10 Things to Do When They Don’t Call Back

I pitched a TV show and they loved it. I was going to mike up tables in a restaurant and tape record dates. I would know the woman (she was beautiful, funny, etc) and the guy would not now he was being videotaped.

We created a reel (two dates). One guy admitted in the middle of the date he was confused about whether or not he was gay. Another guy got a call from his wife in the middle of the date. Great stuff. “Great TV” as they say in “the Biz”.

I pitched it to Dave Bartolis who worked at HBO Independent Productions. They loved it. He was going to call me back the next day. He didn’t. Or the day after that. I would call his office. His secretary would say he was on the other line. I can hold. Oh, he’ll call you right back.

He didn’t.

Finally I called his home number. “Oh, uh, we LOVE the idea. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

He didn’t. Or the next day Repeat the whole process above.

Another time someone wanted to buy a company I had started. They came around, they LOVED the company. It would fit right in with their company. Their company was named “Google”. I won’t get into it. They didn’t call back. Same as above. I didn’t call anyone at home this time. I had gotten better. But I had wet dreams at night. And then I would cry as the sun rose.

Why wouldn’t they call me back?

And then a girl. We were apart for a vacation. She was going out to dinner with her ex. She’ll call me AS SOON AS she gets back. I fall asleep. At 3am I wake up and realized I never got a call. So I call. No answer. Why didn’t she call me back? Where is she? Two months later she was pregnant. Who was the father?

Sometimes I hate the phone, emails, Facebook, Twitter, the call back. Why am I sitting here. Waiting. Don’t they realize I’m waiting? Don’t they want to talk to me: give me money, love, sex, fortune, fame,  even just a little respect or generosity? You would give me those things. Won’t you?

A)     Expand your alternative ideas. When you are waiting for ONE person on ONE idea, you’re screwed. You are in a perpetual state of “I need this or I die”. So… we need to prevent you from dying. Here’s the surgery you must perform. Find at least one more idea you are excited about. There was one time I was raising a fund. People weren’t calling back. I decided, ok, time to focus on creating a business of skin care products. Eventually, I raised the fund.

B)      Expand your list of people to call – why did I just call HBO Independent Productions? Why didn’t I call Showtime? Or Comedy Central. I knew all the people. EVERYONE would’ve said. “I LOVE THIS” at the same time. This is the key to getting people to call you back. Even if nobody individually plans on calling you back, if everyone is saying, “I LOVE THIS”, someone will call you back.

C)      Just DO it: I had two dates in the can. They were perfect. We did a third date. The guy wouldn’t sign the release form unless the girl, my friend, would have sex with him. Another perfect date in the can. Why did I need HBO to pick me? PICK YOURSELF! I could’ve just done fifteen of those dates and I would’ve had a perfect documentary. Or a complete pilot that I did myself without the help of any studio. I no longer pitch books to publishers who might sit on them for months. I PICK MYSELF. I no longer wait for buyers to come knocking on my doors for companies. I make the calls and SELL my company. And I DUMPED any girl who I was suspicious of.

D)     Repeat: “infinite patience brings immediate results. “ This is a saying that someone told me. So I don’t want to plagiarize. Even though I am right now. But, truly, deep inside, I don’t, because I wish it were my original quote.

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this quote is. Every time I think I need ONE thing to happen to make me happy, I repeat the above quote and follow some of the ideas below to take my mind off of the ONE thing and it’s amazing the result. Something else happens and it’s usually better.

Einstein discovered that time is relative. My guess is, he was waiting for a girl to call him back when he made this discovery. Because everyone does run on a different schedule. One guy might say, “I’ll call you back tomorrow or so” and that might mean two weeks for him and it might mean fifteen minutes for you. And time expands exponentially the more ideas, the more choices, and the  more you are capable of PICKING YOURSELF and doing also the below items. Infinite patience then does, surprisingly, produces IMMEDIATE results. I can’t describe further. You have to try it. It’s magic.

E)      Work out or have sex.  When you have a great meeting or phone call or date and you are now waiting for a follow up, it’s really similar to your body being mugged. When you are mugged the adrenalin inside of you spikes up to unheard of levels. It’s the “Fight or Flight” syndrome. You MUST fight or your MUST flee.

