How I Lost 100 Pounds

Lisa showed up at my hotel room yesterday at 5:30am. She was a little early. She's been visiting me in various hotel rooms for the past five years. Whenever I have to go on TV that day she comes over and washes my hair. The whole time I knew her she was massively overweight. "I finally did it," she said this time. "I lost 100 pounds." It took her nine months.

I'm not selling anything. No infomercials. No weight loss products even though it is probably a larger industry than Facebook.

I finally had to ask her, "what the hell happened? How did you do it?" She had gone from 240 pounds to 140 pounds. From a size 22 to a size 8. She said, "My blood pressure went from 147/91 to 120/70".

I don't know anything about weight loss. But she was smiling and wanted to tell what happened so I asked her. And it's not every day you meet someone who loses 100 Ibs in a nine month period.

So this is not my usual post. Most of it's in her words as she answered me and I scribbled down the answers. And if you have any questions for her, she'll come back in the next day or so and answer them in the comments.

A) Cardio.

She does an hour of cardio exercises every day. Sweats out the toxins, ups the metabolism, tones the body.

She said, here look at my stomach, she raised her shirt and grabbed her stomach, all toned she said. "If you don't do cardio and you lose 100 pounds you can end up with disgusting sagging skin. That's the ugliest. I didn't want that."

B) Eat no processed foods.

Particularly sugar. She said, "processed sugar rusts your bones, ages you and gives you just a quick high that brings you right back down until you eat again." And eating more of it causes you to gain mindless weight.

C) Mind over matter.

I didn't know what she meant by that. I think part of it means portion control but more on that later. I asked her what she meant.

"I had to start putting myself first. Nothing got in the way of my exercise or right eating. And when I had leisure time I would either exercise or read self-help books or do something else good for myself. Sometimes that would be selfish in that I would have to do something good for myself instead of doing things for others that I didn't really have to do but used to do."

D) Portion control.

I'm adding "D" but I asked her for some recipes and all had to do with portion control. Recipes below.

E) Vitamins.

You have to keep the skin fit from the inside, she said: magnesium, calcium, bioflex, multivitamin, vitamin D. "All of this feeds your skin from the inside".

F) Drink lots of water.

"Flushes out the impurities you get throughout the day. Not just food impurities but everything".

G) Drink No-caffeine tea:

"For the antioxidants".















I asked her for some recipes:

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1) Sandwich: Lightly toasted ezekiel bread, a cup full of baby spinach, one teaspoon olive oil, one teaspoon apple cider vinegar (good for bones), 1/4 cup of feta cheese. layer it into the sandwich.

2) Snack: Teaspoon of agave (good sugar), 1/4 cup of ricotta cheese, teaspoon of dark chocolate (heavy in antioxidants). Mix it together and its like "ice cream".

3) Snack: Bananas (a half of a banana), smashed up walnuts, dark chocolate powder.

4) Popcorn: with almond milk (fiber, no sugar, no salt (although there is a little on jiffy pop that's OK: "fats are better than sugars")

5) Juicing: carrots, apples, celery, flaxseed, blueberry, and baby spinach for the protein.

6) Breakfast: oatmeal. Add water, not milk. Teaspoon of cinnamon. "Cinnamon is great for your blood sugar. It also cuts your hunger away".

She also added. "Whenever a recipe says "a cup", I use 1/4 a cup. When its says a tablespoon (like a tablespoon of oil), I use a teaspoon."

7) Snack: Plain greek yogurt, add flaxseed, cinnamon.

8) Dinner: Salmon, asparagus. "Get a scale. Only 3 ounces of salmon."

9) Dinner: 3 ounces of chicken. Broccoli. ("you can have as many vegetables as you want but be careful with fruit. If, for instance, you want grapes, don't eat the whole bag. Only 20 grapes."). For spices: pepper ("no salt"), paprika, regular mustard ("NO honey mustard"), and sauerkraut on top of the chicken.

10) Sandwich: six slices of turkey, lightly toasted ezekiel bread, 1 slice of swiss cheese, mustard, 1/8 of an avocado. (She added: all of the MUFAs are good  - multi-unsaturated fatty acids -" they reduce the belly but you can't eat too much because it's still fat").

11) Snack or meal: :1/8 avocado, 1 tomato, 1 red onion ("no white onions. Too many carbs. In general, most things that are white are no good." I don't think she was making a political statement.) Cilantro. Grind it all together into a dip. Use whole wheat pita to dip in. Whole wheat has carbs but it's not as bad for you.

"What if you eat in a restaurant?" I said.

"Three rules: A) the main entree should be no bigger than a deck of cards. B) whatever oil or butter you put on should be no bigger than the tip of your thumb. And C) no dessert."

