The ONE Way to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

I really screwed up my New Year’s Resolutions of 2011. I never learned Spanish. And now I’m scared I’ve shot myself in the head already for 2012. There’s blood everywhere. My brain has fallen to the floor. The silver bullet was the goals I put in front of me, right in the beginning of the wonderful journey 2012 could be.

(the silver bullet)

So my goals are simple, maybe simplistic:

–          I want to get in better shape. I started doing yoga in August 2010 and I’m barely ahead of where I started.  I learned a lot when I went to India last year and I’m going back but I’m afraid of how utterly brutalized and humiliated I was when I was last there. I want to do a little each day if not the full practice that Claudia does (which, at the moment, is impossible for me). And this is not just physical, I want to follow the Daily Practice I’ve recommended in several blog posts and in my most recent book. I’ve seen it work not just for me over the years but for a lot of people this past year. I’m sticking with it.

–          I want to write a novel. I have the idea. I’ve started it. Have about 40 pages. But I want to finish it. 500 words a day, dear god, please.

–          I would like to see if there’s a business that can be helpful to people that can come out of this blog. I’m thinking of a software package that allows you to check in on how you are doing on each of the components of the Daily Practice. This would allow you to track progress, see how your personal network is building, see how your ideas are growing, see how your interest in spiritual activities is increasing and see the ways you are devoting yourself to your personal health. (for me too. I would be the biggest user).  Any more ideas on this are more than welcome.

(me in India last year, recovering from yoga at the dentist's office)

–          I want to keep writing on and improving this blog. I feel it helps people and, to be honest, I get excited about the interactions with people, the friends I’ve made, and the knowledge of how I’m helping people. I feel like I’ve met the best people I’ve ever met through this blog. It’s been like a dream come true and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. Working now on adding forums and other features.

So this seems like a lot to do. Perhaps too much.

A goal is one end of a road. The other end is where I am right now.

A road can easily be cluttered or destroyed. Accidents, fires, flares, police roadblocks, forks, storms. I’m pretty sure I don’t want that to happen although you never know. Men make plans and God laughs.  I can only do what I can do.

The Ten Items below will destroy the road in front of me or anyone:

–          Sickness destroys a road. It’s like a tree that falls on the road and blocks it so you have to turn around, the police waving you around, mouthing the words, “go back” and you think to youself: but if I go back, there’s absolutely no way around. This is the only road!

–          Doubt in my goals will surely clutter the road. My plan in the case of doubt is to keep moving forward and ignore the doubt. I know these are good goals.

(don't blog the road)

–          Vacillating between one goal or other. Every road has forks in it. Stay on the main road. Always evaluate, but in general, I know what my main road will be for this year. It will be the items above.

–          Negligence. If I don’t give love and care each day to the goals then I am negligent of them. Then the road will start to whither. A six lane highway will turn to zero.

–          Laziness. If I don’t write every day. If I don’t do yoga every day (so far I’ve accounted for about 3-4 hours a day). If I don’t think about better ways to transform this blog each day, etc then there’s no excuse but laziness. That will wither the road.

–          Craving. If all of a sudden, in the middle of the year, I’m obsessed with drugs, hookers, and wild parties, that will probably divert my goals on this road, as well as my marriage to Claudia.

–          Dull. If suddenly my blog becomes dull. Or my ability to help my investments becomes more a waste of time for the companies involved, all of these will clutter the road that I desperately want to travel.

–          Confusion. If I get massive writer’s block. If I don’t know the right way to help my companies. If I don’t come up with the right way to help readers more or if I get confused as to the right way to help myself physically or spiritually, then this will create fires on the road that nobody can pass.

–          Failure. If I just simply fail to help people each day, of if I fail to write, or fail to follow my own Daily Practice, then the road will eventually be filled with potholes and I have to turn around, back onto the highway that takes me..who knows?

–          Craziness. If I get overly excited about any one of my goals, or overly sad because I think a goal is not working out, or overly aggravated about any one individual who gets in the way of my goals , or if I get overly frustrated if a goal is not happening fast enough – all of these symptoms of craziness will destroy the road.

Damn, how the hell do I avoid all of this? I’ve never had a year of my life that wasn’t filed with doubt, or vacillation, or craving or confusion. Although, I guess, when I look back at it – 2011 – while not being overly fantastic, was relatively calm and allowed me to slowly move forward on my goals (although, perhaps not my goal of learning Spanish – which Claudia and my kids constantly remind me. Screw you!)

