me but really had no clue if they would work for others. Now I know. At the end of the book I say, “don’t take my word for it.” The only way to know if something works is to experience it.

There’s no faith in this. The basic basic idea is that to thrive one must be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. In this book I describe in  more detail what that means and how one can achieve this healthiness as quickly as possible.

6. The Herx Reaction.

I learned this while watching my wife deal with her Lyme Disease. Whenever she got on a new antibiotic she would have a horrible horrible next two days while she was going through what is called “the herx reaction” – the initial reaction your body goes through when something is churning it’s way through your system killing off all the evil bacteria it can find. She would be in agony.

I notice in the comments (not so much on my blog but in the places where it’s syndicated) that a lot of people can’t handle the ideas in the book. They get very negative, even hateful. That’s OK.

Once again I say, don’t believe me. Try it for yourself. Try developing an attitude where you begin to question the motives of the societal structures that have raised you, and then once you have a grip on what those motives are, you can move forward into health.

7. Intros/Outros.

Even when I take material from blog posts I usually rewrote them to provide more context to my current thinking on the topics plus wrote intros and outros.

For instance, I don’t just spit back the usual stuff about “don’t go to college” but describe how it fits into the overall style of thinking I’m trying to espouse in the book.

8. The Title.

“I Was Blind But Now I See” comes from so many contexts. Most recently, it’s in the movie “Limitless” when Bradley Cooper takes a pill that magnifies his mental facilities 100x. I feel the same thing happens with the process described in the book.

I’m not religious but I’m an explorer and many of my chapters and posts have a religious context around them. The line “I Was Blind but Now I See” comes from two sources: the song “Amazing Grace”, written by John Newton. Newton was originally a notoriously profane slave trader.

Then, when surviving a particularly vicious storm he denounced slavery and became a strong spiritualist. Now he could see! The original line is from John 9:25 when a blind man is healed.

While the book itself has nothing to do with Christianity I feel like most of my life I’ve walked around blind. And although I’m not claiming I can “see” now I feel that even moving in the path towards seeing creates a discipline of constant improvement and success that can’t be stopped.

I think people have a fear of religion but throughout the book I liberally steal (without credit) from Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, and many different texts and religious sources.  (if you can spot all the sources I still from I’d be really impressed).

PROMOTION: If you buy it (in either paperback or kindle version) and send me Amazon receipt I’ll send you a copy of my next book “Bad Behavior” (a collection of posts I’m mostly too nervous to put directly on my blog coming out in Q1 2012) for free.

From the intro in the book:

“We have families to raise. We have careers to pursue. We have money to make. We have colleagues and family to deal with. We have real fears that invade us at night. I have real fears.

Things I’m scared of every single day. It’s only through diligent work that we can start to overcome these fears. With fear comes stress, and stress leads to sickness, inertia, and all of the other things that slows down our happiness.

And sometimes we can’t just wake up at 5:30am and go to sleep at 8pm (as I suggest in my prior book) and write down 10 ideas a day. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break and modify things until times and schedules permit.

I’ll discuss this more in part two by giving different exercises and modifications to the Daily Practice.

How to deal with the people who bring us down, how to fight the fear, how to be creative – these are all components of bringing a daily practice into your life so that not only does your entire life change, it changes so quickly that you won’t even recognize the final result.”

i was blind but now i see


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  • Thanks James. It’s finally on Kindle and I just bought it. I’m from Hong Kong, so I hate to wait and pay the shipping cost, which is almost equivalent to the book’s price, for the hard-copy in Amazon.

    Anyway, thanks again and I’ll try to map your “10 commandments of American religion” to my home country.

  • Ducksman11

    Where do we send the receipt from our purchase?

    • by email…amazon sends you a receipt by email once you order

  • Ducksman11

    Where do we send the receipt from our purchase?

  • maybe the message is sloppy grammar is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT TO HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bukhari Ramli


    I was really looking forward for Kindle. 1. I read mostly on my mobile device. 2. I don’t wanna wait for physical book to ship to Australia.
    Finally, it’s here! 


    ps. how do we send the receipt to you?

    • by email…amazon sends you a receipt by email once you order

  • Greg

    I’d have to agree with being impressed by anyone recgonizing the philosophies from more than one religion, especially one who is religious.  It would make no sense.

    On accepting that one is wrong, it’s kind of like that Kubler-Ross model where there are stages.  Denial, anger, something, acceptance… if they even get past the first stage.  We hold on really tight to our beliefs, even if they’re wrong.

