I got an email this morning that said, “I disagree with you on Immigration. Unsubscribe.”

So I guess after 280 posts where I’ve written about transvestite prostitutes, and every other topic under the sun,  I finally said something that offended this guy so much he could NEVER EVER read me again. “Unsubscribe.”

I wish I could say that to anyone. “I don’t like the way you spoke to me.  Unsubscribe.” Or, to a waiter…”You forgot to get me that water I asked for. Unsubscribe.” Or to a relative, “That email was not nice. I unsubscribe from the family.”  Or even to Claudia. “This coffee is cold. I unsubscribe from your coffee.”

But let’s get back to immigration for a second. I wrote back to this guy and said, “would you be willing to prep the onions at the sushi restaurant around the corner from me.” Or do any of your friends want to do it? Because who does he think is doing it? Nobody in that kitchen even speaks English. Is he willing to be the one English speaker there? Or what about his great-grandfather, who  came to the US as an immigrant.

“Don’t write about your grandfather,”my dad once told me when I was in third grade and writing about my family history for a school assignment. My grandfather was an illegal immigrant for the 60 or so years he was in the United States.  I had another great great grandmother on my mom’s side who snuck in in a suitcase.

America is a country of fighters. People who fought their way in and then continued fighting. My wife is an immigrant and had to fight and fight and fight. Dealing with bosses who felt they didn’t have to pay her because of her immigrant status, dealing with the fear of not getting green card or eventual citizenship, paying her way through college in the misplaced hopes that in America that guarantees a better life (the day she got her degree she asked for a raise and they laughed in her face).

And  now back to Unsubscribing. I am officially unsubscribing from any gossip about the Kardashians. Here’s the last Kardashian thing I will ever post. Goodbye Bruce Jenner! Whatever happened to your Wheaties boxes!

And I’m unsubscribing to anything about this boring election. Particularly the Republican debates. How boring can you get? What a waste of time (other than Perry’s “oops”).

(it looks like a game show)

Please wake me up when the election is over.

Meanwhile, here are things I’m unsubscribing to, just like my email fan described above. I’m with my email commenter. We only have real attention for a few things. So if you want to succeed and be happy you need to unsubscribe to as much as possible. Every day should be filled with unsubscriptions:

–          Four seasons. It’s bullshit they expect us to actually like the coldest part of winter and the hottest part of summer. As soon as my kids graduate high school I’m moving away from four season territory. Meanwhile, each year I plan on traveling during the annoying months.

–          Phones. I can NEVER hear anyone on the phone. I DO NOT like talking to people on the phone. Here is my phone number. I never pick up. Skype is a different story. I’m going to switch my number to Skype, get a Bluetooth headset, and just use skype on my ipad. Most phone calls, just like most meetings (see below), are time I could’ve spent writing or reading or thinking. But at least with Skype I can hear people digitally (clear) instead of trying to hear over some antiquated protocol developed by AT&T in 1958.

–          News. But we’ve covered that before.

–          Meetings. For me to go to a one hour meeting means getting there, small chat, meeting, more small chat, and getting home. Its hard work! It’s at least three hours of time. Unsubscribe. I can do it via my phone. See above.

–          Rankings. I keep track of my blog stats, facebook subs, my Amazon rank, twitter followers, facebook likes per posts, my chess ranking. I get stressed when they all don’t go up. I guess watching them go up tells you if you are doing a good job or not but I should have more confidence. I’m going to unsubscribe to paying attention to any of that and I bet I would be happier. I am suspicious of my nasty subconscious that it’s more than just noting whether or not that I am doing a good job but I feel more “loved” when those numbers go up. Which is not a good way to be. So I’m going to endeavor to unsubscribe from these daily cares.

–          All of my possessions except for my ipad and a change of clothes. More on that in a future post. But to start off with, less possessions every day. I just threw out 16 boxes of my old comic books.

–          Politics. I will continue to not pay attention to this Presidential election unless there is a leaked sex tape. Which also means I can’t really watch Jon Stewart which is unfortunate but also saves me time.

–          Worry about any one deal. I’m trying to do a particular transaction right now. Most likely, like most deals, it doesn’t go through. But that’s ok. The key is quantity, not quality. Always search for new deals, do what you can, then move on without having an emotional need for a particular outcome. Quantity and persistence will get you the outcomes you need. One time I had a company for sale and I had only one buyer. I got too anxious about it because I only had one buyer. When a deal is meant to happen, it becomes easy. If it’s too hard, then back up and take a deep breath and look at all of your opportunities, not just one.

–          Bad comments. On my blog I keep comments “on” because I like the discussions and sometimes arguments there. But someone put a racist comment on using some very negative language. I deleted it. He then wrote a negative review on Amazon complaining of my censorship. I don’t let things like that bother me. I’ve unsubscribed to the negative comments or emails anyone sends my way. I get them all day long, including from the people closest to me. Everything  negative goes in my spam box. Particularly the people closest to me. Because they know my internal programming language. So I can’t let them mess with the program.

–          Bacon. I have to do it. It’s the best food in the world. The gods on Mt  Olympus only eat the crispiest, fattiest bacon. Mmmmm. But I’m at that age. I have to unsubscribe.