My wife is attempting to break her sugar addiction. Lisa emailed me this advice to give to her:

"add 1/2 fruit to your lunch or dinner to trick your sweet tooth taste buds (like pineapple to your grilled chicken, some raisins to your brown rice) it tricks your taste buds... Also she can take 200mg of Chromium it helps her sugar cravings... Almond milk with popcorn (sweet and salty) snack before bed filled with health benefits gives you a good night sleep, eat it like cereal... popcorn has a lot of fiber. "

So that's it. No frills. Again, I'm not selling an infomercial or a product.

Here's the lessons get out of it:

A) Pay attention to every aspect of your body.

Lisa exercises. She focuses on not just what she eats but portion control and vitamins she can take for the inside. The one thing she doesn't do is sleep. She works about 120 hours a week.

B) Emotional:

She respects her own boundaries first. When she has leisure time she doesn't let the crappy people in her life, she focuses on things that improve herself.

C) Mental: 

Lisa is developing her own product of skin creams (here's the site in beta). Her skin is perfect and she's been in the business for 18 years. She makes no-chemical creams all based on botanical extracts from caribbean countries to focus on the latina audience.

D) Spiritual.

I'm an advocate of any system, methodology, church, which allows you to recognize that you can't control the world. That we are just cogs in the machine.

Lisa goes to church every day. I asked her her favorite authors. She said "Joyce Myer, Joel Osteen, Wayne Dyer." I was a little upset she didn't mention any of my TEN books but I didn't say anything.

In other words, she does a version of The Daily Practice I've been recommending. And although its still pre-alpha (the developer is starting to hate me linking people to the site because he always has 10 more features he wants to add) you can track whatever your daily practice is over at

It doesn't matter if you skip a day. It doesn't matter how "small" or "big" your practice is. It's just checking the boxes to say "YES", I am showing up for myself today.

I hope this is useful to someone. I also asked her if anyone had any questions in the comments if she could come back at some point today or tomorrow and answer and she said yes.

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  • I asked Lisa if she was sure she wanted me to use all of these pictures. She replied: “Sure Yes anything to help someone else get inspired that they can do it
    they have it in them no surgery just hard work and motivation!” 

  • I read an article a while back about sodium, and the claim was that normal table salt is fine but when you mix sodium with other elements your body has a harder time flushing it out. Sodium Chloride, ok. Sodium Benzoate, maybe (probably) not so much (

    The outcome was something someone called, “The Grandma Test”. If you look at the ingredients on the food and it has an ingredient that didn’t exist when your Grandma was cooking, don’t eat it. Just skip it. If you really want it, make it yourself.

    Giving up processed foods was very hard for me. I have a weakness for breakfast sandwiches (Mmm, Jimmy Dean). Making them myself is very time consuming, and my mornings are usually quite busy.

    So, Lisa, here’s my question: How do you handle the inevitable trade-off between balancing busy-times and still blocking out processed foods while wanting a substitute?

    (I didn’t cut out for weight reasons, I should add, but for heart health. Also, you look fantastic, well done!)

    • Get rid of your table salt. Sea salt has beneficial minerals and is all natural, where as table salt has additives and sand and glass in it.  “They” think that the small particles of sand and glass ‘nick” the insides of your arteries, and therefore provide a place for plaque to build. 

      Plus sea salt tastes better, and isn’t expensive.  Step one: easy peasy.

      •  I meant table salt as plain old sodium chloride :). I use kosher salt for cooking and a sea salt grinder. The one thing is to make sure you still get iodine, as iodized table salt did do wonders for health. If you’re eating a balanced diet, that isn’t a problem though.

        If you like cooking science (and myths) I really, really enjoyed this book:

        • gotcha.

           thanks for the link…that might be the perfect gift for someone I know.

    •  Jay, I wrote Lisa your question (she’s going to respond directly starting around 11am). She responded:

      “I pack my food with me and take it to go so I don’t have to have
      processed food…. I’ll have some fruit, nuts without salt (100calorie
      almonds), banana, some blueberries etc.”

  • It’s a nice post, someone else’s story from your perspective. Did she base her ideas on your TDP or did it come natural to her?

    •  I’m pretty sure it came natural to her but I will ask. I know she is busy until around 11am and then she will start answering questions here.

  • PS

    Nicely done Lisa! Congrats! I know from experience how hard and how satisfying it is.

    • Thank you PS yes it’s a great experience and journey, so satisfying it sure is :-)

  • Question to Lisa: how did your changes influence the behaviour of people around you? I expect it did, so my followup would be; would you attribute this to your physical or mental changes?

    • Well people around me was always great to me it’s strangers that was the problem I notice that I would get help more now than before…. at the supermarket I was buying some chicken and the butcher was helping me out he told to get the lesser one and he would cut it into pieces for me to make it more cost effective that never happened to me before… Men holding the door etc. But my attitude has always been positive what you give out is what you get back if your nice everyone is nice I think.