The key is every day focus. For one year it’s ok to be one-minded. To be focused on goals. To not be tempted by seduction to move forward. It’s like the image below. It’s an optical illusion. The circles are all diversion and appear to be constantly moving. The black dots are your goals. Focus on any one dot and all of the circles will slowly stop moving. Every time things start to move around you, taking you off the road, think about these black dots you can focus on.

Throughout the next year, the ten items above will seek to divert you from the road you’ve chosen for yourself. Sometimes you do have to re-check your goals and see that you are on the right path. Flexibility is important.  But when you have a goal, focusing on it to the detriment of everything else, is even more important.

This year, I’m focused on FOCUS.

  • life is a highway

    Okay what is your favorite goal of all of these goals?  Honestly, cause  I see one really standing out and truly my friend it makes all of the difference. 

    I have had a book to write for over 20 years, one that scares the #### out of me.  YOU and your writing tips had me begin writing last night the first 500 words.  I now see this book being written without overwhelming me, and it is a part of my life journey.  You writing about the darkness of life has me brave enough to write about a little boy Danny who was murdered right beside me in the jungles of America.  I promised him before he died that I would write his story and I was told that I would live through this horrible experience to honor his  and other childrens lives by telling this truth to the world. 

  • Luisa Perkins

    James, try Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die when it comes to your novel-writing goal. The online version is free, and it has worked brilliantly for me. 

  • The whole idea about resolutions is already part of the procrastination again: – If you want to do something, do it now!

  • I’m so stealing this resolution! Focus!

    On Twitter you mentioned you did not want to learn Spanish, so there you go, one goal already accomplished, Not learning Spanish in 2012! That was fast.

  • I love how you tell your experience in Mysore.  My teacher said this morning in class, Stop being so critical of yourselves people!  Criticism does not belong in yoga!  So I think even though your Mysore experience was “humiliating”, remember that you were there and you tried it.  No one can do all of the poses when they’re a beginner and it does start to feel easier :-)

  • C. Martin

    James – no ideas to add to it but I’d definitely use that business idea that tracks progress of the daily practice. I’d start using it on Day 1! I’ve been trying my own Daily practice and I did well but fell out of the habit after a few weeks. Best of luck with your 2012 goals!

  • Sumit S

    I think Yoga is just an excuse, the real reason for you to go to India is to get your annual dental check up done!! Which after air fare would still be cheaper than the US!!!;))

    Great post btw!!

    • She offered to do a root canal for less than $2. Said the water was clean and I believed her (she examined me with that water and I had no issues). Instead, i went back to the US and had $6000 worth of work done. What a waste.

      • Sumit S

        The only thing i would worry about is the repeat of your “custom-stitched in India”-pants!!  Wouldn’t wanna be walking down the street and have all my teeth fall out!!!

      • Techperson

        Sure hope you didn’t opt for a root canal!

  • Anonymous

    Querido Jaime –
         ! Feliz Ano Nuevo – y mucho suerte en 2012 !
    Con est leccion tu sabes bastante espanol por hoy –
    Ecrive una lista de dos o tres palabras cada dia y en el ano proximo tu
    tendras muchos para communicar –
    Con Todo Mi Carino – mm

  • The beauty of what you share is always always inspiring and encouraging. Thank you James! And I heard “a page a day is a book a year.” However, I, myself, write how Pollock painted. Love the idea of your site to assess how we’re each doing on the Daily Practice.

  • reedlee

    James,  Luis von Ahn, the man who invented CAPTCHA has turned his talents to teaching people a foreign language online……I think you might find it suits your nature…..beta testing will begin soon… is the TED talk that introduces it :

  • You can also try writing for 20 minutes a day, I am trying to do that and I find that it’s quite easy to start because it’s just 20 minutes and then you get into it and end up writing more then you planned anyway. Good luck with your goals!

  • reedlee

    Here is a more direct and shorter link to the website thsat will help you learn Spanish:

  • I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a scorecard app agains the goals that make my own daily practice. It seems like it would be better and lighter than trying to retain impressions of progress in memory, and more effective for improving progress. Wasn’t that the Ben Franklin model? Set broader categories of goal and then chart them every day?