What will you unsubscribe to? Do some with me so I feel like I’m in solidarity with someone. In a few minutes I have a call to see if the above-mentioned deal will go through. In another few minutes I have to figure out breakfast. But no bacon. Unsubscribe.

See Also, “Stop Listening”

  • travelwithheather.com

    I’m unsubscribing from anyone who is simplistic enough to think the immigration “debate” (unsubscribing from that verbiage, too) is a “like” or “don’t like” matter. Scores of my high school students’ parents swam across the Rio Grande River to give their kids a better chance at life. Now those kids can’t get in-state tuition to go to college – even though they and their families have been subsidizing “legal” kids’ college tuitions for years by paying taxes. Hear that? Yes, illegal immigrants DO pay taxes, and reap few of the benefits of those taxes! I know you understand that, James, but I’m yelling at people who have told me time and time again that illegal immigrants should get NO help from our government (even public schooling) because they don’t pay taxes. Sigh. I’m unsubscribing from those people, too.

    Great blog. Thank you. But bacon? I think that’s a mistake… You can always opt back in.

    • So true about immigrants. BUT I live near the Rio Grande. You don’t have to swim across. You can walk across. There is no way we can “protect our borders.” That is such a joke!

  • Can’t follow you on the bacon unsubscription (yet), but you make good points, sir. Subscribe.

  • Mike Mike

    unsubscribe me immediately.  Wait, when did I subscriber? I just check the website for new posts

  • John

    Great post. I love the way you think. Since I’ve found your blog it has really sharpened my thinking skills. There is just so much we do that is unimportant. We do it without even realizing it. I am working on questioning  why I do most of the things I do. Most is just habit. Unsubscribe!

    I am going to unsubscribe from the news. I really think if I had a recording of the evening news from 20 years ago and watched it, it would be the exact same thing but only with different people depressing us! 

  • How about unsubscribing from the Social Security System? More money in my pocket to invest where I want to invest. 

  • Anonymous


  • I’m sticking with bacon in limited quantities, except on cruises where I go overboard with the unlimited quantities.  But I avoid desserts.  You threw out the old comic books?  Well, guess you’ve got enough money you don’t need to worry about how much they were worth.  Do assume they didn’t include Superman #1.  We downsized extensively two years ago and moved to a smaller house, but there’s always more to do.  Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    What a brilliant fucking idea.

  • Anonymous

    Got news for you and Claudia. Asking for a raise after getting a degree and being laughed at happens to LOTS of people regadless of immigrant status. Probably most. Don’t unsubscribe to her coffee though. Holy cow, how spoiled are you?
    I’ve definitely unsubscribed from the election too. It’s just Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum again. Ron Paul vs Obama would be interesting in the general election but it will never happen. Paul’s too far off the beaten path and the Repubs will never nominate him.
    I unsubscribed from a spouse 8 months ago. That’s the big one. No more psychological vampires – I’ve got my antennae tuned to them now in a way that probably few people do.
    I unsubscribed from the idea of a job. Still go to mine, but I’m basically a warm body there.
    Going back to your last post, I’ve unsubscribed from all the people who’ve promised this, that, and the other thing. Not all are really scams, but it’s not going to happen and I’ve accepted that. Those promises always fall through, something unforeseen happens, whatever.  Had the hopes dashed too many times. Last time I went chasing rainbows I ended up in Baghdad bopping around.  No more.

  • PC

    I spend a lot of time leering at women. Happens to me all the time, could be on trains or walking around at lunch time or more covertly in the office. Its a big unproductive time waster. I leer at my wife and it kind of creeps her out! I am going to unsubscribe. Any other leerers out there (including the women) please hit me with a like.

  • Why unsubscribe from Bacon? I wonder if all that stressing over health isn’t actually a lot worse. 

  • IronJeff

    Don’t unsub bacon. Unsub conventionally raised livestock and agriculture. You just have to subscribe to bacon from healthier sources. Keep that feedlot crap out of your body. Get your bacon from pasture-raised pigs.

  • Tim

    Please don’t unsubscribe to bacon…I instead chose to subscribe to turkey bacon. Its not real but I can still get the burn marks by frying bacon naked. I hope the deal you spoke about is the one we spoke of.

  • Don’t unsubscribe on the bacon James. I’m assuming you think it’s unhealthy? Don’t do it. I gave up sugar, grains, and dairy. Which means I eat fruit, veggies, meat, fish, eggs and seeds, mostly. Which means bacon. After six months of this, I lost 30 pounds. After a year, I got my blood checked for every possible test, and I’m stellar. And I ran two half marathons this year, which means my body works well for a 46 year old. And I eat bacon whenever I want. Bacon is not evil. It is good. I get the organic kind from the local butcher. It’s a little slab of heaven. I hate to be preachy, but we’re talking about bacon. 

    • chris

      Agreed. Read the Primal Blueprint or any similar book.  Cut the grains and increase the fruit.  And don’t unsubscribe from bacon — no reason to.