Instead…you are sitting, immobile, by the phone. But the adrenalin is still there, building up, unsure why you are not fighting or fleeing. Then you die. That would suck pretty bad just because somebody didn’t call you back.

So you have to get your body moving. Working out, sweating, sex – release all the adrenalin, get the endorphins or dopamine or whatever the latest hormone they are calling it, running through your body to fight the adrenalin.

F)      Clean.  Yeah, take a shower. You stink. You’ve been sitting by that phone for days. Scrub with one of those hard brushes that take the dead cells off your skin and really open up your pores. Then turn the shower on super hot so you start to sweat it all out. All the pain, all of the “Why didn’t she call back” that has buried itself into the molecules in your arms, legs, face, head.

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And then clean your house. It looks like shit in here. This is a reflection of what your brain looks like. Clean it all up.

Then throw stuff out. Why are you even keeping all these extra books around that you read ten years ago. Are you ever going to read “The Hobbit” ever again for the rest of your life? And yet, every time you’ve moved since high school, you’ve carried that book with you. But it’s a special edition with drawings! Throw it out!

Then clean your expenses. Do you really need to buy that extra book, t-shirt, movie, taxicab, hot dog, glass of wine? Clean everything. There’s a saying that all the cells in  your body change every seven years. This may or may not be true. I have no idea. Everyone says it. But it’s also true about mental cells, emotional cells, spiritual cells. In fact, those might change every few months. Make sure the new cells have a fresh clean home to come to. You’re disgusting, sitting there by the phone.

Clean up.

G)     Don’t Guess.  “Well, it’s the holiday season so they must be busy to call but they will call right afterwards.” Or, “this is good news. It probably means they are running it up to their board and getting final approvals.” Or, “she got home early but didn’t want to wake me. She knows I like to go to sleep early.” Don’t try to guess  what they are doing or  why they are not calling back.

I have this big problem. I’m obsessive. Combined with being a chess player. I look down every angle. Over and over. I picture everything ten moves ahead as to why they are not calling back. And I usually find two variations: the one that works best for me and the one that works the worst for me. And I obsess on both.

What a waste of time. Don’t guess. 99 times out of 100 you are wrong. And the one time you are right out of the 100 it’s for the wrong reasons and, by the way, it’s your worst case scenario. Congrats on being right.

H)     Don’t Judge.  When I was going to start writing for thestreet.com, Jim Cramer was excited about my ideas and introduced me to Dave Morrow (R.I.P.) who was editor in chief. Jim said, “use this guy!” to Dave about me. I would call Dave and call him and call him and he would never call back or he would say, “I’ll call back tomorrow.” What a godamn drag!

Finally I said to a friend of mine, “that’s it! I don’t even want to write for a company that treats people like this.”

And he said, “you need to calm the fuck down. Once you start writing  for them you’ll never even deal with this Dave character anymore. And then you’ll be writing for thestreet.com. It will be great for you.”

And eventually Dave did call back, I started writing, I sold Stockpickr to them, and I hardly ever dealt with Dave (R.I.P.) which leads to an important corollary but I’ll make it a separate point:

I)        Life is Short. They didn’t call back. They never will. You’ll call them and argue with them and plead with them and beg with them. The baby will be aborted. The company won’t get bought or sold. The deal will never be signed. The money won’t be raised. The TV show won’t get done.

But in 60-80 years we’ll all be dead. Tiny dots. On a tiny planet. Remember back to the days before the Big Bang happened. When we were all just happy being pre-nothing, before information even existed. Well, that will happen again. See you then, buddy.

J)       Don’t be afraid.  You’re sitting by the phone, sweating. Is she having sex with someone else? Are they never going to buy my company? It’s Friday afternoon, am I really going to have to wait until Monday when they said they would call back by the end of the week with the decision?

Don’t be afraid my poor little child. You’re waiting by the phone because you had the brush with love, the first kiss, the smile, the intent, the ambition, the ideas, the ability to network and connect, the assets to sell, the clients to introduce, the companies to build.

I want to hold you and hug you. You don’t need the call back to be happy. You don’t need to be scared. Everything that ever will happen to you starts from just a seed. Plant more seeds.

Be fruitful and multiply.

The Journey towards Personal Freedom Starts with YOU

It's time to make the most important decision of your life: Choose Yourself.

I will show you how...

Every weekday I'll send my latest stories, ideas and exclusive interviews straight to your inbox.

