How I Cured My Constipation

Western medicine is the best thing to hit this planet. Which is why lifespans are up all over the West despite rising obesity and complete lack of care for our bodies. No joke, there’s a wikipedia entry for “Head transplants”. In other words, if your body is racked with cancer but your brain and head are fine they can cut your head off and put on top of a dead body and you can live. Theoretically. They haven’t done it yet but they will. They’d done it with monkeys, dogs, and rats. And with the rats they even left the old head on. It’s gross but we’re going to live forever.

And you will be a quadraplegic since right now they haven’t figured out how to connect the spinal cord up.

(science fiction is now reality)

But, like all science, that will improve. Eventually they will figure out how to not only attach the brain but also attach the nerves from the spinal cord. Then you will be an old head on a brand new body and you can walk around with it. That will happen. As usual, there’s no avoiding the crushing avalanche of science. It will run right over you and either crush you or save you.

But before my head transplant takes place I have a few gripes.

Claudia was sick from Lyme disease since early August. Lyme comes the bite of a tic that has been infected by sucking the blood out of an infected deer. I think. We live in an area right by the Hudson River and lots of deer are running around. If you walk even a few feet from a tall blade of grass without any leggings or pants on then there’s a reasonable chance that a tic can jump from the grass, onto your leg, and begin its process of engorging you with the disease.

Everyone but me in my area has had it.  The only reason I don’t get it is because I NEVER go outside. Claudia has had the worst case I’ve seen. From August through mid November she basically slept 22 hours a day and couldn’t move without agony during the other two hours.

Which, as one can imagine, was horrible for me! I had to shop! Where the heck are the beets? I thought beets were purple. Where are the Danish Butter Cookies? Don’t they keep them in the cookie aisle? And how come the butter is not next to the half and half. Aren’t they all milk products.

And what’s up with dry cleaning? How am I supposed to keep around this ticket for four days and then come back, with the right ticket, and retrieve my clothes. How will I even remember such a thing?

Claudia used to come with me into the city. I’d make her laugh. Who was going to laugh at my jokes now. I tried once with the people in front of me. They DID NOT think it funny when I just poked my head in front of them, mid-conversation, and said, “there’s a reasonable chance we can crash head on into another train.”

We’d wake up together usually. About one hour in she’d say, “I think I’m cured!” and we’d be happy. But then two hours in she wouldn’t even look at me. She’d barely be walking. She’d crawl up the stairs. And she was down for the rest of the day and night. It was depressing.

The doctors gave her Amoxycillin. “You’ll be better in three days.” Then she wasn’t. Then one friend of mine said go on Doxycycline. So I called the doctor and said put her on Doxycycline. So she did. And everything got worse. She got a Herx reaction which is when the body negatively reacts to a drug that is lethally killing off all the bad and good bacteria in your body. Then we went to another doctor. He upped the dosage of Doxycycline.

She had more of a Herx reaction. She was in pain all day. She had arthritis symptoms, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and her EKG started to show a “left brand bundle block” which means electricity is not flowing around the heart correctly. We went to a cardiologist. He said, “we have to inject a small amount of radiation in there to see if there’s a further problem.” But we said “no” to that. He said in the worst case, people with an LBBB get a heart transplant. NO WAY! She’s just got lyme disease. This is a sympton not a permanent thing.

We were both getting really scared.

Meanwhile, she was also having neurological problems. I won’t get into it. But they were bad. Hallucinations. Other problems. So: heart, brain, joints, sleep, and the more medicine she took, the worse she got. And one doctor was suggesting the possibility of a heart transplant. Our general practitioner, who had lyme disease twice before herself, said, “I give up, I don’t know what to do.” And the lyme specialist was getting ready to up the dosage even more: a hospital stay with intravenous antibiotics. I kept reading stories about people who took antibiotics for years. Claudia had to cancel everything in her life. This was going to ruin her. (See, “I’m sick of Claudia’s Lyme Disease”)

Finally, our landlord (we rent. We don’t own) said this Chinese doctor in the city cured him of prostate cancer. Everybody was giving advice but when I heard the words “prostate cancer” my ears perked up. There’s only so much advice one can follow but if this guy can potentially avert future problems for me also then it was definitely worth it.