  • nunayer

    I love this article!  It just supports what I have been saying for years.  People are not generally smart enough to argue their position, or strong enough to withstand any doubt or disagreement.  That person is probably home soiling his diapers as we speak. Waaaaaa somebody disagreed with me.  Let them go back to watching T.V. so that they can be told what to think.  Drones…. 

  • Allan Barry Laboucan

    I decided to subscribe for your emails with all this unsubscribe talk, I’m a rebel like that.

  • meg dunn

    There’s an age that you hit where you have to unsubscribe from bacon?!!!! No one ever told me that! I knew getting older would be painful, but not THAT painful!

  • glad to hear you finally decided to unsubscribe the kardashians, it’s about time, the shit is gettin old, phewww.

    but an iPad is the only tool you would keep? did i read that right? how do you write on a freaking ipad? at least keep your Mac Book Air.

  • I unsubscribe from worrying over the darn TV antennae.  I’m just never going to get that thing turned the right direction to where the few shows I do like will be anything more than a stuttering mess.   Just have to read more blogs, I guess, so I’ll stay subscribed here.

  • What blasphemy! You must subscribe to bacon.  Why on earth would you deprive yourself of that juicy goodness. There are some things in life that are great, if in small doses.  Don’t unsubscribe from bacon completely, simply visit it less. 

  • cindyluwho

    I gave up the news a while back but that was HUGE for me. My friends used to joke that no one needed to ever watch the news…they could just hang out with me for an hour. I literally spent 4-6 hours a day on news. I am so much happier without it. None of my family or friends ever thought I could give up my 20 year habit…I did… and have never felt better.

    Truthfully, most things in life are things we should unsubscribe to. It is mostly crap designed to make people (that don’t include me) money. They seek to take my money, time and emotions….Unsubscribe!!!

    Thanks again James…You Rock!!

  • RR

    Worry about one deal… – EXACTLY what i needed to read/hear right now.  Thanks.

  • I disagree with your unsubscribing from bacon.  First off, it’s the gateway drug for vegetarians.  Second, it’s good for you.  Third, who cares about all that-it tastes good.  I bought a 10 pound raw pork belly and now make my own lardons.  It’s fabulous.  The apartment smells so good. Maybe that’s why I can’t sell it.

    • :)

    • NoWorkNoPay
    • This guy —  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/ — makes a pretty compelling pro-bacon case.  I don’t know the science well enough to know if he’s right, but I do know that all the super-ripped people I know subscribe to the “fatty meat is good” theory, whereas the mainstream take on it which puts bacon in the “sadly no deliciousness” camp doesn’t seem to be doing so well (ie, Americans aren’t very healthy).

    • Donna

      I tried to put up a link to Lew Rockwell’s interview with Karen De Coster about the paleo, bacon, high fat routine but I guess the link didn’t go through. James, you like Lew Rockwell. For your health’s sake, check out the marksdailyapple website that someone else mentioned. I’m down 31 pounds since September and I’ve never felt better!

    • Roy

      This is what I think about bacon =)


  • Do I have to do it – or – do I want to do it?

    I’ve been asking myself this question lately.  If I feel like the thing I am doing is an obligation, I start looking for the unsubscribe button. 

  • I marvel at the total freedom of the homeless.

    Obviously not the familes with kids. Those are American tragedies that we should be ashamed of and no one during the GOP debates seems to care.

    Instead, I marvel at the homeless as once portrayed by the Mel Brooks character who washes car windshields by spitting on them.and then uses a filty rag.

    Completely unsubscribed from everything, including mental health. That’s the way to go.

    I’ve slowly started by wearing only Crocs, regardless of weather and unsubscribing from socks. Even after going to a system where I only owned black socks, I still couldn’t get them matched after a couple of laundering cycles.

    Now after hearing a recent report that says that there is 1 mg of fecal matter in unwashed underwear, it appears that it’s time to unsubscribe from that, as well.

    Baby steps, but you have to start someplace,

    • You’d be amazed at how much you can unsubscribe to when you live abroad. Most noticeably for myself has been the car and bills in the mail.  We have a car, but it’s parked most of the time in lieu of the metro and bills are all combined into one easy payment.  The big one is the taxes though.

      • So if I understand you correctly, you’e saying that the hobo life in Europe is superior to that in the US.

        I think that may be so because they have tighter control over their immigration problem and as result, there is less competition in the hobo sector.

        Boy, with opinions like that,  I can see why people unsubscribe from Altucher.

        • That’s what you got out of my response?  Ok, you’re right. God bless America and all that.  Better?

          • Exactly. That’s the problem with communication. People still apply their own biases and see/hear/read whatever fulfills their preconceived notion. If my mind was focused on “hobo life” at the moment as a paradigm for being “unsubscribed”, very little could displace those thoughts and everything would be framed within the context of those thoughts. By the same token, a fairly innocuous statement about immigration policy could end up being incendiary to someone who is highly focused on that issue.

            God bless us all. Hobo and non-hobo alike. Now I feel better.

          • Whoopdy Do

            We’re all hobosexual.

  • Two thumbs up for this post, I’m still cracking up.