  • Lisa, this is so amazing, I am in awe at you, your dedication and you doing it. Great job!  I have a question

    I find in my quest to eliminate sugars that it is hard to eat lunch, with no rice or pasta which used to be the basis, then what to do?  What do you think of BROWN rice? is that OK? if it is a little bit?

    What about pasta? is that a NEVER? or whole weat sometimes would be ok?

    • Claudia, read these two books:

      Why We Get Fat
      Wheat Belly

      Both contain recipes that can help you out. (FYI, for lunch I’ll typically eat a burrito bowl or a taco with no shell. If I get the rice or corn tortillas, I don’t eat them.) It’s the wheat and sugar that are worst for you. Other carbs (like rice) aren’t great, either. Meat + vegetables = lose weight fast.

      If you go no wheat and no sugar for 30 days, it’s difficult, but you’ll see massive results. I used this lifestyle change to go from overweight to a size 2 (I’m 5’5″.)

      • mikeyhell

        Erica is right. The carbs are the problem and the short-term solution is more fats and proteins. (If you’re a vegetarian this will be difficult for you. Sorry.) I can tell you, however, after being on the notorious paleo diet for more than 3 years now that I still get sugar cravings so the battle continues indefinitely so long as we live in this carb-addicted society. BTW, I think that intermittent fasting is the other key element to a healthy brain-body. It’s just not natural to be exposed to macro-nutrients all day everyday. Bad things happen to cellular and DNA repair mechanisms under chronic exposure to glucose. Read more about intermittent fasting. It’s a fascinating subject and also very effective. 

    • Magnesium (I do better with Malate, Aspartate, or Theonate) helps with sugar cravings.

    • Darren

       My experience has been that sugar cravings are the bad bacteria (yeast) in your gut crying out for food. It manifests itself differently for different people (fruit, chocolate, alcohol, white bread etc. all feed the yeast) It is a never ending cycle but every winter I try to ease off the ‘sugar’ for a few days, then take a yeast killer. The first few days are difficult, then you will get flu-like-symptoms for a day or 2. Once you get through that it is easier to avoid sugar. The two keys for me are a fresh made green juice for breakfast, and whole grains. The former gives me the vitamins and minerals I need, thus decreasing cravings. The latter makes me feel full and not looking for snacks 2 hours before bed.

    • Rick Burner

      I lost 70 pounds in 6 months back in 2006–and have kept it off! I have substituted raw chopped veggies for rice as my “bulk” food. Here’s my lunch:
      2 T. Olive oil
      1 T. Red wine vinegar
      1 T. Water
      1 T. Dried onion flakes
      1/2 t. Sea Salt
      1/2 t. ground Cayenne pepper
      1/2 t. ground Tumeric
      2 c. chopped Cabbage
      1 chopped hardboiled egg
      Plus a small handfull of raisins
      Mix it all together in the morning. No refrigeration needed. It will easily hold me 6 hours till supper (and I’m now 175 lbs.)

    • Thanks Claudia… Claudia you have brown rice, pasta etc… Everything in moderation…. It’s just the white sugar that I cut I eat the natural sugars in the fruits that will definitely give you energy to workout you need it to have energy at your workout also have good carbs like oatmeal…. You look awesome always though I told James you glow :-).

  • Way to go, Lisa!! An inspiring post and reminder to get back to basics re: what you eat and how often you move. 

    • MisAlas

      I eat very healthy now… Fruits, veggies, whole grains, flax seed, etc… I move a lot I used the elliptical, treadmill, dance Zumba, jump rope whatever makes it fun for the day… I love to workout now especially I love that it makes me have less of an appetite.

  • Awesome story! One of the best things I got was prosumer blender. It makes it easy to prepare a lot of natural foods from raw ingredients without having to resort to processed foods. For example, you can blend up a soup in ten minutes.

    One of the reasons I started to eat better was to improve my mental performance. Sugar, carbs, wheat, coffee etc all bring on a state of mental fog. By eating unprocessed foods I avoid that and can think more deeply. 

    That brought me to the Thrive Diet by Brendan Braizer. He developed it to improve his performance as a triathlete, but I find it works not only to keep the weight off, but also it helps the mind!

    • I agree when you processed foods it makes you feel lethargic not a good feeling when I have to wake up so early… But now I have so much energy and mentally I feel much better… I feel I can do anything! I use the vita-mix blender and make soups and healthy natural smoothies mostly veggies though… Health from the inside out :-)

  • FYI: Check out the Wheat Belly. The author says that whole wheat is better than white wheat, but it’s still really, really bad. He claims it spikes your insulin MORE than white table sugar. Best to go gluten free.

    • I don’t know about gluten free… I don’t think it’s for everyone, but I will definitely check it out one day… one thing at a time for me, I got this far don’t want to change it right now because it’s working me but thanks for your input.