It was Claudia’s first trip on a train in three months and she almost couldn’t make it. I had to drag her into the office. The office was a complete hole in the wall on 65th street on the east side. There was a picture of Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York, on the wall, “Thank you for saving my life.”

(The Dutchess of York)

I had read that Lyme was like an onion. It developed layers and layers of bad bacteria and you had to kill it off layer by layer. I was scared that anything but anti-biotics would fail to do the job.

I started to talk to the doctor about what the other doctors before him had said but he waved me away. “I not want to hear!” he said in that cool Chinese way that I wish I could get away with but people would just look at me and say, “uhh, you’re a jewish guy from New York”.

“Don’t tell me what your doctors said,” he said, “Don’t tell me what they say you have. Don’t tell me what symptons you have. Don’t tell me what you’ve been taking.”

I was skeptical. “She’s got bad bacteria”, I said.

The Doctor said, “you have bad bacteria! I have bad bacteria! We all have bacteria!” He said, “look at me. I’m 75. Never been sick.” He pointed at me, “you have cancer. We all have cancer cells. But if immune system strong, you can’t get sick.”

He took her pulse. Apparently there’s a way of taking the pulse where you put three fingers on the wrist and you can tell if the kidney, spleen, and liver are all distributing the blood properly. That nothing is out of balance.

Then he felt different points on her foot.

He said, “ok, you take these pills.” And he prescribed a bunch of herbal-based pills. He said her kidney and liver were way out of whack.

Then he did the same to me. He felt my hand for a minute. Then my foot. “This hurt?” he said.


“You constipated,” he said. Correctly. And he gave me some pills.

The next week, Claudia had so much energy it was ridiculous. I’d wake up at three in the morning with her jumping up and down on the bed, “C’mon, get up!” And she’d be up until midnight. Then three the next morning up again.

Then her nose started to bleed. We called the Chinese doctor. He said, “you come in right now.” So we went into the city. He said, “your spleen acting up.” And he gave her more herbs and did acupuncture. The acupuncture involved needles, heat, and electricity. The next week her nose bleeding stopped and her sleeping started to revert to normal.

That was about six weeks ago. Every week since then she’s gotten better. This past two weeks, for 15 days in a row now she’s been able to do yoga and is almost back to her full yoga practice. Maybe the lyme will come back in some ugly form but for now she’s able to enjoy quality of life she was not able to enjoy while taking the antibiotics. My theory is the anti-biotics destroyed the lyme immediately but then she started getting killed by the anti-biotics and would’ve died from them. I can have a theory like this because I’m pretty sure I’m as good as any doctor out there thanks to the World Wide Web (for those of us in the “biz” we sometimes say “triple-dub”).

I don’t think one should ignore Western medicine. It certainly saves lives in every category. But I wish there would be a more holistic approach and not just a knee-jerk reaction to ignore everything that is not FDA approved. (See, “Why I think we should eliminate the FDA”)

Meanwhile, my constipation, after 40 years of suffering from it, seems to be over. Good riddance.

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  • What a great story.  I forwarded the article to my wife, who deals with Ankylosing Spondylitis and on top of that, our 4-year old son has the same genetic marker, it was found.  It may never become A.S. but the arthritis is confirmed.  I wish we weren’t 3-4 hours north of this doctor so we could pop down there and have him check things out easily!

  • I think the combining both is a good idea. My guess is whatwas really happening was she was overly sensitive to the antibiotics and it was destroying her immune system so other things (the EKG, the chronic fatigue, the brain stuff, etc) was happening. But who knows? The only thing I do know is when she got better.

  • My friends daughter died from the Lymes .She is devastated .I am glad for Claudia’s recovery.How’s your constipation?Was his diagnoses correct?