    I am unsubscribing from my habitual thinking and patterns, prejudice, assumptions and all the monsters in my closet.

  • Asd

    Here’s another unsubscription of your feed due to your wacky stance on immigration. :)

    Hopefully, you’ll see the light at some point. Or at least understand why what’s good for wealthy new yorkers isn’t necessarily so great for the average and below average americans.

  • Wow, who knew so many people love bacon. You won’t miss a thing James, it’s disgusting.

    I am unsubscribing to consumerism.

  • James, this post is awesome. Really. Love the concept of unsubscribing from those who want to “put them all in a truck and send them back.” Heard that comment one too many times. Seriously, people, many of us are children of immigrants – and lots of our relatives were illegal. Love what you said about the people who work in our local businesses.

    Ok. So, I’m officially unsubscribing from:

    – Sugar – well, maybe after Christmas – I promise
    – Twitter spammers, and
    – My obsession over buying the perfect gift for my – somewhat evil – stepmother-in-law – who never thanks me for it anyway

    Gotta join the rest of the commenters here, James, in saying that bacon is a food group and the world is a better place because of it – and unsubscribing may not be your brightest moment. As @98eaaf04f670959c39e4d004d22647dd:disqus said, you can always opt back in!

  • scott thomas

    James, stop!!!  Before unsubscribing from bacon, you must visit a restaurant in LA to have my favorite appetizer …. Bacon wrapped Bacon.

    Enough said.

  • Searx

    i’d love to unsubscribe from all the news/propaganda/BS. unfortunately, because we are in the midst of a depression which will morph into hyperinflation i’m forced to try to protect my ass/ets so need to know what the maniacs are up to.

    love bacon & have bacon & eggs at least 3 times/week. 71 & have very low cholesterol.

  • Autodidactic

    If you go Primal/Paleo Altcher you don’t have to give up Bacon.


  • Travis Fields

    I’m unsubscribing from the idea that some people aren’t worth listening to.

    Even Idiots usually turn out to know something.

    And I’m re-subscribing to the idea that no one knows everything.

    Not even the Experts. Sometimes the Experts turn out to be idiots.

  • Mehranalmasi

    calm down folks, someday when we unsubscribe from our earthly bodies, we unsubscribe from it all!

  • Penny

    I’ve been trying to unsubscribe to pizza for several weeks. It hasn’t been working so I developed a new plan.  It’s okay to have pizza (1 slice) for lunch but first I must eat a green salad for  breakfast.  So far this is working.

    i need to get off listening to Bloomberg radio every morning first thing.  This really sets up a bad tone for the whole day as it did today when I heard the same warnings that “Lehman-like event” could occur in Europe and plunge us into Armageddon. I don’t know – maybe it will happen – but the point is, What can I do about it?

    • Dusty44star

      Hope it does happen!!  That’s what to do!!

      Build a ‘Hope For Armageddon” cash fund to buy stocks when all of them are down to pennys!!!

      Later on it will be over and the stocks will be back to normal price!!!!!

      • Elmer Fudd

        2007/8 was awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I have been largely unsubscribed from pop culture for years now: no TV or entertainment news – period, including music radio.

    In fact, some time ago I wondered just who the Kardashians were – as I had heard the name before, and you mentioned them from time to time in your blog.  I asked my wife who they were, and her explanation was accompanied with a look I can only describe as somewhere in an uncomfortable region between pity, confusion, and disbelief.  And now I know that while some elder members of the family have been successful businessmen and athletes, the daughters are famous for no particular reason, as they have done nothing particularly useful or productive.  So I can go right back to neither knowing or caring about them in the slightest, secure in the knowledge that my life will be richer for it.

    In a similar vein, anyone who announces that they will now ignore you because their utterly insignificant opinion is at odds from your utterly insignificant opinion on a subject that neither of you can influence in the slightest has done you a tremendous favor.  Any time you can purge one more fool from your life without additional effort counts as a win.

    BTW, I disagree with you on bacon. Unsubscribe.


  • BrianBalk

    Network TV.  It’s all crap.  Except the PBS pledge drive show last night of Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan jamming in 1983.  That was awesome, even though I had to get to sleep and couldn’t stay up to watch it all.  And I probably don’t have the discipline to just ‘unsubscribe’ and quit it altogether.  But I’m cutting back and doing better every day.  Reading your blog helps.  Also great books like the ones you recommended a few days ago.  Amazing stuff.  Who can waste time on TV crap when rational optimism and the ‘thinking stuff that fills the interstices of the universe’ are only a page turn away?  You definitely live the example of giving far more in use value than the monetary value you receive, at least in your writing.  You’re rich and growing richer – spiritually, at least, and I hope monetarily as well.

  • I was with you til you said “bacon” No way I am giving up bacon. I enthusiastically, and wholeheartedly subscribe to bacon.

  • Susan

    I recently unsubscribed from the Rat Race. Now, in solidarity with you (I don’t want you to feel all alone!), I think I’ll unsubscribe from housework. Oh wait, I’m already half unsubbed from that. Um…ok, I’ll try unsubscribing from exercise avoidance. Like you said, it’s that time in my life.