    I’d really like something that goes beyond that and let’s me see aggregate progress, how it builds to some kind of whole as well as meets some kind of goal. Otherwise the thought of it is just mental weigh and anxiety about whether there’s real progress.

  • By the way, have a look at Great paradigm for enabling writing progress.

  • DavidW

    Re your software idea: use gamification. Earn points for each mission accomplished. Level up. My family are using it to motivate them (Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me!) to exercise.

  • Ben

    Your idea to have some kind of business come out of your blog is very cool. 
    I’m 22, and instead of going to college I consistently look for the best “education” I can find online and from reading hundreds of good books, blogs + constant failure. I’m very entrepreneurial and took a $1000 course by Ramit Sethi (of IWTYTBR) which has been very helpful in obtaining a critical understanding of how businesses work. Up to date, in two years I’ve made nearly $25,000 from my art “business” selling my artwork. I’m at a stage right now where I have so much information on what has worked in the past (thru selling artwork) that I’m trying to piece it all together with my main “goal” for 2012 being: making $25,000+ in one year. One of the interesting things I’ve been asking myself lately has been: “Why am I not ALREADY making $25,000+ a year” basically to get myself to think about what I need to do right now to make it all happen. 

    Anyway, if you could create some kind of “course” that taught people to do something that they want to achieve, and give specific tactics on how to do so I would consider purchasing it. 

    Creating any kind of course requires serious research (I’m sure you know) before creating the actual product, before you begin or as you begin I would consider giving your readers a survey figuring out what our main problem is, and then creating something based on whatever that problem might be. 

  • 444

    Since I wrote a note in today (via the send-a-note form), I assume I’m one of the “new friends.”  Please comment back to confirm this.  It will make my (otherwise boring and stressful) day.

  • James!  Here’s an easy reason why you missed your Resolutions: you’re framing them all wrong.  NO ONE sticks to Resolutions, it’s like sticking to a DIET, it never lasts.  We need to change the term to “Lifestyle Changes” those actually stick!

    Regarding health, and he writes on LRC all of the time, you need to take up Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint, it’s been life changing.  

    Awaken the Erudite!

    • Actually, I think with the passion and focus to avoid the ten distractions that get in the way of your path, one can achieve his goals. They key is not striving for more, but purposefully ending the brushfires that block the road.

      • I agree that avoiding the distractions is a great thing to do, and I believe that the ones that you listed absolutely are crucial to sanity and having the ABILITY to achieve what you want.  However, in my view, that’s the neutral position, we must avoid the traps to BE ABLE to get to our destination.  Falling for the distractions induces great setbacks, we must AVOID the setbacks and then APPLY the lifestyle changes that we set for ourselves.

        • Yes, I think that’s more or less what I say. For instance, one can avoid sickness  by practicing a healthy lifestyle. All of these distractions can be avoided with diligence.

  • The Daily Practice Business:

    Might wanna check BJ Fogg’s work ( ) along with the site and forum.  Lot’s of helpful people doing many similar things.  I think there is a New York Chapter that meets up regularly.  

  • Love it. Especially your idea about a software. Allez!

  • James: I really like your 4-sided model. In NZ we have a similar model used in health care and now education. It’s recognised by the world health organisation. You can read about it here:

    What I wanted to tell you most was that it uses the metaphor of a strong house. This coyld connect with your software idea. It’s easy to picture what happens to the house if one wall is missing or broken, e.g. Spiritual practice (however defined).

    I’ve also seen this model used as a holistic diagnostic tool with each of the four dimensions plotted on a plus-shaped (+) graph. Perhaps you could visualize this with software.
    In NZ this model helps teachers to see the whole student or medical staff to see the whole patient (where it’s used well anyway).

    It’s an indigenous model from Maori culture formulated by a guy called Mason Dury and known as Te Whare Tapa Wha.

    Happy to discuss more if this helps you in any way. Cheers, Graeme

  • Correction

    Dr Mason Durie is the correct reference.

    4 Dimensions are: spiritual, physical, emotional/mental, and social

  • Hey look, if in the middle of the year you get obsessed with drugs, hookers and wild parties, DM me.  Think I’m ready for a mid-life crisis bender period.

    In all seriousness though, my main goals are also more yoga and more writing.

    Let’s do this.