    • Ugh, thats horrible about your friend’s daughter. it’s an ugly disease and doctors really dont know what to do about it other than throw antibiotics at it. And the antibiotics could work. But they also could be just as fatal as the disease.

      And yeah, his diagnosis and cure were correct.

  • Tyrone

    Congratulations to you and Claudia on your new health status.

  • Another great one, James.  First, I had no idea we were closing in on head transplants.  I will look back into cryonics.  Second, once again I’m so glad Claudia is doing better.  The symptoms were truly terrible, and I’m sorry she had to go through that.  I’m with you on not going out, lol.  Finally, I wouldn’t have minded your train crash interjection, and I’d love the name of that Chinese doctor.

  • jim

    Ok, so tell me, what pills cured your constipation? Those of us similarly afflicted are dying to know!

    • Ha, they were all in Chinese. I dno’t know how to write the symbols down.

      • Picture please! Thanks James. I have someone who could really use them.

        • seshank vemuri

          constipation could be because of many things, Like not enough water, or weight in food. Or bacterial/fungal/parasitic dysbiosi/overgrowth. 

          Not all pills work for everyone – I had chronic constipation because of bacterial overgrowth, which many westrn doctors thought was because of lack of water or fiber. 

          Jus saying

  • seshank vemuri

    James, when i asked you last afternoon, how to find a mentor and you said be healthy and do netowkring, I think you showed by this post how to do it.Thank you.

     i though i have to get my intestinal issues in line first before i startoff. For the last 5 years i have been having stomach issues (bad bacteria growth in small intestine) giving me some very embarassing issues, I went though 4 rounds of antibiotics and the last round did not even work which made me think i was now resistant to a broad spectrum antibiotic. I was a prisoner in my own house and was very frustrated. Every doctor i went to see gave me the same, laxative and the last one refused to see me and called it psychosomatic. I researched and found a holistic doctor. He treats using western testing plus chinese herbs made in USA (super expensive) plus probiotics to flush bad bacteria with good bacteria. I am one month into it and i feel great but on a very very strict diet, I take 18 Herb pills a day, None of which is FDA approved, in the back of my mind i am afraid what this next pill might do because i did not personally know anyone who was cured, it was only based on internet reports and ofcourse i used my sixth sense In 3 months if the current holistic guy doesnt work, I will buy a ticket to NYC and go see this person I will also buy you and claudia lunch if you are interested,. Thankyou – Again and Again

  • Um, this may sound funny, but could you possibly share what you took for the…umm…constipation. :) Thanks!

  • They check your wrist pulse, look at your tongue, prescribe you some herb, this article makes me feel like home :)

    Western science is based on a very materialistic view of the universe. Bacteria infection? No problem, drink some penicillin. Bad leg? We can chop it off and replace it with a new one built with the latest material they use for spaceships. Depression? Get some happy pills. Obese? … 

    Are we just a bag of bones, meat, blood, poop, molecule and atoms or are we more than that? Are we quantum or are we wave?

    Happy to hear you guys are getting better.

  • Tressa Breindel

    Word to the person who wants to use the same pills you are to ‘cure’ her constipation (disclaimer: I am a practitioner of chinese medicine) -everyone’s symptoms are caused by different pathology.  What caused James’ constipation is likely different from what is causing the same symptom in someone else.  Thus, one would need to treat it with different herbs.  So, go see someone who can get your diagnosis and therefor, herbal prescription, right.

    btw -this is one of the huge differences between allopathic and Oriental medicine.  We don’t look at everyone with the same symptom as having the same underlying problem.  We look at the individual factors going on with each person, the symptoms are a result of that, not the actual disease.

    SO glad she is getting better!  And thanks for telling your story!

    • Interesting, Tressa. Thanks for  clarifying that. i was about to take a photo of these pills.

      • Robert Levin

        I would love to solve the same constipation problem.  I’m in NY, can you provide the name of the practitioner you saw or a resource to find one?  Thanks.

        • Whatta

          Robert, or others as well, you may want to look at the book “Wild Fermentation”….and begin the regular consumption of fermented foods.