    Love your columns! Thanks for being out there.

  • “My wife is an immigrant and had to fight and fight and fight.” Here, here. I had that fight too.  And since I’m now an expat, if she wants to return and claim her green card, we’d have to begin that fight again.

  • Gavin Griffiths

    last year i gave up booze.  not that i’m an alcoholic or anything, just social, and i just gave up for two months.  it felt great but i hardly saw anyone.  then i started drinking again because thats what all my friends do.  the thought of all the piss ups in over christmas is filling me with dread but i know i’ll go along with it.  come january i am unsubscribing from booze for 3 months.  i think i might need to change my social circle!

  • Amazing post yet again James. Thanks!

  • heather

    You had me ’til the bacon. Solution…go organic. Win/Win!

    I unsubscribed Christmas! relief…

  • James

    Being thrown off my own individual path by toxic people- UNSUBSCRIBE!

  • Max

    Every day practice asking yourself WHY before you are about to do or ‘not do’ something and you will begin to unlearn all the crap that your ‘educators’ have decided you need to know to ‘get on in life’.
    It’s the hardest question to answer and it is definitely far harder to unlearn stuff but the rewards are more than worth the effort.

  • Dam478

    Work.  I unsubscibed from work 2 years ago, and have to admit that it was the single best decision I ever made.  No more meetings, no more stupid instructions from bosses looking to rise in the food chain by pursuing tangents unimportant to the mission at hand, no more commutes at the worst possible time to be driving and mostly no more Connecticut Keeping up with the Kardashians angst.  Also I unsubscibed to taking any type of volunteer leadership position with non profits.  No boards, no leading campaigns, no special project administration.  I now do grunt work like delivering meals on wheels or ushering at events.  It is much more satisfying, I get to meet the real people that are benefiting from the work, and no longer have to interact with people who have one arm longer than the other caused by patting themselves on the back.  Today is Tuesday and I am going skiing, and then coming home to nap.  A too busy day, in my opinion.

    • NoWorkNoPay

      …and this is because you made too much money already from working before?

    • Anthony

      How did you make that transition?

      • I’ve asked that question many times, and it took me many of those times to realize that I was asking the wrong question entirely, because it wasn’t about asking him or her, it was about asking myself. :)

    • Chuck

      good for you dam!

    • Anonymous

      Who are the Kardashians? Unsubscribe.

  • Marc Hansen

    Wow. Getting rid of your comic books. Nixing bacon. Writing a blog about your feelings. Sounds like your whipped.

  • Anonymous

    clicking on dislike this page doesn’t work

  • PlinytheElder

    Rethink the Bacon thing James, remember part of balance is imbalance.  Sure it’s not
    the healthiest thing in the world so don’t eat it every day, but don’t deprive yourself of
    a little indulgence now and then.  As Travolta’s character said in the comeback role
    of his life – “bacon is good”.

  • Mckra1g

    I don’t like bacon. Furthermore, chocolate covered bacon is an abomination. #unsubscribe. :)

  • AvidConfidentialReader

    James, so many of your posts resonate with me.  I find myself thinking frequently about the methods you have employed for overcoming negative thoughts and anger.  I wish it wasn’t so hard.  Don’t you admire and envy the people for whom a great joy for life seem to come so easily.  Why don’t you write about that one day – having a great joy and zest for life insteading of how there are always obstacles that need to be overcome.  That’s my new idea for a sefl-published book – the book of good news.

  • Jennifer

    You threw out 16 boxes of comic books?! My children are weeping. :)

  • The only immigration policy: OPEN BOARDERS!

  • Doc Hawkins

    Teaching People to think in opposites again. Outstanding. 

  • aaron

    Unsubscribe Assumptions
    Unsubscribe Labels/categories

  • Sooz

    Murphy’s Law..

    who the Hell does he think he is coming up with a law like that?

  • Le

    i should def unsubscribe to games, i’m very close of buying star wars the old republic.. help me !! :)
    are you still playing any games James ?

  • I was sad to hear about the comic books. You should have donated them to a children’s hospital or something. Things like that are much better to pass on than to put into the grave. 
    Oh no…not Jon Stewart! It’s 30 minutes of delicious glory, politics revealed for the insanity it is! Ah well. I’m just wondering when the contestants of that game show are going to have slime dumped on them. Host: “I’m SO sorry, but the audience has deemed you dodged the question! SHOW’EM WHAT HE’S WON BOB!” *Sad kazoo*Recent unsubscriptions:Friends who turned crappy that I’ve known for almost a decade. I put some distance between myself and them; their egos did the rest.

    I’m a vegetarian (as of 5 months ago) so on behalf of all the pigs you won’t turn into bacon: “Yay! We get to live!”

    The fears of failure.

    Owning a car. I walk/bike/take public transport.

    Unsubscriptions of the past:

    News, politics & TV (10 years ago).

    Regularly reading web comics (5 years ago).

    A conventional 9-5 job (2 years ago).

    Worrying about things I cannot change nor have control over.

    • Jon Rowe

      He could have donated them to a local comic book store as well.  I try to keep all of mine in mint/near mint condition.