  • Dave Calderon

    You should have gone to your reunion!!!

  • Sooz


  • Guest

    Is this going to be on google books (sorry if this has been asked already)?

  • casper

    Thanks. For the offer do we have to send the Amazon receipt now or when you publish the next book ?

    •  Send now so I can just use my handy “label” on google mail and get you on the list.

  • Angel Milev

    Great, James. I’d really love an audio version if there were one.

    •  I was in woodshop class in seventh grade the teacher was snorting cocaine or something in the back so he had us take turns reading from a textbook. When it was my turn to read, Christine H said, “Ugh, not HIS voice again.” so ive always been shy about doing an audiobook but maybe i’ve got bit the bullet and realize that in 7th grade our voices were all changing in weird ways.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. I had a science teacher in the 7th grade that used one of those nose-spray inhaler things about every 30 seconds year round. He barely knew where he was. I had his class right before lunch and we’d walk out of class 10 minutes in and go get tacos. Sometimes only half the class would still be there at the end of the period.

        Brings back memories.

      • aaron

        I second the request for an audiobook. I get through audiobooks in the car faster than books I am reading simultaneously in the physical/kindle form. If you don’t want to record it, I’m sure you could bid it out on elance. Have bidder read a couple pages.

  • Loved the post.  And I have  a hard time watching that rendition of Amazing Grace by Rhema without tearing, she is so beautiful and innocent.  She also lost her mom at 3 from ovarian cancer… so much beauty in her, but not before her mom taught her (mostly by imitation) to sing gospel… so beautiful.

    •  I didn’t know that about her mom. See, sometimes we communicate these really important things only through the comments on my blog.

  • Pdemerscom

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed James but your email address isn’t anywhere.

  • Thanks G!

  • Well, I take a bit of a bite there, I was the Editor of the book.  First time I did it.  I KNEW I COULD, and because I CAN now SEE I did it!.  I am sure I will improve and get better in further edits.

    I am Editor in Chief now.  I like them apples.

  • Ran

    Great book James! the daily practice is amazing. and you help me avoid the “own a House” myth!!

  • I’ve been waiting for the Kindle edition! So happy that it’s here! 

  • I just ordered the paperback ( yes….I still am old school ). I love the title and I am looking forward to the content. I am intrigued that this book was self published. I truly enjoy Jame’s blog as I get a lot of great ideas from it, and am happy to give something back by buying his book. 

  • Gibbsjd77

    How will we get the next gift book? Will it automatically be sent or will we need to sign up for it? Thanks!

  • Scott Thomas

    Hi James, I bought your book and just started reading ….. I bought it from Barnesandnoble.com. If I send you that receipt am I still eligible for the free copy of your next book? 


  • Alan

    I got it an finished it last night. Good read and interesting insight in to the world we live in. The honesty is unnervingly brutal and at time very funny – yet poignant. Can I get an e-copy of “trade like a hedge fund”? :)

  • pjc

    “Limitless” – funny, I never saw that movie. But I downloaded the soundtrack and listen to it at my “beach house” all the time.

    The beach house doesn’t have internet, so I only listen to about a dozen downloaded albums, and one of them is that soundtrack.

    The “beach house” is actually a doublewide that I picked up for cheap 6 months ago. I bought it with stock market money I would have lost, were it not for Jame’s public stock market optimism 18 months ago. So, it’s basically, the “James Altucher Sponsored Beach House”. But in my family, we just call it the beach house. 

    Even though it’s technically a doublewide that’s 10 years past it’s expiration date, and not really a house.

    James, you and Claudia can come anytime. I have SUPs, and I know how to time the tides for some great seal watching paddle tours. August is best.

  • You’re absolutely right about the benefits of self-publishing, especially if you have a means to market, such as a popular web site. I still have to rely on airplane banner ads sky ads to get the word out for my book

    Amazon had a great long term vision when it when into the print-on-demand model and its been increasingly attracting credible authors. In 10/17/11 New York Times there was an article about how Amazon is now competing directly with mainstream publishing houses and signing authors to deals.

    Play your cards right, James, and you can say no to Amazon when they offer you a publishing deal

  • Pocket gurus – only 5 bucks! Now reading this on Kindle along side of Anything You Want, by Derek Sivers…says business is about making dreams come true for others and yourself…

  • Are we supposed to email you the Amazon receipt? What the best address? Thanks!