          Everyone now knows the term “probiotics” from TV commercials and ads. But many supplements do not do a good job of providing the actual bacteria they say they do.

          OTOH, fermented foods are excellent sources of healthy bacteria for your gut….and do a BANG UP job of curing constipation.

          Taking antibiotics kills the good bacteria in our gut letting bad take over, eating processed foods laced with preservatives and other day to day pollutants leaves our guts more populated with bad bacteria.

    • I found a Chinese medicine practitioner in my area who I scheduled an appointment with next week. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Wynand Winterbach

      But Tressa, no serious western doctor thinks that the same symptoms imply the same underlying condition. The problem of matching a set of symptoms with the most likely condition is a well known problem – in fact, there were some suggestions that IBM’s Watson (the Jeopardy!-playing computer) could be used to help with this (symptoms being the analogues of Jeopardy! clues).

  • Oh happy day! Am so delighted to hear of Claudia’s positive prognosis and return to living the life she wishes! I strongly believe in Eastern Meds/Approach (though other than yoga, have never dabbled) working in combination with Western. This century, we will begin to see MIRACLES! Congratulations Claudia and my best wishes for continued health to the both of you!

  • Doug

    Hi James – I want to visit this doctor now.

    How expensive are his consultations and treatments?

  • Haha your title never ceases to make me laugh. Although health is an important factor, hope she gets better. Keep doing what your doing, great reads everyday.

    Take a look at my post on ‘Entrepreneurship is all About Survival of the Fittest’ if you have time:


    Because the homeopathic/herbal medicine did such a great job for the late Mr. Jobs. . . 

    Although I admit there can be a healthy mix of traditional and modern Western medicine.  Nonetheless, antibiotics are going to be about the only thing to do the job on a bacterial infections like Lyme disease (had it ’92- ugh. Double ugh).

    • Shawn

      Steve Jobs was greatly helped by the treatment he used. I suggesst you do a little research on the type of cancer he had and the western treatment avaiable for it and its prognosis. After your educate yourself on that I am quite sure you will be surprised at how long Steve Jobs lived after he was diagnosed. There is a great article on this very thing posted on Lew Rockwell’s site.

  • Marc Hansen

    Constipated? Eat popcorn.

  • John G.

    Great to hear the good news on Claudia and you, James.

    Western medicine is driven by big pharma for the benefit of big pharma.  How else can you explain the pushing of Vioxx for arthritis pain, when it may have caused more than 200,000 deaths worldwide from heart attack, stroke, or sudden cardiac death before being pulled off the market?

    Great that you have opened your eyes to non-Western medicine.  Our teenage daughter suffered from depression, and a series of psychiatrists put her on a series of drugs, to no avail, all with ugly side effects and the potential for permanent impairment.  She only got over her depression when she took fish oil, at my direction; turns out the brain has a large fat component, and that we need Omega 3s from our diet (deep sea fish, grass fed meats, free range chicken eggs), or else we can suffer varying degrees and types of neurocognitive dysfunction.

    Best wishes to you and your family in 2012, James!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the FDA is the problem.  To be “legit” in the medical world means playing ball with the FDA..and even the AMA.  So it’s all back to politics.  

    If we had a true free society, then the alternatives that work would easily float to the top.  There would be no conflict between East and West…it would simply be a battle of what works vs what doesnt work.

    Glad to hear you and Claudia are doing better.

  • Having once lived in Westchester County and having one of my kids come down with Lyme Disease 4 times, I can only hope that Claudia has beaten those horrible spirochetes by whatever route possible.

    I used to think that it was so quaint not having sidewalks until I realized that only offered more breeding areas for the varmints that carry the ticks.

    Now, on to the constipation (40 years?) and the reasoning process related to diagnosis and treatment.

    I’m 57 years old and rarely get ill. I usually lie to my wife when it comes to the annual flu shot and invariably am the only one in the household to not get the flu, although I may be a varmint.

    But the other night, I had quite the opposite of the constipation that you suffered from. In the “biz” we refer to it as “The Kenyans” in respect of their athletic abilities, particularly reflected in marathons.