  • Jleesr

    Prior to WWI one third of the population in the US were imigrants.  The excellent book A Long Way Home tells the story of imigrants mostly European who came to this country to escape the
    constant drafts and wars various European countries sucked their young men into over centuries.  WWI made these imigrants Americans not German Americans who fought their former countrymen as well as Italians, Irish who hated the British government yet fought for America to save the French and British from militaristic Germany.  America the melting pot took all of these various people and made them into proud Americans.

  • Anonymous

    I unsubscribe from worrying about what I eat. Everything in moderation. I have lost 60 pounds and I still eat bacon. Just not every day. I have blood pressure and cholesterol numbers of someone half my age now. So eat the freakin bacon, James. :)

  • Savanarola

    WORD.  Just, word.  We are a country of immigrants and it has been the driving strength and resilience of our nation.  Anybody who doesn’t get that needs to move someplace where there is complete homogeneity – oh wait, they won’t have him.  Nevermind.

    • Savanarola

      OH and — I gave up TV in mid-2007 and I’ve never looked back.  Man, life is better.  I don’t even have a Kardashians problem. . . .I hardly know who those comely brunettes (who seem to be offering some carnal service) in your photo are.

  • What interesting comments….

    The post ends by unsubscribing from bacon and within the first 10 comments it becomes a debate about immigration.  What a transition.

    I unsubscribe from worry.  Unsubscribing to worry about anything specific is too, well, specific for me.  I need to unsubscribe from worry in general.  I remember in some movie about Tibet, possibly “Seven Years in Tibet”, I heard a proverb about worrying that went:

    “If you have a problem that can be fixed, then there is no use in
    worrying. If you have a problem that cannot be fixed, then there is no
    use in worrying.”

    Although I find this completely logical, it doesn’t stop the occasional broadcast of radio KFCK in my head telling me how my world is on the brink of meltdown or catastrophe.

    Therefore, unsubscribe.

    • Fast Eddie

      Ditto. That channel KFCK is your left brain chattering at you. I have been trying to unsubscribe from that channel for two years now.

      Any activity that gets you fully engaged, totally mindful of the present, is a ticket out

  • How dare you disparage Bacon. Unsubscribe.

  • Ha ha ha… well, ha ha ha up until you unsuscribe from my coffee which is always delicious and perfect… no idea what you were refering to… hee hee

    This post made me laugh, really good.  I will unsuscribe from rude people, cold weather, attitudes, television (gosh is hard when traveling) and bagels, too heavy for me.

  • wsc

    agree with all except bacon.  the relapse is awful.

  • Anonymous

    great thinking. what about unsubscribing costs like cable, car, house?

  • Foolish talk…who can give up bacon?

  • The best unsuscribe of all it to unsubscrib from income taxes. Move offshore, enjoy the weather and the tax free environment.

  • Summer Berkeley

    Unsubscribe from family- awesome to hear it put that way. I did it a few months ago because they(we) were all squabbling about money and other BS and writing horrible texts and emails to each other so I simply blocked everyone from my phone and email and have never looked back.

  • We want to send every kid to college and we want to kick out all illegals.  That will be interesting.  Watch as we all starve to death.

  • Sean Giorgianni

    I unsubscribed to my large personal library. I read 90-100 books a year. Recently, I gave almost every book I owned (over 500) to the local Salvation Army. I’m MUCH happier, and the ideas contained in those books are now free to help someone else.

    Keep doing great things, James! And let me know how to help you UNSUBSCRIBE even more!

  • Perfect. I concur.

  • I unsubscribed from judgmental people. about 1 year now, and it’s a blissful way to live.  I’ll admit it takes practice, but that’s what inner peace is comprised of.

  • Chuck

    The ‘Worry about any one deal’ part is the best trading/investing/business advise i have ever heard. I became a much better investor when I figured that out. I never ever care about 1 single stock position in my portfolio, ever.

    • Chuck

      and when i find that i think or worry about a position I cut it. This will make you a lot of money. You’re welcome

    • Giovanni

      Someone (a very long time ago) once told me that deals are like streetcars, they’ll be another one along shortly.

  • William Randy Miller

    First and foremost: turkey bacon.  There are several brands, and the good ones are pretty darn good.  Give it a few weeks, and you won’t remember that the other stuff is better.

    One of my grandfathers was not an immigrant.  He left the reservation because life in an American city was better.  I’ve seen much of the world, and I don’t blame anyone who wants to come here.  And if they can’t get here legally, I don’t blame them for coming illegally.  This place has lots of problems, but for the poor, intelligent, and ambitious, the rest of the world is a grade-A hell-hole.

    The rest of your post was funny and insightful.  Subscribe.

  • Tparkin

    You sound like Andy Rooney.

  • Anonymous

    I’m unsubscribing to assholes.  They are everywhere.  Therefore I’m unsubscribing to approximately ninety percent of the country I live in.

    • Whoopdy Do

      Including your own?

      • Anonymous


  • Parvaze

    James –  The more I read your blog the more likable you are, quirks and all. You really do have a way of articulating  with words what many of us seem to be thinking. 