  • James, big fan of the blog. I have had similar ideas regarding meeting your goals (similar to your daily practice). My idea is really based around creating your goals with your very very close network, and allowing everyone to report & keep close tabs on you. mobile only. 

    Most importantly, I quit my job mainly because of you!! I would love to help you build on to that idea. I’m a developer who can make things in mobile & web.I wrote an entire blog post on why people don’t meet their goals just a few days ago: 

    (sorry, I don’t generally post links – but I think this is relevant)

    would love to hear feedback.

  • Seb Latapie

    Great advice as usual. I’ll be keeping it in mind throughout the year and it will hopefully allow me to accomplish my goal for the year: finding a great job to gain business experience. I’ve been doing my version of the daily practice and am already feeling luck coming my way.

    On the topic of keeping focus, the hardest part for me is coming up with new ideas every day (as part of the daily practice). Does any one have any additional tips for me? Sometimes I feel like my ideas lack direction and are just thoughts…

  • Patriciaanndanielson

    James A…..
    this year …instead of Resolutions…
    I have decided to make a New Years Evolution…

  • Kevin Faul

    Funny. I was talking to our legal counsel today who asked my resolutions and I had 3:

    1. focus
    2. more time with my close friends and family
    3. do more meaningful work/work I believe is meaningful

    In the last several months your blog has been a great reference knowing there are others with similar perspective.

    This in mind, your ‘tool’ may work very well if it were ‘social’ in some way. It would also complete the fourth leg of your platform: spiritual, mental, physical, social. Would be great to have a community we could use to build off each other. After all, I get as much from the comments here as I do from your writing.

    Thanks. Happy New Year.

  • Expat08

    read the War of Art. will help you to write. 

  • Iwan

    An iPhone/iPad app for the software would be great!!

    • Scott

      We build Apps that work across all smartphones and tablets/iPads et al.  Dial me Up Mr. Altucher, I’d love to see what we could do.  I dig a lot of what you say, and have been following my own “Daily Practice” for some time now.  A completely worthwhile project.  Let’s be honest.  Most people are reaching for their smartphone or tablet these days, not the lappy. 
      Scott Graham
      958-9047 x 150

  • Michael Koniotakis

    ‘I’m thinking of a software package that allows you to check in on how you are doing on each of the components of the Daily Practice.’
    Trying to do mental practice in my blog i wrote about an idea of ‘How to evaluate ideas’ and a simple software to do it.


    Hey James, 

    You mentioned that you’d like to get in better shape. As long as I can remember, I always hated physical activity. I hated running because it was one of the dullest things you can do. I disliked going to the gym. Riding a bicycle took too much time (and it was boring as well). And tennis, soccer, etc also were ruled out, as at least one another person was required. I’m not much of a people-person. But on February of 2011 I stumbled on something I found quite interesting. It is a workout called HIIT (high intensity interval training). It’s very intense and at first difficult. In a sense that you lose your energy within the first minutes, but that’s okay. As weeks go by, it gets easier and gosh.. it’s the best workout ever. I’m doing the Spartacus: Blood and Sand workout (link at the end), but that’s probably the most difficult one there is. There are way easier ones to simply maintain a good shape (i.e. the 4-minute workout – again link at the end). Spartacus will make you look like the actors in the movie 300. 

    I like HIIT because it takes very little time. You simply won’t have the time to think about the thoughts you’d otherwise have (”it’s boring” or ”I want to do X or Y already”). But the results are amazing. I suggest you start with those quick ones (e.g. the 4-min workout). Either google them or there’s this site called, where you can find tons of plans. 

    Check it out! You may also google ”sprinter vs. marathoner” to see a great photograph. Which one of those look more healthy? :-)

    SPARTACUS: Blood and Sand 


  • Thank you for sharing your articles, I hope you have an interesting and creative new year.

  • ChrisR

    James. I have been enjoying your blog for many months. Your writing has been an inspiration in more ways than I am able to share here. Having recently jumped into the daily practice I am sharing in the positive benefits that so many others are experiencing. Thank you and keep up the good work!
    Regarding your planned software I have recently developed and marketed an online self assessment and goal achievement programme for young people. It has taken two years of research into effective goal setting and has been going down really well here in the UK. With adaption it could well meet your vision. Look out for my message and feel free to contact me!