    Tryng to come up with a reason, I narrowed it down to three things. Either the mushroom/onion/green pepper pasta dish I made or having seen Mission Impossible 4 that evening with my visiting niece from Califonia.

    The obvious conclusion was that this girl must never visit again.

    Sure enough, after a day of bed-ridden woe, she and my wife are visiting NYC for a couple of days and I am completely back to my usual state of health.

    My ultimate conclusion is that whatever it is that you believe will help bring about a return to health is what will ultimately need to be at least part of the treatment regimen.

  • I’m so so glad that Claudia is finally getting better.  I’ve been worried about her.  Glad that you’re doing better too.

  • Rondelle

    James, what a terrible ordeal both Claudia and you had to go through.,there is a very simple and dirt cheap supplement you can make in your own home  that will cure almost any and all diseases, including Lyme (admittedly Lyme is one of the more difficult cures but there are pages and pages of testimonials from people that have beat Lyme with this)

    It’s called MMS and is is NOT FDA approved. That’s a good thing believe it or not.

    Those that choose to use it do their homework first and then take responsibility for their own health.

    There is an excellent forum where you can hear from dozens of people that are quite knowledgeable in the protocols for specific diseases like cancer, malaria, Lyme, etc…

     There is no reason to have to suffer any longer. I have personally witnessed MMS, and it’s newer cousin CDS, reverse diabetes, cancer and  even simple things like the flu. There is no reason any longer for poor people that have to suffer b/c they don’t have health insurance. This stuff is curing malaria in Africa

    I know this sounds WAY  too good to be true but it is worth your time to investigate and get your questions answered.

    • Jill

      Well, perhaps this works for some people, but I have tried it before and it burned my digestive tract.  Perhaps it was because I already had heartburn.  I am aware that most things that are not FDA approved are things that are not harmful at all.  But this particular solution is essentially the same as household bleach.  Not only does the buyer need to beware, but even if someone gave it to you for free, that still wouldn’t make it safe for everyone.

      • Jill

        It is best to go to an alternative health provider who has a great reputation of having helped a lot of other people and get them to prescribe supplements.  Regarding testimonials on the Internet, how can anyone know if they are real?  The person selling the substance may have made them all up themselves.

      • Rondelle

        Hi Jill- I am sorry to hear that you had that experience. Please keep an open mind and read on as if you are currently experiencing any health problems I think you have some better options now…

        The researchers that discovered MMS have come a LOOOOOONG way in the last 6 months….

        The burning you describe is b/c to activate the MMS you needed to use citric acid, a lot of people have had that experience, myself included. These days we are going one more (easy) step beyond that and extracting the CDS gas from the activated MMS.

        It’s a very simple process of extracting the active and beneficial component of MMS into distilled water. Then you would consume the infused water, which has a neutral pH and will cause no burning at all.  THe process is simple and truly ingenious!

        I agree with you too that it can be hard to find the right stuff on the internet. The forum link I put here is run by the guys that discovered MMS and they will assist anyone in finding the right supplies and ingredients to make it yourself in your own home. That forum is a godsend.

        There are people that could never take the original MMS b/c of the bad taste or b/c of a sensitivity to  citirc acid that are doing great with the new CDS. I include myself in this group. I am now able to share it with my family and my own mother has had a huge rebound in her health and vitality.

        I don’t know how you originally found out about MMS but the links I provided in my original post will put you in touch with the best of the best. Those guys came up with the new protocol and have helped thousands of people get healthier.

        To your health!


  • that is  a cool post! i like it

  • Something is very wrong with our country’s diet and antibiotic regimen.  Do you remember growing up with kids who were deathly allergic to wheat or peanuts?  Me neither.  Western medicine has ruined our digestive systems. Its a health crisis seldom talked about, thanks for posting James. 

    I am starting a new diet on January 1.  Its called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and it supposed to cure my constipation brought on by food allergies/intolerance.  I cant eat gluten, eggs, or dairy.  This is a holistic approach.  Western doctors want to scope and operate.  So far the pretreatments are helping to rebalance the bacteria in my gut.