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  • Ironic that I’m reading this while waiting by the phone to see if I’ll be accepted for the apartment I applied for in Manhattan…  Inspired, I think I’ll quickly implement suggestions A, B, E, and G.  No time to waste as my movers arrive on Wednesday. 

  • I’ve experienced this a lot in my early professional career, and with the archetypical Girl-I-Was-In-Love-With-(In-Highschool), but the worst of it was last year when I spent 5 months waiting on a deal to substantiate regarding a Kardashian-license for a mobile-social game. Perhaps there’s a correlation between waiting for the call-back and hyphens. Lots of updates an assurances but no solid commitments, just the right mix to make me wrigle on a hook as funds dwindled and other commitments were forfeited. 

    Ultimately I decided I didn’t want to be stuck recapitulating the most banal aspects of our culture, and asked myself “what is the best thing I can do amidst all the ideas I ever had?” Coming out of the low point of bitter anticipation, I decided to start incubating a new start-up tochange the way people produce and consume food, and haven’t looked back.

  • Kate

    i am hoping that we are ALL waiting for something and not that you are just in my head and writing responses to questions i am asking. not sure which is crazier, really. 
    besides that, thanks for writing this and distracting me from waiting!  waiting is painful, and yes, it’s much better to do something else.  i’m pondering this the rest of the day:

    “infinite patience brings immediate results”

    and cleaning my house. blah.

  • Two things I did within 5 minutes of reading your post:

    1) Sent an email to another partner at a client I’ve been pursuing because my contact wasn’t returning my calls.
    2) Started cleaning my desk.

    I almost took another shower then I realized I showered an hour ago. Maybe I’ll shave then.

    • Guest

      Since time is relative, saying that you showered an hour ago is meaningless. Shower again.

  • I think this is your best post ever: a greatest hits package that sums up a lot of useful ideas.  Loved it. Thought provoking and funny as hell.  I am currently in minimalism mode so your “Throw it out” has become part of my brain.

    Cleaning out stuff from your past (old books) while maximizing future opportunities (new contacts) is a good philosophy,

  • Anonymous

    Great list.  When waiting for that big prospects or investors to call,  the song “que sera sera” usually ran in my head like a broken record, it help to keep expectations in check.

  • Sparky

    This may have saved my life.  

    See you then, buddy.

  • Anonymous

    gone fishing

  • Stewart

    i sometimes think you’re reading my email James…

  • Dude. You never write back. But on this blog you write like the devil. This entire post was excellent, and the last two paragraphs – sheer poetry.

  • JP

    I love that infinite patience line.

    I also adore any of your thoughts on dating/relationships. Your words and crazy stories have been real helpful for me as I’ve been working through my issues and getting over a girl that broke up with me.

  • I think the dot is the earth. Not the sun.


    But I think your Einstein special relativity analogy is right on. Everything in space curves back around the vagina. It has the most gravitational pull than anything you can name, money, fame, success.

    • It is the earth. It’s the photograph that inspired Carl Sagan to write, “Pale Blue Dot” ~ Here’s a video clip to check out on Youtube => http://youtu.be/wupToqz1e2g

  • Love this, James.  You’re getting better and better. 

  • Mike in Poughkeepsie

    I lost $250k last year chasing a falling knife.  Half of my liquid assets.  Broke all my self-imposed trading rules.  I made 280% return in 2008 so thought I was invincible.  I hated myself for it but then came to accept that I won’t need it when I am lying in the grave.  Time to go skiing!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like me!  Yes, let’s hit the slopes.  Time to rearrange the neurons and start over.  It was just a bunch of numbers anyway, right?

  • Anonymous

    Thank God for you James.  I try to read your every post, but I really needed that today.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t waiting for a phone call, but I logged into an online status-checker about once per hour for about three weeks.*  Then I called, and convinced myself I wasn’t calling once per day, but I was calling once per day for probably two weeks.*  They finally kicked me to the curb for being the dysfunctional creep I had become (keep in mind that they had some responsibility in this, for telling me, “Yes!”  “um… can you ___?” “Wait!” “Yes!” “Um… can you please fax again___” “Yes!” “Um… we lost your fax…” over and OVER and OVER… ) Calming down now.  I did bathe during this ordeal, though.  Good lecture you just gave – I should have read it last week, though.