  • awesome….I have a question for Lisa: What finally kick started you to move forward to actually change your diet and start exercising?

    Advice for others : stop eating processed foods.  Read the label if you are going to eat processed foods and ask yourself – are these ingredients there to make me healthly or to extend shelf life? If you can’t pronounce the ingredient – or if you don’t know what it is DON’T eat it.

    Shop the outer ring of grocery stores, only

    For more insight I think this Dr. is very helpful

    Congrats Lisa!!

    ” Whenever I have to go on TV that day she comes over and washes my hair. ”  <- I found that funny.

  • lila26

    Fabulous story!  I was debating going out to run this morning but after reading this I am out the door!  What an inspiration!!!!

    • lila26

      I think I see a new self-published book that could be potentially done by Lisa:  “How I lost 100 pounds and you can too!”  I’d buy it!  The recipes sound amazing!

    • Lila once you get started you can push yourself even further than you would ever think you could do… How was the run? I started running on the treadmill yesterday and it felt awesome I haven’t been running because I didn’t want the knee problems that overweight people get… But now I can :-)

      • lila26

        The run was great!  Thank you!

  • lila26

    Where’s the link to the skin cream site?  I don’t see it.

    • She’s finishing up the shopping cart. I will post when its finished. Should be any day but I also wanted to make sure this post was not commercial at all.

      • None of us would have minded, James.  I’ll say 9 out of 10 readers would want to support her and want that info. in the post.  

        • lila26

          Can’t wait!  Love that glow in her skin!

  • Joe10021

    Congrats Lisa! That’s awesome. My dad lost 100 pounds a few years ago and he beamed with pride for months after that accomplishment. So, congrats to you, I hope you’re staying focused but enjoying the enormous task you just completed. 

    My question to you is, what was the tipping point that pushed you to get serious and focused on this? I always try to start routines, but I feel I’m never mad enough about my current state of poor fitness to stay focused. Would love to hear any advice thoughts on getting started and staying motivated. 

    • If you feel like crap every day when you wake up…if you “need” coffee just to get going…if you feel tired all the time, cranky, or exhausted…if you are blaming all of this on your work or other parts of your life even though you feel like crap every day no matter what…that’s when you get interested in changing your diet.

      I got to the point where I literally couldn’t think any more. Turns out it was the gluten I was eating every day. Went gluten-free (now sugar free as well) and lost 12 pounds effortlessly in 3 weeks without feeling hungry.

      For me it was not just about losing weight. It was about regaining my life back. About feeling clear-headed instead of woozy and “hung over” (I didn’t drink alcohol–still don’t) every day. About feeling like my emotions were out of control. 

      All due to WHEAT? Really? Yes, really. And everyone I’ve seen who goes gluten-free remarks at how amazing they feel. I’m not going to fool you–it’s not an easy transition to make. But if you want a life where you don’t feel exhausted, groggy, and out of sync with the world, and you never need caffeine, then it’s worth it. As an added bonus–you can eat all the (unprocessed) meat and vegetables you want, so you feel full.

      It’s a pretty big lifestyle change. But it’s worth it. I stick to it because I know how yucky I feel when I eat wheat. Doubt it? Try gluten-free + sugar-free for 30 days, then eat a sandwich. You will feel awful. That’s what the wheat was doing to you this entire time.

      • Joe10021

        Do you have website or other resource recommendations for gluten-free lifestyle? I’ve actually thought trying that for a few months. Read an article about how many amazing things people experience after going gluten-free. I’m not overweight, but I’m really out of shape. I’ve been blessed with a good metabolism and a reaction to stress that makes me not want to eat, but that allows me to not get serious about fitness because I look relatively in shape. I’m always looking for that spark to feel more motivated. 

      • I have lots of energy even when I was at my heaviest but I do hear people that are sensitive to gluten have issues with there energy….. I’m okay with it I guess but I will give it a try to see how I feel thanks for your advice.

    • Tired of always being hot and feeling uncomfortable… I felt like I was worth it something inside me said this is your time to clear the clutter so I started with me…. Then everything fell into place for me… I felt like I could move mountains after the first 20 pounds so if I felt like that then how would feel if I lost all the weight that was weighing me down I have fun again and I like clothes again that’s enough to get me to stay motivated because I know now I’m worthy! I’m in the beauty industry and didn’t beautiful, how can make people look and feel good if I couldn’t feel that way myself.

  • Remind me to email you about losing weight and starting a company sometime… lol

  • nosouthwest

    Personally I’m against portion control, though conceptually it may sound attractive.  The main driver is that she starting eating natural foods, not junk, so that her body was able to regulate itself back to a normal weight.  It’s not all about calories in and out, but whether the body chemical signals are able to function.  A lot of new research is showing how the body determines its body fat % and what it does to defend it by slowing or upping metabolism.