    • We existed when you were younger too.  It is just many of those kids were ill for unknown reasons, or the cafeteria ladies were nice enough to make us cheese sandwiches to take on school trips where everyone else was eating peanut butter without making a big deal of it.

      As far as James’s original post goes, I could not get past the title for the longest time.  I really did not want to read about his constipation over the holiday; but now that I have read it, the whole thing is pretty nice.

    • seshank vemuri

      I have been dealing with the same. I am working with a holistic doctor for treatment for the last 3 months. 

      I see a sea change, in my Gut, but when i introduce the foods, i get sick immediately. 

  • John Meagher


    I have enjoyed your blog for sometime, insightful, interesting, well written.

    I have a dear friend who is in the same situation as Claudia and I was hoping you might send me some more specifics of your chinese savior on the east side so they don’t have to continue suffering!
    You can either reply to this post or email me at
    I appreciate in advance all of your help.

  • John Meagher

    Sorry for my preemptive post, I just found his contact info in the comments below! Thanks and glad to hear Claudia is doing better!

  • Kevin Faul

    I had a similar experience. Wish the US would be a little more considerate of these treatments.

    I have thought for years about posting the information to help others but haven’t.

    You just convinced me to do it.

    Glad to hear about your successful treatment. Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    thank you for this story, James! 

    it shows that whole “western medicine” nowadays is still in middle ages. I deeply believe that in 15-20 years when medical nanobots, localised gene therapy and full understanding of biochemical pathways thanks to functional (and not just statistical) decoding of genome … will become reality, only then true healing will be possible.

    in meantime Chinese medicine still superior to “western” one…

  • Clay

    Love it. You really have to be hands on these days with your medical care. Lots of lazy doctors out there. Glad she’s better.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of western medicine, ayurveda or ayurvedic medicine is native to india. You can find documentaries about this subject on Netflix. 

  • JaneyB

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a godsend. It is ideal for those ‘mystery ailments’ – which seem to be subtle imbalances before they become acute (and then potentially treatable by
    Western medicine). My lay-hunch is that many of these are probably parasitic in origin and China has lots of experience with poverty and hot,
    wet climates etc. Also great expertise with gynecology. TCM is not homeopathy
    or western-style naturopathy; those have nothing like its depth and rigor (though I’m sure they work for some…). The medical establishment in China is enormous – with its own standardized medical schools, medication formulas, research, journals, and
    conferences, prestigious hospitals and pharmaceutical plants (with international standards) etc. Moreover, they’ve basically done clinical trials on
    more than 1 billion people for about 4,000 years. Western medicine is truly in
    its infancy when it comes to drugs. Surgery and imaging the West excels at –
    which is why they use that too in the best Chinese hospitals – alongside their
    TCM system. The Chinese are nothing if not practical.

    Possibly useful for some readers: using TCM for depression
    symptoms; it is routinely used for that in China.  Likewise for sciatica (curable with acupuncture in one or
    two sessions – they don’t really consider it a serious ailment). As another
    commenter noted, the same symptoms could be the result of different ‘syndrome
    patterns’ so the medications will be different and they are tweaked every few
    days as the pattern shifts. Self-medication in this system is a bad idea (plus
    the consultations with the doctor are cheap). I look forward to the day when the two systems
    are routinely combined (outside of China).


    • Gil

      Traditional Chinese Medicine is barbaric as it leads to extinction of animals and torture of bears for placebos. 

  • Anonymous

    I use a western MD who also practices Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He told me that he never prescribes western drugs because not only are they dangerous, they also only treat symptoms and cure nothing.  Whereas Chinese herbal medicine which has been evolving over thousands of years will actually cure diseases.

    The practice of holding both wrists allows a good TCM trained doctor to diagnose all kinds of things.  While treating me for a sinus infection, my doctor once told me, while holding my wrists, that I drank something cold two days earlier which I normally don’t consume.  I was stunned because I did have a cold beer, something which I almost never drink, two days before my visit!