    • Anonymous

      I’m replying to my own comment.  Check this out:  “infinite patience brings immediate results.”  It’s SO true!  Right after I whined yesterday, look what happened.  The thing that was vexing me:
      “Your application was approved on 12/14/2011
      with an initial credit line of ____”

      A problem developed, though, and a logjam was firmly in place. I pushed, pulled, called, faxed, begged, pleaded, and finally gave up on Saturday.   I gave up because some (misinformed, it turns out) person told me “no.” I forgot about it – put it out of my mind, wrote it off… and then… as if by magic, because of this timely post of yours and the space freed up in my mind when I stopped obsessing…  THEY FIXED IT!  Today I see:

      “Your application was approved on 01/09/2012
      with an initial credit line of ____”

      :o) :o) :o)

  • ErrolWayne

    Well said!

  • Sydney

    Thank you for this. I read every single word of it.

  • Bob

    I do not know about the nothingness and dot reference I personally think you will find more meaning someday and I look forward to that post

  • Mike Strong

    Thanks, James.  This is a very helpful post.  I will follow your techniques, but I also must take this opportunity to request again that you reply to my idea/email.  I will send again if you can’t locate it amongst all the unread emails.  If I don’t hear from you, I know what to do.

  • As an entrepreneur, I experience this every day.  However, the world has an uncanny ability to try and avoid the  feeling of being forgotten.  Prison is rotten for myriad reasons, but the main one is one of being forgotten.  To be completely relegated to the ranks of the nonexistent, is a very powerful thing.  Unfortunately, we experience a small piece of this when we’re waiting by the phone with that awful thought of rejection, wondering if WE are actually forgotten. 

    The best part about this is it works both ways.  When WE forget, WE suddenly become free.  Worrying accomplishes nothing.  Your advice makes so much sense because you’ve been there and it works.  

    My experience has always been that the times I forgot others, especially those that have seem to forgotten me, they call back.  Just like you mentioned, as you work hard and as other groups see that your ideas really DO matter, they call.  Then, you can forget them, and nothing will make them call back faster than the ones that originally ignored you, are now the ones that feel ignored.  

  • Wow. The Genesis reference at the end adds a lot of perspective. What possessed you to think of that?

  • Anonymous

    Love it.  mostly resonates with relationship problems…but seriously, how many times do we turn down other opportunities by just counting on the one.  the date with the girl who you know is “the one” but turns out she’s not and there were dozens of other opportunities you passed up.

  • Great quote from Claudia, ”
    infinite patience brings immediate results.“
    You know whats the opposite of that?

    Its always being in a rush…always in a hurry…..whether in a physical hurry….where your body is trying to move 10 steps ahead of your brain

    Or you are in a mental hurry…..where you are impatient and want everything to happen NOW!

    when we know that all things need time to gestate

    a bamboo seed gestates under ground for 5 years…..and then in 6 weeks it shoots up a few meters

    so what made it grow……the 6 weeks or the 5 years of gestation

    look at pregnant woman…..she carries this thing that takes 9 months to fully develop into a human being

    ideas are the same….we need to give them time to gestate….to develop….otherwise they will be “born prematurely”

    One of the things mentioned frequently in the Quran (the Muslim Sacred Book) is to be patient….to have patience….how patience is a good thing

    i will use Claudias quote to remind myself to have patience

    Thank you

    • Also to add….whenever we try to rush something, we are trying to “control” time or circumstance

      and anytime we try to control anything or anybody, we are coming from a place of fear….

      controlling people are really fearful of certain things…and when we have fear, it means we lack trust and faith in our Creator….it means we haven’t “surrendered” 

  • Derek Scruggs

    One thing I do in a sales situation is ask the prospect if they’re cool with telling me “no.” From that point forward, whenever we hit a decision point, I say “so is that a no? I’m okay with you telling me no.” Makes life so much easier.

  • I hate it when people call me – 
    http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/why-i-dont-answer-the-phone/ – so I don’t pester others either. If they want something, they’ll call me. Wait, I won’t answer that phone, so there is a dilemma…

  • Anthony

    I could have done with this information when I was 13 years old. As always you give great advice, I wonder how many people reading this blog actually practice what you preach.

  • Another wonderful post. The last three paragraphs were what moved me to leave a comment from work. Thank you…. <3<3<3

  • Truly awesome post. Spoke to me!