    Now, some say I’m a genetic freak, but I pretty much eat until I’m stuffed, but hardly have any excess fat… as long as I eat natural foods and work out regularly.

    Speaking of genetics, new research is also showing how we are NOT all the same.  My ancestors were farmers since Neolithic times, so I tolerate carbs and the American diet quite well.  Someone of a different background will have more difficulty without watching what they eat (versus how much).

    Africans, Native Americans, tend to have more problems with weight and diabetes because of this. Then some Europeans. But it’s complicated because farming cultures have spread on all continents.

    • Crazyworld

      Not that easy…i am 35 lb overweight and i eat almost no processed foods. Lots of veg, fruit, lentils, beans, whole grain, some eggs, good fats.

      • nosouthwest

        What about sugar?

        Did you start this diet before or after you became overweight?

        I presume it’s after.  The reason is because your body defends a certain weight level, and when you become long term overweight its balancing mechanisms have become dysfunctional.

        The unfortunate effect is that it’s much more difficult to lose weight, unless you do specific things that allow your body to regain it’s regulation ability.  I’m no expert on this, so I can’t say much more.  

        Also, what’s your ethnicity?  You might not do so well on grains.

        Try reading this researcher’s blog.

  • D J Cummings

    What a beautiful girl!  She looks fantastic – great job.  Good for Her.

  • Menz

    There is a great 60 minutes piece by 
    Dr. Nora Volkow, head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, uses the brain scans of addicts to show how difficult it is to just say no to drugs and other addictive behaviors, including eating.

    I have found that loosing weight definitely isn’t as difficult as keeping it off.
    My doctor has told me some people have more elasticity in there skin than others. My wife has skin that is more elastic than mine.I’d avoid the banana, because of sugar and calories.

    • Yeah that would be work to keep it off but this time is different for me I know I’m going to keep it off because this time I’m doing it for me :-) one small banana is okay

  • Jon Peltier

    My wife has lost 80 lb in the past year. The kids have all left the house, and she decided it was time to do something for herself. She has used Jenny Craig, but mostly for the support she gets at her weekly meetings. She started out using a lot of their food, but once it got her into the habit of eating good food and watching her portions, she’s been doing it mostly with regular food. She exercises, but not as much as she’d like.

    She looks and feels great. Her main problem now is along these lines: this week has been colder than the past month or two, and she no longer has cold weather clothes that still fit. A great problem to have.

    • Yeah I get the problem not having clothes I just gave away my whole wardrobe and now I’m wearing my sisters hand me downs great feeling because she’s thin and I never thought I could ever fit her size a great problem to have ha!

  • Menz

    Running may not be a good exercise for overweight people because of the extra weight impacting knee and hip joints. Think of being a normal weight and jogging with a 50 pound sack of potatoes. It is possible to develop  osteoarthritis (degenerative joint
    disease), is a result of trauma to the joint, infection of the joint, or age.

    • Actually I did use the elliptical and the trampoline was a big help to get me to start my running routine on my way yay! Haha!!

  • Jeff

    As a guy who has always teetered between being just a bit beyond thin but not quite fat and has tried Crossfit and every exercise regimen under the sun, I can say that I have found the best and only way to get the last bit of fat off is: watch what you eat, but don’t go crazy, and try to get yourself into good enough shape to where you can run for 30 minutes on a treadmill and bike for 30 minutes on a stationary bike (in the same workout). It’ll hurt like hell at first, but if you push yourself beyond your comfort zone you won’t believe how quickly you will progress. Do that workout three times a week and mix in some weights and you will be thin in less than eight weeks.

    I’m convinced (for me at least) that eating is about 40% and exercise is about 60%. Even on days that I just can’t convince myself to get into the gym, I walk around the block for an hour. All the business about eating oils and chromium is fine if it helps you, but I think that is a placebo effect.

    • Actually it’s more like 70% what you eat and 30% exercising. That’s what I’ve been told by more than one nutritionist and I agree. But of course everyone is different so these numbers wouldn’t be set in stone.

      • I agree 70% is what you eat and 30% exercising because I always workout but ate too much and got nowhere.

  • Gonzalo Gandia

    Inspiring story! I think it’s great when someone changes their life situation so dramatically. It’s so easy to just stay in the same patterns. I have a similar story where I went from 240 lbs to 180 in 6 months. I did it without exercise, though.

    I do have to wince a little bit at the 1 hour cardio. I don’t think it’s a wise thing to put your body through so much stress all at the same time. Changing dietary habits is a stressor, although we don’t usually see it as such.

    I had the same results without the exercise, and no hanging skin. Sometimes when we change so many things at the same time, it’s hard to discern which of those “changes” was the main influencer. If you believe in the “calorie in-calorie out” theory, than I think it’s easy to point to the exercise portion as being one of the main factors. Exercise is great for many things and offers many benefits, but for losing weight, it might not be what everyone thinks it is.