    • Gil

      Traditional Chinese Medicine is barbaric as it leads to extinction of animals and torture of bears for placebos.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. The harvesting of bile from bears raised on farms is undoubtedly barbaric.  Although the practice cannot be defended, it did evolve with the encouragement of the Chinese government as an alternative to bear poaching which would have resulted in the extinction of China’s bear population.  However, herbal alternatives for bile have been endorsed by Chinese doctors and pharmaceutical grade bile gathered from slaughterhouses is also available.

        The vast majority of traditional Chinese medications are plant based. Their production does no more harm to animals than does agriculture in general.  The same can’t be said for Western medicine.  How much animal suffering goes on in the testing of patented pharmaceutical drugs in the West?

      • Anonymous

        And traditional Western Medicine is barbaric as it leads to giving poison to humans who mistakenly believe their doctor is helping them. 

        Western doctors prescribe opiates for back pain, DNA killing antiretrovirals for HIV (which has never actually ever been isolated, seen or proven), brain destroying statins to reduce a 1% chance of heart attack to 0.99%, and vaccines for innocuous illnesses that contain lethal doses of the neurotoxin mercury. 

        You view barbarism as worse than this type of sadism.  Most people don’t.  I’ll let your overstatement of the benevolence of your position versus this one stand on its own absurdity.

        Just to be clear you abhor anything bad happening to bears, but have no objection to the rampant poisoning, killing, and genetically modifying mice and rats that comes with the development of all western medicines. O….K…..then…

  • Anonymous

    You can thank the government and plum island for the Lyme disease.

  • Open Mind

    After 8 years of taking an anti-depressant for anxiety (NOT for depression), I weaned myself off and was thrown into a bad depression that I could NOT shake.  I tried GABA, St. Johns Wort, L-theanine, etc. etc. but still couldn’t shake it.  I heard about an acupuncturist/chiropractor, Dr William Sun in Atlanta and went to him.  I received 2 sessions of acupuncture – and BOOM – the depression left me!  I’m a believer!  Eastern medicine is waaaaaaaay ahead of us in the this country, but Big Pharma can’t make any money off these natural remedies, so they’ll continue to demonize them.

  • Ryan

    “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”

    • Anonymous

      uh,… LOVE  THAT!

  • Eric

    “Smooth Move” herbal tea… Works great.  Cheaper than a visit to any doctor.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who has experienced the miracle curative properties of acupuncture don’t need any convincing about its superiority over western “symptom drugs”.  And don’t get me started on the FDA.

    Sorry it took you until your 40’s to find out for yourself James, but I’m so glad that you discovered it in time to end Claudia’s horrible suffering and your nagging constipation.  Here’s to your health going forward.  All the best.

  • I totally agree with you. Western medicine is great, but it’s not the only way. I opt to do things the most non invasive and natural way.

  • Rachel Callaray

    Awesome! And SO GOOD to hear about Claudia!

  • I used to think I suffered from Lyme disease and read lots of books on it and so on. Here is what ultimately worked for me.

    I used to have issues like joint pain etc. and they greatly improved
    with supplemental vitamin D (5000 IU D3 daily) and eating more
    vegetables, fruits, and beans (as well as some juice and water fasting).

    Please look at Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s website and his book “Eat To Live” about eating more vegetables, fruits, and beans (a sure cure for constipation from too much refined grains and meat) and please read his early newsletter (Newsletter No. 1 September 2002) about how many people diagnosed with Lyme disease are more likely suffering from vegetable deficiency disease. He says he has successfully treated many such patients that Lyme doctors otherwise had on dangerous long term antibiotics.

    Also, please see Dr. John Cannell’s Vitamin D Council website about vitamin D which is needed by the immune system to work well to fight bacteria and cancer cells (as your Chinese Medicine practicioner rightly said). The US RDA for vitamin D for adults is generally several times too low, so people have a false sense of security about that.