  • Absolutely brilliant! I had to discover it on my own – beautiful girls and promising  business partners act all most the same way. They give you glimpse of hope, then exploit you to their advantage by asking these little things you are so glad to do for them… and then disappear. They will never call back and never say “thank you”. But at the end  it doesn’t matter since we’re only “Tiny dots. On a tiny planet” :) 
    James you nailed it!   

  • I laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks. Gosh Altucher, time for you to write a stinky post so my perfectionism doesn’t start idolizing you too much.

  • Life is short. But while it is true that someday we’ll all be dead, I think about the reality that every word we’ve ever spoken is still travelling somewhere in the universe. Although the waves get smaller and weaker, it’s just an issue of having the right equipment to capture and decipher those waves. Whoever created the universe made certain that it was a zero sum game, as long as you ignore the fact that the universe is expanding, matter is neither created nor destroyed. Those waves are somewhere and can have their impact without you ever realizing.

    On the otherhand, the man made miracle of the internet keeps the written words around forever, unless mankind decides to wipe out the means of transmission or the big bang happens again, at which point….

    It seems that the problem you’ve outlined is related to the belief that “exclusivity” is required. As we’re beginning to realize that our own exclusivity in the universe may be unrealistic, why limit your options to waiting for a single potential partner to call you back?

    Pitch everything to everybody and let them compete for the opportunity to succeed or to fail.

    I proposed to 4 women on the same night. Two accepted. At that point, it was just a question of negotiation and the best prospects for a good mutually beneficial deal.

  • I just love the way your points flow in this article. Both melodious and very informative. Keep it up. We all need this small shocks of realizations coupled with some affection :)

  • “I have this big problem. I’m obsessive. Combined with being a chessplayer. I look down every angle. Over and over. I picture everything ten moves ahead as to why they are not calling back. And I usually find two variations: the one that works best for me and the one that works the worst for me. And I obsess on both.”

    Ya! I can definitely relate to this paragraph. It has taken a lot of personal work to get past this. The way I did it is to face the worst outcome, accept that it might occur, come to peace with that result and then I don’t obsess about it anymore. Or as the Budda said, “If you can change it, why worry and if you can’t change it, why worry?”

  • James, I love you.

  • Sam

    Great post, James! Love Claudia’s quote.

    The theme of the post reminds me of another quote I heard a while back which has resonated with me…”He who cares the least, wins”.   Don’t know where it originated from but its helped me put things into perspective and approach my goals in a calmer fashion.

  • You should do a post on motivating yourself! like this one: 


    Would really like to see how you motivate yourself.

  • James, I think this is the most positive and upbeat piece you’ve written. I love it. I obsess like you do. I want desperately to get instant (and positive) response to everything I do and everything I say. I want every date to end in love and every interview to end in a job. (Well, you know, back when I *had* a job. Now I’m content living without some of the extras while working towards something new.)

    That need for validation from the outside ( am I pretty enough, smart enough, a good enough writer, a good enough employee, a good enough *person*?!?!)- it has never brought me any real peace.

    Thanks for this.

  • Jay

    I think you should sponsor an X Prize for your wikichip.

  • Janet

    Dearest James

    What a wonderful message in your post.

    Many of the “mind-troubles” that you have is something that many of us have, including me…..such as being obsessive.

    However…these mind troubles are not things to be endured and tolerated….alot of it can be “healed” through tools like hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic-programming and other methods of letting go of these negative traits

    I have come a long way myself of letting go of and reducing many of my mind troubles

    I wish you the best

  • Why are you SO GOOD at discussing the things I feel/do?!?! This was an amazing post. Thank you for it!

  • Roger Casados

    Great post James. Item J)”Don’t be afraid” really hit home with me. You listed many fears that cause me great fear. Maybe you can post ideas how you deal with fear. thx

  • 2 Quotes Came to My Mind When I Was Reading this Post
    A. “Do your best, but don’t have an attachment with the outcome.” – Lord Krishna (roughly translated from Bhagavad Gita)

    B. “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” – Henry David Thoreau (Walden)

  • Allen Miller

    Out-Damn-Standing!  James that was such a wonderful bit of wit and wisdom.  Quite the sage post, I’ll book mark that to come back to it next time I’m waiting for that call.