  • Colleen

    Wow, who knew bacon was so controversial! I think if you fry in lard or coconut oil and don’t reuse the oil, it’s not bad for you. And then maybe give thanks to the pig who provided it. 

    Lovely, funny post. I’m unsubscribing to reacting to negativity.

  • Bluecollartrader

    wtf?  get down with bacon.

  • Dyish

    I bet someone who was an immigrant brought bacon to this continent at one point….. So I am confused as to what I should really unsubscribe to. I really like bacon. Hmmm. I know some really nice people who have ties to immigrants or may be immigrants themselves too. I guess I subscribe

  • P Jaunne

    Unsubscribing to my own judgement.

    H20/20 they are, more often than not, wrong!  Bad thought system lead to bad judgement, I am amazed how much garbage crept into the system over time since when I was born till now.  My thought system, just like my PC operating system, is so corrupted and bloated with unnecessary stuff that slow things down and cause program to hang and crash.  It caused me to self sabotage and create too many unnecessary painful situations.  It’s time to defrag, or even deinstall the OS, and reinstall a fresh new one.  Easy to do on a PC, very disorienting on personal thought system though.  There are the conscious, then the subconscious, and other mysteries to deal with no manual.

  • Desiree WhiteElliott

    I am unsubscribing from anger..I will switch instead to mild annoyance until I can delete it altogether.

  • Eddie

    You’re a thoughtful man, so I suggest you continue thinking about immigration. Anecdotes about an illegal grandma who sneaked here in 1914 are touching and easy to agree with. They are not, however, a fair depiction of the considerations.

    We have a welfare society. We feed and care for those who cannot afford to pay for themselves. Our poor live in brick structures, receive medical care, carry cell-phones, and consume enough calories that there is an epidemic of obesity. Three billions of the world population do not.

    If there is no limit to who can come, we cannot afford our welfare system.

    • Anonymous

      The poor are poor because we want them to be poor.  We have chosen as a nation to keep people in poverty because of the color of their skin, because their parents were poor, because we need to have a group of people to feel better than, and because we have a need to see people punished for the vanity of our conceptions of sin. 

      We give them enough to stay poor-bad food that causes obesity and malnutrition, poor medical care that bankrupts and impoverishes even the upper middle class, religious propaganda that elevates and rewards people having swarms of children (Duggars?  Hello!), and a media that promotes mindless consumerism and fatalistic acceptance of conservative nostrums and poppycock that reinforce the failed status quo.

      We conduct our foreign policy in such a way that we refresh America with our own victims from abroad.  I grew up going to school with refugees from the Vietnam and Korean conflicts.  Now I see the refugees from Africa and the Middle East wars.  Some become successful in spite; many are too broken by their experiences or are excluded by language and upbringing to become successful Americans.  I see Iraqi families with degrees who can’t work in their professions in America without re-certification, like the children of Vietnamese professionals I grew up with who were janitors or unemployable.

      Shall we open the death camps and turn on the ovens to prevent the inconvenience of welfare?  Should we build a wall and kick out the undesirables?  Give us your merciful solution!  I would unsubscribe from this line of thought, but it gives me hope that like the Grinch who stole Christmas, there will be just one thaw one day.

      • Eddie

        Two thirds of the money our government spends now is taken from one individual and paid to another. That’s never happened before in our history.

        50% of the families in the country receive some subsidy from the government.
        50% (presumably it’s roughly the same 50%) pay no income tax.

        That’s a tipping point. You don’t have to imagine what happens when political parties promise net payments to a majority of its population in order to win elections. Look at Europe: Wonderful social welfare programs; no resources to pay for them; rioting in the streets.

        We have the robust economy to pay for the luxury of welfare because of the model of capitalism. I propose that profit and capitalism not be disparaged so freely, and that we husband our resources prudently. That includes practical limits on how much we spend on others. Regrettably, our dollars don’t reach to infinity.

        If we do that, we can continue to afford to take care of our own. If we do not do that, we will not be able to take care of anybody.

        What’s your solution?

  • Noelleinaz

    I’ve tried to unsubscribe from Christmas, but Santa’s Constant Contact account must be defective.

  • Anne

    I want to Unsubscribe from all communications from HR departments worldwide.   And “senior management”.

  • Colleen

    Unsubscribe me from every bit that is the idiocy of pop culture.  Thank you.

  • Capitalistic

    ” Worry about any one deal. I’m trying to do a particular transaction right now. Most likely, like most deals, it doesn’t go through. But that’s ok.”
    You’re 1000% right. I sometimes get bogged down on the handful of deals I’m working on. Haggling with bizarre owners, haggling with pesky I/bankers, haggling with investors, haggling with advisers. Sighhhhhhhhhhh.

    I’ve recently employed the “unsubscribe” method for phone calls. I barely answer incoming calls and I only listen to voice mails, once a week. Why do people still leave voice mails in 2011?? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?????????

    But I digress….Nice post!

  • CTS

    I’m using iGoogle now…RSS feeds.   So I unsubscribed from, like, 10 sites recently to free up my email.   You were one of them, but I’ve got your feed instead on my home page.   Much easier.