  • And if you are in India and around Delhi and have some spare time, please post on your blog. You have tons of followers from India!

  • Betchacan

    Adding forums will turn your blog into another revenue stream. Advertisers will flock. Ka-ching!

  • great post! thank you

  • Debra E

    James: While I had to be the one to detract you from your goals, I think you’re missing the biggest opportunity here, given all your background and experience; Turn the blog, the software package, the daily practice and Ask James into a 30 minute tv show!  Think Suze Orman meets Tony Robbins meets Peter Thiel for the 00 generation. 

    • Working on it. Maybe radio show first.

    • reedlee

      Great advice Debra E

  • Michele

    For 2011, my then eleven year old made a resolution to write a book before she turned twelve in May 2011. She did it (45,000+ words). Then she made a resolution to get it published by this May 2012 even if it means badgering Mum all day. She’s getting there.

    She just showed me her fifth book idea for the next book and mentally I am digging a hole to bury my head in as I have not accomplished half of what I set out to do last year and she is charging ahead with such laser focus it would put any high tech weapon to shame.

    Lesson : Charge ahead, do not get distracted, believe in yourself and never take no for an answer.

    Just wish I didn’t have to learn it from my twelve year old.

  • I am so hooked! You’re awesome, and just what this founder of a startup needs. Great insights!!!

  • Hoytand

    I start every day with the following question.  What does Altucher have to say today?  A month ago I had never heard of you.  I think I have recommended six people look at your blog. If you are attracting someone like me every day with the same loyalty then you will not have to worry about that treacherous road.  Look left and look right we are right there with you waiting to help.

  • Awesome post! Doubt you have much to worry about, your fan base is growing as we speak. Good Luck.

  • “Focused on FOCUS.”

    Love it.

    And yes, your blog does help people. I am one.

  • I subscribed a few days ago when I read your post to Penelope. Love reading your stuff. Wish I could participate more but one of my resolutions is ALSO focus, which means, for me, to pay less attention to all the terrific blogs and other social media avenues that keep me from doing actual work. (I’m a developmental editor for fiction and copywriter.) I’ll be reading but probably not so much interacting. Definitely want to hear about your novel. :)

    • Jamie, I totally understand. I have this horrible tendency to write long-form and then it takes too much time to read in a world already filled with distractions. Good luck with your focus and you’re always welcome to interact but I hope you continue reading.

  • Dyish

    I have to agree with you about your comments on sickness but add my own spin. Profound sickness doesn’t block a road, it destroys it but sometimes that is for the best. I was one of those Type A’s that was really headed down the path until my heart had another plan for me. Through the incredibly unselfish act of another individual who I will never know, I received the gift of life and a second chance when I received a heart transplant in 2007. I am eternally grateful and also permanently changed, that old path isn’t as important anymore but new, exciting ones are before me now.

    I have served my town, I have coached my kids and many others, and I have volunteered to give back to the medical community that saved my life. I would have never headed in this direction if my sickness didn’t blow everything up for me. Note, this isn’t physically – I am now able to live a life without resrtrictions (except bacon!); it is really a total change in my mindset.

    Yes James, you are helping people. I read you as much as i can and it helps me continuously pursue a balance in my life…. and smaile at myself!

    • The good news is that you were on the wrong road. Sickness put you on the right one. I’m a Type A as well. Andwhen the road gets dull my Type A sometimes gets out of control. Keeping healthy in every way keeps my Type A side calmed down. There’s a saying, infinite patience yields immediate results.

  • Your anonymous reader

     If my New Year’s Resolution is to get from 2000 to 2200 (without hiring a coach), how do I best achieve that? Basically what I want to know is: how did you get from 2000 to 2200?

    By the way, if I was 20 years older and a woman, I would date you; you seem really cool in a nerdy under-rated sort of way.

    • Haha. Well, I can answer your question: to get from 2000-2200, two choices equally good:

      A) get a coach. You say you don’t want one but a coach is really the best. If you were arrested you would want to get an expert in the law to help you figure your way out. If you get in a bad chess position, you want an expert to help you figure out how to get out the next time you are there.

      B) Read “Chess” by Laslo Polgar. It’s quantity problems he used to help train his three daughters to be grandmasters.

  • Nathan

    How do you deal with the Craving? I find that just ignoring it only makes it stronger, making it more likely that I will succumb later and for longer. So I tend to just “get them out of my system” as they come up. Is there a better way?