    Nonetheless, kudos to the great success, Lisa. Truly an inspiration!

    • Thanks Gonzalo and congrats to you for losing weight yeah I workout everyday because it’s good for my mind and body and it makes me feel good… It also keeps your skin looking good to sweat out all the toxins :-)

  • What an inspiring story!  I have also lost 100 lbs (from a size 22 to an 8), but not in 9 months.  It took me about 5 years to take off what it took me a lifetime to put on.  When people ask me how I did it, the answer is simple… 1) portion control 2) eating whole foods 3) exercise (both cardio and strength training) and 4) consistency 

    • Mary that’s awesome 100lbs. it’s a big accomplishment congrats to you… I was on every diet and I couldn’t stay with it the weight kept finding me or I kept finding it haha!!!! Well at least now it clicked and I’m in this for the long haul I have 24 more pounds to go and really lovin’ the journey… Yay! to us!!!!

  • This is excellent Lisa, congratulations!!! I have switched to everything brown -rice, pasta and bread, been doing it for a long time now but I want to know if you eat those and if not then how do you substitute? 

    • Yes Priscilla I did change from white to brown it helps also that you portion it out that way you don’t eat too much of it.

  • Great post, and way to go Lisa. Congrats!

    I just finished reading “Eat to Live” by Joel Fuhrman. In two days it has completely changed my life. It’s an extremely insightful and aggressive look at what is wrong with the way people eat (especially in the United States) and what you should be eating to be healthy.
    Weight loss is a secondary benefit from the diet proposed in the book (mainly tons of leafy greens, veggies and fruits.) The best benefit is preventing serious disease and illness. Losing weight is excellent but taking control of what you put into your body is even more powerful.

    • amen to that Noah preventing disease and illness is key… And the weight loss is a plus I agree… I eat lots os veggies it was hard in the beginning because I felt bloated but now I’m ok because my body got used to it not a good feeling to feel bloated… Fiber is key to health it also helps you feel full longer.

  • Scott

    Great Article and congrats to Lisa.
    Now James your next article should be ” How i gained 100 pounds in 6 months”. It would sure be a lot more fun.
    I’m kidding of course.

  • Always nice to hear a good news story and especially one that can save lives! Well done Lisa.

    My GF works for the local weight management service ( goverment run UK) and unfortunately the vast majority of obese people who join up don’t want to change anything no diets no exercise instead they insist that the state should pay for a gastric band. Also her boss is fat and mean but that’s another story.

    Once again well done Lisa.

    • Thanks Mark I agree I have a friend who did the surgery and gained weight again and she has all sorts of health problems I don’t think it was worth it for her she’s always sick now and doesn’t feel happy… I think hard work makes you keep it off and you feel better that you accomplished it on your own but don’t get me wrong if you need it to help hey do what you gotta do for your health and live a more productive life… We only live once why live unhappy?

  • I lost 5 pounds since I moved to New York in a month even I was only 108LBS . Here is my tips.   No tough control, but every day step by step becomes my habits. 

  • Sydney McHugh

    I am mainly curious where Lisa got her information– are there any specific books, etc, that specifically helped her approach her goal from so many angles at the same time? That seems like a lot to change all at once– did she ever get to a point where she stopped? If so, for how long, how did she start again?

    • I read a lot of books and get info from a lot of people I speak to also I went to Weight watchers after losing 50lbs. And it was a good thing because I broke my plateu and still in the process of losing another 24lbs… I like Dr.Oz’s advice as well.

  • Bill

    200 mg of Chromium/day seems a lot, should that be micrograms?

  • Julianddavidson

    These videos changed my life in the last week. Was diagnosed pre-diabetic recently. Removed 95% of carbs and sugar from my diet, and added a good amount of animal fats. I was 84kgs, and I have lost 3kgs in the first week. FEEL much better, head’s clearer, able to concentrate better at work etc.

    Good luck!

  • 1/8 Avocado? What do you do with the rest, they immediately rot. I eat a carddeck sized snack on my way to the restaurant. Walking + Eating is the perfect solution. You can eat all the time as long as you walk all the time and avoid sugar.
    Instead use Stevia. The sugar industry hates it, because it’s 300x as sweet as sugar and doesn’t make you fat, nor does it attack your teeth.

    • If you leave the pit in the avocado (to keep it from turning brown) and put it all back together in a ziploc in the refrigerator, it will be fine. You can also sprinkle a little lemon juice on it to keep it from turning brown.

    • I agree avocados do rot but when you have family it’s gone as soon as you cut it open… They are very healthy for you and remember when your cutting back you gotta do what you gotta do to stay on track. Stevia is great I used to use it but now I’m okay without sugar.

  • lila26

    Question for Lisa:  Did you ever use splenda or stevia?

    • lila26

      Pardon me, meant just stevia.

