Thank You, Claudia

Thanks for getting better from the Lyme disease. You’ve been sick since August and quite frankly, it’s been a real drag for me.

Thanks for coming to all of my talks. You’ve probably heard me say the same joke about Aaron Spelling 15 times in a row and you still laugh. But it’s really true, if I haven’t met you I would’ve either met the love of my life on “The Love Boat” or “Fantasy Island” since that’s what I was trained as a nine year old to believe.


Thanks for making coffee in the morning. You have the right mixture of half-and-half and sugar. In every way.

Thanks for enjoying doing absolutely nothing. Even when we went to India, my best time was just lying around the room and reading. I’m glad you liked doing that also. And regularly falling asleep by 7pm so we can wake up in the total dark at 3 or 4 in the morning. I really don’t like site-seeing and I’m glad you feel the same way.

Thanks for not minding when I write about ex-girlfriends on this blog even though I don’t think I would like if you wrote about ex-boyfriends on your blog.

Thanks for writing your first book when I wrote “How to be the luckiest person alive“. I think success comes in pairs. You’re Larry Page to my Sergey Brin. Matisse to my Picasso ( I would say Dora Maar, since she was from Argentina but Picasso didn’t meet her until he was 55 and there was the 26 year age difference and they didn’t last. But she did grow up in Argentina), Stephen Spielberg to my George Lucas, Kim Kardashian to my Paris Hilton. You get the idea.


(Dora Maar Au Chat


Several things I NEVER would have done if I hadn’t met you. Yoga (See, “How I was Humiliated by Yoga“), and going to Argentina, and taking tango lessons, and eating less red meat. I didn’t even know Argentina existed. And I thought Yoga was just a way to meet pretty girls (well, it is. But I realized it’s also more.) So thanks.

Thanks for playing Chinese Checkers with me the other day. It re-awoke my love for the game. I wish you had played again, though, so maybe I would’ve had a chance to let you win. Or not.

Three Thanksgivings ago I was sitting in “The Red Flame” diner by myself eating a turkey sandwich on white toast. I had just spent the day pretending to be a psychic out of sheer loneliness. This Thanksgiving I’m going to be on a plane the entire day. Thanks for booking it and making sure we get to sit together. I hope you got the extra leg room seats but if not, that’s ok also.

Most of all, thanks for calling “bullshit” on me in all the nicest ways possible. Most people don’t know the Art of the CBC (Constructive Bullshit Call). Your advice is always invaluable, never expressed in a critical fashion (which my fragile ego wouldn’t be able to handle), and always done with love. So thanks.

(thanks for wearing these the day we got married)


This time, rather than selfishly ask people to follow me on Twitter I encourage readers to follow Claudia for her insightful tweets.

  • Awwwwwww what a romantic

  • This is a very nice posting, but especially the opening sentence.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both and many, many more

  • Anonymous

    Thank you both!

  • Will

    Sweetness.  I used to say love was someone who would “get up first and make the coffee.”  I raise my cup to Claudia.  Cherish her, man.

  • Lori

    beautiful post for thanksgiving — hope the best for you both

  • Annie

    This is one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen anyone do for another person.  Hooray for Claudia feeling better!  Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  • Happy Thanksgiving :)

    Very happy to hear Claudia is recovering, great news!

  • I’m glad to hear the good news, :)

  • You are a real person James, thank you for the wonderful post.

  • Jonathan Cantor

    Happy Thanksgiving James!

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope my wife doesn’t read this.

  • Robpistella

    Nice post, except the second sentence- it isn’t about YOU!!

    • lol

      yeah, but it’s HONEST

    • Sarcasm much?

    • Yes it is. It’s about every person that is effected by it. How is death the only socially acceptable way that another person’s health can be cause for another man’s sorrow and grievance? Why are there groups out there to help family and friends of Cancer and AIDS patients, as well as narcotic users, yet when a man acknowledges how his wife’s sickness was his own battle… we, as a society, are quick to accuse a level of selfishness??? I suppose he should have written an extra paragraph to thoroughly explain and defend himself for those of you who have been so meticulously programmed to think on a singular level.

  • she gets you you get her  awesome!

  • Sweet. You’re a blessed man James. I’m so glad to hear Claudia is feeling better – great news!  I still want her to try what’s brought my wife and myself back to good health. Good is good but great is much better.  Perhaps I should look into what’s helped her…hmm..

    • I have a post coming up on what actually cured her. But your cellgevity sounds interesting also. 

      • Doc Hawkins

        That will be an interesting read. I recall several of your readers and myself advised “Proceed with caution” upon your first mentioning a treatment outside of antibiotics. More interested in what works and how and if the advise was correct.