    • View it as a gift. Without getting too graphic, I know that the fruits of getting past the craving are more money, more success, more contentment. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. But everything is with moderation. If its’ more than that it could be a symptom of other problems, just like sickness is.

  • Parvaze

    James -That graphic as a reminder to focus is great! 

  • Anonymous

    James, I’ve practiced dentistry for 25 years. If you need a root canal please have it completed in the US. The site someone sent to you about root canal therapy is the biggest bunch of bs I’ve ever read. I see patients who have dental work done outside of the US and when something goes wrong I have to fix it or give them the bad news that it was done incorrectly. Safe trip to India.

  • Anonymous

    A slight dose of doubt can be useful.  It all depends on the situation. Had I heeded my doubt a bit I wouldn’t keep going with my failed venture in a “damn the torpedo” mode in the name of being persistent.  I passed the point where it was utterly useless, even became destructive, to keep going. In hindsight, it was much more rational to quit much sooner (a few years earlier) and minimize the collateral damage.  One lesson learned. Still, how do you distinguish “doubt” vs accepting reality that it’s time to call it quit??

    With regards to focus, to quote Mr Han from Karate kid “Your focus needs more focus”  :)

    Thanks for the reminder, James.

  • Azduros

    Well James. I’m  bored reading your blog. At first what you had to say was interesting. Then the yoga and old repetitive stories became not so riveting. Then it veered into proselytyzing.. Not so interesting. Sorry. I’m done.

  • Ela

    I loved this post, and linked to and talked about it on my blog today–thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    I like your software idea. The Franklin Covey program has that confusing day planner thingy that nobody ever fills out properly. Think simplicity and ease of use. If its as user friendly and simple as Windows sticky notes are I think you’ll be more apt to engage with it 

    I can’t do yoga either, FWIW. Discovered I have almost no strength in my feet, and almost no muscle control below my ankle. Very odd really. Can barely stand on one foot barefooted. Dunno when I lost that ability, but there you go.

    Good luck in 2012 James.

  • Paloma

    Operation 2012 !!  FOCUS

  • Tu Michael

    :D i like ur writing style! :)
    a tip: try Moondancing if u want to be in a really GOOD shape! ;)

  • ah, my blog is, i forgot to write it in the last post :(

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, most people clutter up their lives with nonsense or they are “yes” people who get sucked into doing things they dont want to do.

    Likewise, parents today pass this message on as they push and schedule their kids with loads of activities–instead of having them learn that time is scarce and that you cannot do everything you want to do.  Choices have to be made.

    As mentioned before by others, it’s all about remaining focused and finishing what you start.

  • Anonymous

    I’d LOVE to see a software program tied in with the Daily Practice. I am doing the DP around 5-6 days a week, writing down all kinds of ideas. However, I’ve been doing this a month and I have yet to implement or take action on any of these ideas! I think the tracking and setting aside time to DO some of what I wrote would do wonders for me. 

  • cynical investor
  • What is the novel about?

  • Jose_Dominguez

    James, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work on the software idea for the Daily Practice.  Something that pop’s up on my iPhone every morning when i wake up that reminds me to do it.  This a good idea, and if you do this as an app I will be a paying customer…-Jose

  • Nice post once again james. Check Out this when you can:

  • So… Personally I feel resolutions and goal-setting is toxic. They put you in a frame of mind that is subtly about how you’re not good enough. It is absolutely true that you (we) are imperfect, sometimes quite appallingly so…being “not good enough” is in some sense objectively true…but it’s also true that you (we) will never be perfect. So actually what I do instead of goals and resolutions is take guidance from my own strengths. I pick something that I know I do well. Not well relative to other people – not competitively well – but well in an absolute way. And then I decide to build that out into other areas of my life. There is no time frame and no goal. It’s sort of like focusing on why you *like* yourself as much as possible. (Not why you’re valuable or what you’re proud of.) Anyway. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’re doing a lot, even if it’s not in Spanish.

  • James — I would totally pay $2.99/mo, perhaps you could even get me to pay $4.99/mo for a system that keeps me in check for the Daily Practice as well as small goals that I set for myself.

  • chelsea

    i think that is so cool and that looks like a snake cause of the red tongues sticking out