    • In the beginning I used stevia but now I don’t need it I’m okay I got used not having the sugar and I’m okay with that.

  • Gee zoo…. that’s a great story!


  • Gern Blanston

    Great story!  I too am losing a few pounds and recently stopped smoking (cold turkey).
    My diet:
    No breakfast
    Running 2 miles a day at lunch time (I use Runkeeper to keep me honest)
    Lunch – 1 apple, 1 snackpack pudding (lowfat – 60 calories)
    Snack – 1 orange and about 50 no salt almonds throughout the day
    Dinner – varies (max 400 calories) and a couple glasses of nonfat milk (60 calories each glass)

    All in all, I’m losing average 1.5 lbs/week.

    • mikeyhell

      And eventually you’ll lose nearly 100% of your body weight on this diet, Gern.

    • Gonzalo Gandia

      This is a recipe for disaster. Sorry to tell you that, Gern. Your story is not the same as Lisa’s…read her story, she does a lot of things right. You’d be better off doing that for the long haul…

      • I agree you need to do something you can do for a life time…. Get some help by reading books etc.

    • You need to eat breakfast that’s the most important meal of the day… Balance is key you need to eat certain foods to help you stay healthy…. I say can do that for a life time? If you can’t you need to find something that works for you that’s healthy… Again I say breakfast is key… I don’t think your eating enough rethink your plan and you will succeed get some help, read some books etc.

  • James

    Super, Lisa. Thanks for sharing with James, and James, thanks for sharing with us. It’s amazing that you’ve got it dialed down to such a science after just 9 months — most people live in a fog about this stuff for ages, but you pulled clarity from the mist rather quickly, and I’m glad to see it bringing you deserved success.

    • Thanks yes I was in that fog for a long time myself but woke up one day and was sick and tired of carrying all this weight that weighed me down couldn’t do it anymore!

      • Hi Lisa, you mentioned Tony Robbins above.  What you’re describing here, he calls “threshold,” when you reach that point of “no more.”  What’s impressive is that when you reached it, you took, as he says, massive action.  And now you are inspiring others.  Well done!

  • Great story. It is incredible how hunger and amounts of food required to survive are so relative. I had misfortune to live through 4 years of war in the 90’s before moving to Canada, and due to lack of food, I went from 170 pounds to 120. Funny thing, even though some days 5 of us had to share 1/2 can of spam, I don’t remember ever being hungry – after a first couple of months, you basically get used to live off scraps.

    Then, I moved to Canada, and by combining desk job and plentiful nutrition, I went from 120 pounds to 220. Yet, at 220 pounds, I was constantly hungry, even though I was eating 5-10 times the amounts of calories I ate in the war. I remember looking at the medium sized Coke in Canada and thinking that same size is considered large in Europe. Then, I visited US for the first time in 2000, and going to McDonalds to buy a Coke, and being shocked by the size of the large Coke in US (in those days, what Canadians knew as a large Coke, was a medium Coke in US).

    Recently, I decided to do something about 50 extra pounds I now carried, and I simply returned to European portion sizes (dinner plate in US/Canada is known as serving plate in the rest of the world :). Just by cutting sugars, portion sizes and starting to pursue some of my life goals, I managed to lose 15 pounds in the past month alone. 

    • Menz

      I agree. It is so difficult to keep weight off because it is contrary to popular belief really quite easy to loose weight.

      • I don’t think it’s easy to get started but once you get started I believe it can be done with sweat, hard work and determination… People told me I couldn’t do it but I proved them wrong this time and I’m staying this way because I feel awesome… If I feel like I’m falling back I will go back to looking at my pad that I wrote what worked and what didn’t also I have inspirational quotes that I go to to help throughout my journey loving the journey and sticking to it I have 24 more to go I’m on a mission haha!!! Menz mind over matter I say!

        • Menz

          Yes ok, and congratulations you just look great now. I guess I’m a yo-yo   dieter. I’ve lost a lot of weight about three times in my life. There are many years that went by that I thought I would never eat another french fry and more than that I didn’t care – I considered food like that to be poison. Yet here I am today eating french fries like crazy. I just don’t know what happens to change but it sure can. I’ll loose the weight again and be healthy but know I will always have to be vigilant, not like people that don’t have a weight problem.

    • Good job with losing 15lbs. Yeah I understand what your saying about the soda and the portions we get in the US too big I say… I haven’t drank soda in about 11 years with being pregnant with my first son I decided I didn’t the want or crave the sugar I went cold turkey and my son now doesn’t like sweets I don’t if that helped him… I’m boring now I only drink plain water but it’s good for me and it helps my skin stay hydrated I’m all about healthy on the inside so you can see it on the outside… Health is wealth! So keep going I think you can lose the rest of the weight you CAN DO IT!! Keep up the good work it pays off!!!!

  • Tims

    Wait a sec …. James – you don’t wash you own hair !!! What’s that all about ?