    • Roy

      This is an amazing post…Thanks james

      Brain Marsh….did you have lyme disease?

      If you could verify this for me I would be able to help a friend thanks to your blogpost

      If you mention the disease you were suffering from, you may be able to help alot more people =)

      • Roy I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka ME (Encephalo Myalitius) which is often misdiagnosed as Lyme Disease and has a lot of common symptoms.

        Here’s some more interesting information on Lyme Disease and glutathione I found:
         At an informational forum on Lyme disease keynote speaker, Dr Richard Horowitz, who has worked on the study and treatment of Lyme disease at the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, mentioned that for the first time in 20 years, he had seen evidence of a possible treatment solution occurring right before his eyes, “in my office during the last 30 days.” The treatment involved administration of glutathione by intravenous injection to remove heavy metals stored in the brain cells of a person who suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease. After being given the IV dose, the patient showed 90 percent improvement within tem minutes. His joint pain was gone and his cognitive symptoms improved markedly with results that were encouraging and consistent. “Neurotoxins produced by the Borrelia spirochete, or Lyme disease bacterium, also interact with heavy metals in our cells,” Dr Horowitz explains. “All these chemicals in our bodies cause inflammation, and glutathione seems to act like a sponge that pulls them out.”
        Dr. Mark Hyman, who is featured
        on one of the videos on my website’s post, thinks that glutathione deficiency
        is caused by a genetic gene issue in about half the population that results in
        a whole host of health issues and diseases.  Cellgevity came about when
        Dr. Nagasawa, the senior editor for the prestigious international Journal of
        Medicianal Chemistry discovered how to get the body to produce it’s own glutathione in the cell by delivering a tripeptide of amino acids directly to the cell.Anyway, I don’t want to sound like a salesperson spamming James’ blog!  If you follow the link to the product from my blog post (link above) you can look around that same site and find more information about the science behind it, etc.  Please let me know if you try it and it helps!  I am soooo grateful for what it did for me and it would be a great pleasure to know that I’m giving back some of that grace to other people.

        • Roy

          thanks man

        •  Lyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed by traditional doctors as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because they rely on testing that is known to give false negatives. The spirochites have the ability to ‘hide’ in the bloodstream. The testing for Lyme is also known to be lacking on accuracy, consistency and even proper interpretation on the part of the technicians. There are sites online that most of us use for accurate testing. If you have not seen “Under Our Skin” I highly recommend that you find it on Netflix.

          Although I will never applaud an even seemingly well intended advertisement on a blog, I will note that a family member of mine had great success with an herbal supplement that also relied on amino acids. His sentiments were much like yours, which would lead me to believe that the supplements are similar. 

  • Reader

    Happy Thanksgiving, James :)

  • You’re a class act James! Nicely done. (Hope she doesn’t call you out for putting her dress on the floor!)

  • James and Claudia, thank you for being real people and thank you for sharing your journeys with us. Lovely post.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you both!   I am so very grateful to know you both. (in an internet kind of way)

  • randallmoeller

    Thanks, James, for another great post. And thanks, Claudia, for inspiring it. It’s excellent to read that you’re getting better. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Kevin Faul

    Dear Claudia, thanks for helping make James a better, stronger guy so he can write this inspiring, entertaining blog. Glad you’re feeling better & hope you get everything you want & more.

  • Rajagainstthemachine

    Awwww….you’re so whipped, James.
    Is there a blog post (either in the archive, or in the future) regarding the Art of the CBC (Constructive Bullshit Call)?

  • Dan

    I think you’re confusing Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day but this post is so choc-a-bloc full of good energy that I’m telling my inner pedant to please shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    Beautifully expressed. Thanks for sharing. 

  • I love this post :)

  • arturo

    that’s sweet

  • It is really heart warming when men are in love and pour out their fondest feelings to their women…this is so sweet of you, Claudia does seem to be a very special loved lady and her wedding outfit is just awesome!

  • Thank you Honey, I love you and I a totally melted :-)

    • Sooz

      It makes me happy to know you are feeling better, Claudia.

  • I think you can recycle this post for Valentines Day.

    This was beautiful.

  • Playstead

    Done. Great post. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s the sweetest thing ever.

  • Good day James, you mind elaborating on CBC (Constructive Bullshit Call)

  • Thanks James and Claudia. This post defines what LOVE is… I’m 31 and single and still trying to figure it out.

  • Awesome post James.  I just forwarded this to my girlfriend :)

  • Jami Stout

    You just talked me out of getting

  • Colleen

    Lovely.  Gratitude is one of the most beautiful human emotions.  I’m uplifted.