  • Avdhoot1

    just bought it on amazon now downloading it cant wait to read it

  • Johan Grobler

    Hi James. Look I wanted to say very good job on the new book. I bought all your other books as well, and I am experimenting with your daily practice to see if I can use any of that perhaps with some of my patients (I am a psychologist) to help activate their own creative behaviour.

    Also, I did not know that Dr. Niederhoffer was upset with you because of your first book. I started following your work as a result of your book being recommended on the Daily Specs site, and then later saw that they removed your book from their recommendation list. Your book, I thought, was the best book of all those recommended. And in fact, it is perhaps my top trading book. Together with Ed Spec. Thank you for helping me make money with it.

    Keep up the excellent work, you are not “a laughing stock”, you are a breath of fresh air.

    • Johan, thanks so much. I’m glad you like both my first and my latest book since they are totally different.

  • So. I’m afraid I’ll not be able to read this book any time soon. Amazon sells the Kindle version for $4.89 to US users, but since I’m in Catalonia they want to charge me $7.42. C’mon, people…

    So James, next step is to sell it here in your website, charge the same to everyone, and get the entire amount for yourself.

  • This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last week.

  • How do we send you our Amazon receipt? Just bought the Kindle version.

    • Hi Barrie, I got your name now. Just drop me a note that says “hi” thru the contact button above,

  • Miketdikey

    That’s a first. An author reviewing his own book!

  • Mike

    Dane. I’m a plumber so I would call myself an authority on anything written but here is my take. People like me hate perfect. It’s fake, James is real. The mistakes are what makes it great. Anybody can send it out and have it shipped back perfect, but how many can have a wife do it? How many can use it as a bonding experience. I forgive James and any bad grammar, it’s OK. I’m pretty sure James isn’t worried about forgiveness of his grammar though. He wrote a book. Welcome to the 1% James, two thumbs up!


    • Mike

      oops, I meant “wouldn’t”. I’m a plumber, that’s my excuse. lol

  • Spenser

    what e-mail do I sent my receipt to?

  • Anonymous

    I realize as I post this that this is a stupid post. The reason it is stupid is because I want to urge everyone who keeps asking for your email address to RTFB! (Read The Freakin’ Blog!) You’ve given your email address approximately one zillion times (high order mathematical term). But, if they are reading this post, then they would have already read your email address….. Hmm…

  • how can i get your book in the UK!!?



  • Person Third

    Please make this book available as an audiobook on http://www.audible.com.


  • First book I’ve bought from James Altucher. The title fits the content perfectly. If you don’t walk away from this book with your world turned upside down and instantly seeing your day differently, I’m not sure what would do the trick. I feel like Neo seeing the “real” world for the first time.

    • Daniel, thanks! This is my favorite book I’ve done and I’m glad you like it.

  • Hi, James!

    Thanks for inviting me on Google+.  Can hardly wait to read your new book!  And no problem with “it’s” and “its.”


    It’s raining today!  (meaning it is raining today!) 

    Pass me James’ bestseller, Claudia!  There is a congratulatory card between its pages!   (meaning the book as a whole)

    Proud of you and Claudia!!  And love the book promotion!

    Now for my question:  “How do I get a ‘grab the book now button’ on my blog?”

  • Bry

    per Claudia’s health: some people have great success with the ancient herbal preparation of arteminisin for Lyme disease; zero side effects, huge results for some; real science behind the molecule that does the work

    can buy at iherb.com or many other sites

    ps some pharmas not just Herx reaction but toxic reaction to heavy drug

    • Greg

      I’m just going to put this out there even though it will cause lots of arguments, but be skeptical of newly discovered ancient remedies from times before the discovery of molecules, bacteria, etc. that make wild claims, scare people away from modern medicine, and basically waste your money, time and health no matter what their marketing has made you believe.  I know, I know, but this is different and all that…

  • Brian H

    I’m an online editor, and as a freebie I have a foolproof six-word guide for you. Read it once or twice, and you don’t even have to memorize, it’s self-embedding:

    He’s, she’s, it’s;
    His, hers, its.

    There!  All fixed.

  • Steve

    Hey, how do we get the free PDF book? I can’t find a link anywhere.

    • Hershl

      No longer free. And, yes, grammar does matter. Go to Amazon and read the reviews, especially from people who don’t love the book. Very revealing. The net is filled with people making money off of people who read one thing that resonates ( what James advocates finding) and then buy the whole package without thinking.