  • What a nice way to move on from things that hold you back…unsubscribe!

  • Anonymous

    I unsubscribed from the “Jonses”.  (As a one-percenter) In a one percent neighborhood I now almost exclusively drive my 1966 VW Bug, in ok condition.  It’s fun and it puts a smile on everyone’s face, most importantly my own.  

    With regards to immigration…I see the same people waiting outside Home Depot every week.  I am sure sometimes they get work, and sometimes they don’t.  But without fail- they are there…willing to work for someone who is willing to pay.

    I have a friend who got laid off over a year ago.  I asked him how the job hunt is going.  He responded “what job hunt…the Gov’t is paying me to stay home.”  

    A poor representation of the unemployed I am sure…but enough said.  

    Oh- I unsubscribed to him as well ;-)

    • MandM

      May as well add humility.

  • Quietjim

    I understand your life is a work in progress but you will rue the day you unsubscribed to Stewart and bacon. Are you trying to make your life perfect or happy. You just blew off 2 things that make you happy. My rule is nothing to excess. You’re welcome to it.

  • Football: I’ve never really subscribed, but living in the south makes it difficult not to at some level to have decent conversations. Also, unsubscribing for apologizing for not being a fan at all.

    Speaking/Thinking negatively about others: A part of the “practice” I know, but it needs to end. Unsubscribe.

    Unsubscribe to eating processed foods. I’ll eat lintel soup till I’m 80.

    Coke. (the sugary kind): Huge scam. Syrup is the main ingredient, its phosphoric acid depeletes bone strength. Yet, I still drink more than one a day. 

    Subscribe: 5 Work outs a week, a New Job by new years, and daily meditation.


  • Liza-lou

    Feeling guilty and worrying about the past: unsubscribe! But bacon? No, not yet. It really is the Food of the Gods. With egg and cheese on a toasted english muffin. LOVE LOVE LOVE!  

  • Hmmm, maybe I’ll do pastrami as a substitute.

  • Donna

    You’re wrong about the bacon, James. Take my word on this. I started the paleo diet thing last September by listening to Lew Rockwell and that skinny libertarian CPA lady talking all about it. I’ve lost 31 pounds since then by eating more fat, not less. My triglicerides, cholesterol, and other indicators are way down. I heard you think out of the box when Lew interviewed you. There’s more thinking out of the box to do. http://www.lewrockwell.com/lewrockwell-show/2011/09/13/223-government-hates-good-health/

  • passiongyrl

    I unsubscribe from “dancing” with my boss.

  • mark

    looking forward to the upcoming “Less Possessions” post =)

  • Colleen

    Is this true?  Is there an upcoming “Less Possessions” post?   Please . . bring . . .it . . .on!

  • Andyrooney

    thank you, andy rooney.

  • Gustavo

    That’s it! This is the last straw !!  You are absolutely AWESOME !!!
    I like your work ……. a whole lot.  Your past and ability to continue to fuel from it, and use it to inspire, is admirable. A path ….one I have chosen (with life’s life’s nudging wind) as well.

    Continue. Please.



  • Gustavo

    I officially unsubscribe to the temporary amnesia of past grandparents/parents and how they arrived here. Let’s find a solution and stop “alienation” of humans…. not to be confused with a nation of aliens. Are they here? Where did they hide the spaceship? Did our grandparents/parents come in a spaceship?….. Welcome to Earth… Aliens.  
    Why are we loosing our Humanity?
    Planet of the apes comes to mind.


  • Kjp712

    I unsubscribe to the MF Global monthly newsletter.

  • So i am not the only guy who never answer the phone: 
    http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/why-i-dont-answer-the-phone/  – Cool.

  • The pigs will be thankful fr you unsubscribing bacon. 

  • Nick

    I was with you until bacon.

  • James!
    I’m going to be the notorious: “I agree with everything, buuuuuuuut”
    The Bacon.  Fat doesn’t make anyone fat.  It’s carbohydrates.  You’re a bright guy.  Over the last 30 years we have been reducing saturated fats from our diets year over year.  This is the lowest percentage of saturated fat overall that we have consumed in 30 years, yet we’re fatter and sicker than ever.  Bacon is a godsend.  Fat does not make you fat.  You have got to check out the Primal Blueprint.  
    Before PB and this site, “I was Blind, but Now I See”.  You will have the same realization.  

  • Ricker117

    Uh, Bacon? Come on… Bacon is just not a breakfast item. It supplement salads, sandwiches (BLT!) and Bacon Cheeseburgers even though I have not had one in a very long time. I unsubscribe from meetings as well. What a waste! Phone calls are also unsubscribed from my life. Sunday is tomorrow, I am having bacon James, come on over and have some pig…

  • Anonymous

    Please tell me you *gave away* or *sold* said comic books and didn’t actually throw them away!!! (pop-lit heart break!!!)

  • Startupjerkfest

    I unsubscribed from masterbating. Yes, again. For the 60th time today. Maybe someday my hands with lose that baby oil scent. Until then, I’ll try washing my fingers with bacon soap.