  • I am convinced that no one ever calls with good news, so I really have been conditioned to despise the telephone.

    Waiting for the wrong things is a waste of time, even though I still do it. Some of the things I wait for don’t have a chance of happening until, maybe when hell freezes over.

    Thanks for your wise words, even though I find myself waiting yet again today. I basically have given up on the human race being anywhere close to professional, ethical, or even having a shred of integrity.(gross generalization-noted )

    I recognize the errors of my ways, and wish I could be all love and peace, breathe and be still more often – I am just not there yet – and rarely do I even make the effort. Once you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.  I’m close to that point.

    I hesitated to write this, because it is so negative, but for the life of me I can’t believe that I am the only one that is really struggling to get a *^$#&^ grip.

    • JimJ

      You are not the only one struggling to get a grip. If you were, there wouldn’t be sensational blogs like this one to help….

  • Anonymous

    Thanks James. Your post brought this quote to mind “I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” Mark Twain

  • Luca Corinaldesi

    Great read!

  • killing it. again. 

  • Wow, thank you. I love the sense of humor and how right on point you are. It’s amazing how this applies both professionally and personally. Always must remind yourself–options will give you more power.

  • Guest

    Thanks for this article James. Sincerely!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this article James. It said everything I needed to hear. Sincerely!

    …and bookmarked permanently.

  • Some inspiring stuff man. You hit things right on the head. And I do need to clean up around here!

  • perfect 2:56 am reading. thanks.

  • Grandma Barbara

    Okay, this is my first reblog, or whatever it is called, and I don’t even know how I landed on your blog, or how on earth I’ve managed to spend so much time reading it, or it’s been more like jumping around in it, but I just have to say how completely adorable you are!  Love your honesty and courageous vulnerability. Is that what blogging is all about? You do it in a very raw, scholastic, left brain kind of sensitive way that makes you fully human, with all the positives and negatives and laughables and even a tear or two. Thanks for a fun introduction to what a blog is all about! I think I shall never spend this much time reading one again, even yours!
    Hugs, Grandma Barbara

  • brb while my brain explodes from this sheer awesomeness. 


    Your blog.

    I can’t handle it. 

    Thank you for kicking my ass so eloquently and perfectly with every single post. I love every second of it and I am eating it up like candy. 

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go clean my entire apartment while I attempt to stop obsessing about what direction my blog will take and how I’m going to reach people or what will happen to me tomorrow, next week, or for the rest of my life. I’m aware that it’s 11:40 PM. Never too late to get clean. :)

  • There are a lot of comments on this post, so forgive me if this has been said: I really liked your first point about — essentially — not putting all your eggs in one basket. It’s logical and makes so much sense and yet, how many times have we sat there waiting on THE ONE. Thanks for the reminder that I needn’t be focused on just ONE outcome, etc.

    With Gratitude,


  • This is such a great article! I came across it recently on LinkedIn and even wanted to print it out that mush I liked it :D What you write seems fun and not serious but actually you can apply those points to EVERY pert of your life when you are obsessing over something. And really nicely written, I think. So thanks for your good job! :)

  • Fran Cracknell

    I just keep reading this. I read other articles but I always come back to this one. It’s exquisite..maybe the wrong word but I love that word and not many things are exquisite..this article is up there

  • Anne M

    OMG, who wrote this? they are friggin hilarious and i need to have coffee, not wait, a drink with them. hil…..arrrrrrrrrious……………… i felt like i was talking to my own brain. I have someone now, a friend, 2 actually, who i have a blast with , who 90% of time, do not call me back. when they do, we go out that night, and have a ball. BUT..with that said, i am sick of them not calling back and do make that request. Excuses. ‘work, dog, my kids, oh ya i was on a call , i was in middle of something (well, middle means an end as well), so……i learned: no expectations x flexibility =peace Happy new year.

  • Nansye Lee

    James Altucher, you have to be the most beautiful person on the planet right now! Your honesty and wisdom are needed, necessary & so much like the SUN on one’s face!! Thank you!!!! #Inallhonesty

  • Alisha Peck

    I have that hobbit book and I’ve had it since high school i will confess I’m not throwing it out but I’ll sell it on eBay after I read it a few more times . Bilbo Baggins had a way funner journey than Frodo and Sam….im a shut up now :)