    Glad the herbs worked for you, but in the long term, these can be lifestyle (mainly nutritional) diseases. Lyme disease may be involved for Claudia, but ultimately, vitamin D and vegetable will probably help the body heal itself. Did she have a vitamin D test? If not, get one pronto. And what do you eat? Maybe a medically-supervised fruit and vegetable juice fast would work wonders?

    When we don’t get phytonutrients from whole plant foods like vegetables, and we don’t get vitamin D (from being indoors all the time), your body becomes like a computer with faulty memory chips — you never know what program will crash next in some unexpected way.

    More health tips collected by me are here:

  • Syren123

    Fantastic!  So happy that Claudia is on the mend.  VERY happy that you all took someone’s advice and saw a TCM doctor.  I’m a firm believer and huge fan of TCM as an adjunct to Western medicine, which I only use for the serious stuff like brain tumors, hysterectomies, and plastic surgery.  All else goes straight to the Chinese doctor.
    WooHoo!  Hope you both have a very healthy 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Western medicine is NOT the reason for increased lifespans.  That’s the myth the doctor$ want you to believe.
    Sanitation practices from indoor plumbing, disposable diapers, clean drinking water, improved hospital sanitation practices (plastic, sterile, disposal EVERYTHING), city/county sewer systems, Germx, CLEANING PRODUCTS in ABUNDANCE and in OVER-DRIVE and better affordable dentistry.  Spend some time and think about it.

    So don’t let someone tell you it’s Western medicine, Puhl-eeeeeeese!  
    Thank a chemist, but don’t thank a doctor.

    And thank God who gave us the sanitary and dietary laws in the Old Testament. 

    • Wynand Winterbach

      So, vaccines (polio, smallpox), improvements in child delivery, treatment of common childhood diseases, etc. are not to thank?

      If you think western medicine is bunk, look at infant mortality in places without it.

      Western medicine is science just as chemistry is. You reap the benefits even as you rubbish it.

  • Wynand Winterbach

    Little love for western med in some of the comments. Is it really so bad to take a materialistic view? Science is just an attempt to build repeatable models. People don’t criticize science/engineering when it comes to airplane construction because we know that no other method is reliable. But why do they criticize attempts to understand the body in a systematic way?

    It seems popular to say that western medicine treats the symptoms instead of the cause but I disagree. If you catch a bacterial infection on the subway, is the cause really anything other than bad luck? Like all other medicines, western medicine aims to treat the cause. Western med’s answer to every ailment is not a pharmaceutical compound. Good doctors try to strike the right balance – mine has often not prescribed anything. “First, do no harm” is the basis of western med, even if some in the medical industry choose to forget it.

    Western science is traditionally analytical (that is, studies things in isolation) because it is difficult to understand systems in which multiple things change at once. So we divide systems into simpler components to make them easier to understand. This approach has its limits because some systems are relatively well integrated. Thus you see newer fields like network biology that aim to do exactly this.

  • Rajiv Vyas

    Can you tell me the name/address of this Chinese doctor. Thanks,

  • I started my treatment with an accupuncturist, didnt see a big difference in my stomach, but my TMJ is gone. He is trying to figure out the stomach part,. Just spoke to this Doctor and he asked me to come down. I have to find a way to fly from Minneapolis to NYC

  • Cliffton

    all I see in this thread is a bunch of people who hate science, and probably bitch about tea partiers who hate science

  • smithjons

    Сommon causes of constipation includes lack of physical activity, medications, problems with rectum and colon, problems with intestinal function, aging etc.

  • Nora

    I know I’m late to the party here, but is Claudia still doing well? I was finally diagnosed with Lyme after having it for years. Been on a natural protocol for several months, but still have a ways to go. Did she continue to get better and stay well?

  • Kill


  • Wheatie

    james, glad you both healed! a family friend in the hudson valley is dealing with severe lyme too, except her kidney function is starting to diminish.. trying to help her out in some way. any chance you would divulge the name of the acupuncturist?

  • Diana Michael

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  • Zaira

    Is there any way you can give the whereabouts for this clinic? Thanks so much!

  • Carol Francis

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