How I Met Claudia (in Comic Book Form)

Taken from (and for more comic book versions of stories in this blog):

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  • Awww, I am melted all over again :-)

    • How does it feel to be immortalised in comic book form? You make a great love interest for the hero!

      • It feels wonderful :-)  Especially when it comes to the dress and the figure, I am luving it!

    • Did you read his blog about he knows that you love Ayn Rand, he read all the book she wrote to know you better, so innovative romantic. Sweet guy.

  • Gonzalo Gandia

    Do you do those drawings yourself?! Amazing. I used to love reading comics, and I was a collector for a while. I still have Marvel comics in mint condition from the 70’s…thanks for the little piece of nostalgia…

  • Tim Melvin

    In the very best of ways James, you have lost your mind!

  • Tuanne

    Awesome! Love it!

  • When you know, you know.  That’s rare.  Most of the time people just hope.  Really sweet story!

  • Sweet! I’m going to go read your comic book now. Great advertising!

  • Always good to start my day with a simple love story on the heels of the ridiculousness that had been your love life. I’ve said repeatedly James – you are absolutely not ugly. Far from that – as I’m sure Claudia will agree.

  • Comic books make you look muscular.  I should write one for me.  Maybe I will grow hair.

    •  I would like to be featured in a comic and fine-tune my figure; it’s supposedly already pretty good but I would like to improve it, nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    you are awesome James! I need to draw some for my wife, too. how did you draw them?

  • BBH

    Thanks for sharing, James! You should send it to CBS with a note: ”it doesn’t take 7+ seasons to tell the story of How I Met Your Mother”. 

    Having said that, I’m a little surprised you chose to marry. Again. I agree with you on most issues, but I’m entirely anti-marriage. I simply don’t understand why anybody should get married. Does a piece of paper with some signatures on it really makes a difference? It only makes the separation so much more painful and difficult. Sometimes I think that people get married in order to make it more difficult for the other person to leave. But it doesn’t change anything. If love died, it’s over either way (only with an exception that now this couple still stays together and makes each other lives miserable way longer). 

    Although I don’t think you got married because of religious reasons, there are probably quite a few who look at it that way. However, if they’d bother to research marriage, they would find out that the church didn’t get involved in marriages until about 1215 A.D.. Before that time the Christian church was strongly against any sort of union between a man and a woman. They advocated lifelong celibacy because ”you should only love God.” So marriage is not sacred. Quite the contrary. It’s a man-made baloney, trying to control the people. If you have a better explanation of the ”why”, then feel free to share. :-)

    •  LOL,I don’t think you’re going to convince him to get “un-married.”  Why do people do it?  Why do people do anything?  Their emotions tell them to.  It’s human nature to want to “stake your claim.”  If you don’t like the concept, then stay away from it, but I guarantee that the human race isn’t getting away from it any time soon.

      James:  That was a “cool story, bro” (a saying picked up from my kids that is viral in our house right now.)

    • Hannibal

      Yes, it does make sense to marry a good looking girl .. first, she will probably stay with you for a while / you know, warm dinner, occasional sex, etc /  and maybe, just maybe she needs a green card )))

    • Daniel

       That’s weird, I thought God originated marriage by marrying the first couple, but apparently you know “man-made baloney” when you see it.

  • Boris

    Man those are some funny but really good illustrations. This style of illustration would be a great television program, especially in black and white. 

  • This has to be at least somewhat fabricated, because there’s no way you don’t look up where Buenos Aires is if you’re not 100% sure…

    Great comic, almost tempted to buy it!

    •  I was 100% sure! It was in brazil!

      • don’t feel bad.  my wife is from Zanzibar.  On our second date I brought along an atlas so she could show me where it is.

  • Wildflower

    I love this!  A boy’s search to obtain the highly-prized and valuable skinny white girl. It should be a full length book.

  • Sean Giorgianni

    James, this is FABULOUS! I’ve read your previous “post” on the topic, but the comic is just the right touch. Now that you’ve found something special, keep doing great things!

  • James, someone from New York just looked at my blog.  No one ever comments on it.  Was it you?  If you have time, would you look at it?  I told a great story in today’s post, and I included two short (30-seconds or less, I don’t have the patience to view longer) entertaining video clips, too.  It would make my day if you would comment on my blog even one time.  Thanks in advance either way (like if you don’t have time, I understand.)

    •  Wow, thanks – that was awesome.  I hope I don’t start a bothersome stampede of others demanding the same thing from you – but then, at least you’d feel popular, right? ;o)

  • Thanks. That was great.

  • James, you missed out a crucial part of the story. Did your kids beat you at Monopoly?

  • Comics are a great form of expression. If you think, like I do, that synthesis is what one should strive for, in art, then a comic book is superior to an animation movie; like a still photograph is superior to a motion picture. Unfortunately they’re becoming a form of almost elitist entertainment, (I have nothing against the elites, I’d like to belong to one, but it’s hard to sell to them. On the other hand, when you sell to them they pay more). For example, in Europe, they call comic books “graphic novels”, (even in non-English-speaking countries) to elevate their status. (But very few people read them; and the ones who read them tend not to be kids, like in the past). In a sense that’s what you’re trying to do, I think; but yours is a sort of “graphic reality show.” I think it would do well as a cartoon strip, published one strip at a time on the blog, maybe.
    De todas maneras creo que tú ha gustado mucho a Claudia, !si ella fue capaz de no tener en cuenta el hecho que tú pensases que Buenos Aires estaba en Brasil! Eres un hombre afortunado.

  • awesome, you are such a handsome, humorous and sexy guys in heart.

  • Rachelfiske1111

    I’ve read just a smattering of your blogs and already twice you’ve mentioned that you’re unattractive so I LOOKED! Actually you’re kinda cute! So I dare you to refer to yourself as “somewhat attractive” the next time you have the opportunity. Work up to “moderately handsome.”

  • Renatas

    What is the font name?

  • Steve


    You are making history! The first Business comic book!

    Imagine the super-villains…
    The Bernak
    Josh Brown!

  • This is such a great love story. I especially love it because it’s not all rosy, it’s realistic with a background of mutual attraction and respect. If only other men would take the cue now and create something as fabulous for their women.

  • rollingdancefloor

    How I fell in love, and make funny money.


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  • Jo M.

    I think James is much more attractive than the cartoon image.

  • James Buechler

    Oh and by the way, you’re not ugly.