    • Nothing like a professional doing it before some big event tv event James is always involved in… Come don’t be jealous lol!

  • To turn your body and health around like that – impressive!

  • Lisa, was anybody helping you? A coach, a friend who did the same, weight watchers etc?

    • The first 50 pounds I did it on my own just cut calories and start moving side to side watching tv… I ate only 1,600- 1,800 calories a day… But I started to plateu and joined Weight Watchers and broke my plateu I didn’t buy their food I made my own just portioned it out and it worked for real and impressed that I could eat more with them then I did on my own and eating the fruits and veggies that they suggested helped me because I didn’t do that before when I was doing it on my own I just was really eating lots of protein and got bored.

  • Really Awesome post here James – you some how have amazing people around you. It takes real discipline to drop 100lbs in 9 months (or at all! ;) )

    • Yes James is awesome he helps me a lot I’m glad I have him in my life all these years… You have no idea how awesome he is God sent for real!!!!

  • Awesome story, glad to hear about such a positive outcome… beating an addiction. I myself went from 282 to 192 in about 3 years. Couldn’t walk up stairs without being “winded”. Blood pressure, cholesterol, joints, etc. were all really crappy and then at 47, my Dr. told me I needed to start on meds to control all of the symptoms. I’m not a pill taker so I asked if there was anything else I could do to which he replied, “well, I guess you could loose weight and exercise…” LOL,  I am now a vegan, (18 months, cheat a little with fish now and then) no chicken, meat, dairy or processed foods. Portion control, regular exercise and determination not to ever go back to the dark side have keep me healthy. Haven’t felt better and at 52 I feel like I can conquer the world! Thanks again for sharing the story with all and remember, Nothing tastes and good as thin feels… (Tony Robbins) 

    • I like that nothing taste as good as thin feels I love Tony Robbins…. Congrats to you on your accomplishment as well awesome feeling to be thinner and able to carry yourself up the stairs without getting winded I agree I’m never going back to the dark side either not worth the pain on the joints or the health issues… We are victorious, we can do anything we set our mind to!!!!

  • Robert H.

    What a great story. Congratulations Lisa! Thanks for sharing this with us James. I like these types of positive entries!

  • bobbykell

    i eat oatmeal alot too i lost 50 lbs ..i like idea about cinamon..mostly i eat fruit in morning then lunch but no white bread, i did eat chicken and fish while losing it but now i am vegan, evening oatmeal since i dont have time to cook and need something reliable…

    • bobby

      our bodies are machines..just waiting for good stuff to go into it..but we spend our lives being trained to put bad stuff in it..

    • Yes oatmeal is a great snack as well you can add some dark chocolate chips and it’s a great treat and has antioxidants excellent for your skin :-).

  • Guest

    Nice, kind wishes, Lisa!

    • Thank you! Not finished yet 24 more to go and counting :-) thanks for the encouragement!

  • Krndmg

    I recently discovered your blog from a link on Zero Hedge and am enjoying it immensely. Although your posts are in some sense timeless, I wish they included the date they were written. What is the reason you do not include dates?

    •  Funny, 10 seconds ago we removed the dates. i did that because I almost always aim my stuff to be “evergreen” (i.e. timeless) and I don’t want people to feel as if they are reading “old news” if they are reading something older.

      • Krndmg

        I agree. It would be a shame for someone to pass by one of your posts simply because they were scanning by date and didn’t want to bother with “old news”. However, I still would like to see a date – maybe buried enough I have to work for it. In most cases, I wouldn’t bother looking. But when it comes to some financial, exercise and diet advice, a date can give a frame of reference and I’d make the effort to look for it.

        Case in point, I see you lost $15 million in the stock market. That would be a very different story in 2011 than 2000. I mean, didn’t EVERYBODY do that in 2000? Even though how you dealt with it is the meaningful thing, the timeless thing, a date is still useful.

  • Cara

    Immediately thought of you when I saw this…maybe you can get one installed in your house?  Although it does mean you wouldn’t be able to see Lisa :(.

  • Edith Spencer

    I think Lisa is amazing and lovely :-). Since I am a dark skinned Latina I would like the opportunity to try Lisa’s creams. Honestly, I have a biology degree and could make my own but it’s messy and I am lazy.

    2) I went down from a 14/16 to a 4/6 by doing much of what Lisa here advocates- water, exercise, and portion control. Only I cut out the majority of alcohol in my diet, replaced meat with legumes and doubled the portion of veg for white starches. It really is helpful!

    • lila26

      Another question for Lisa:  what is your experience on alcohol, e.g., red wine and weight loss (if any)?  I’ve read differing opinions in various books.

  • Sandra

    Congratulations on losing the weight. I know you must be healthier and of course are an inspiration for a lot of people.

  • nick

    You were happy before with all the weight and im sure happier now. You have a very Fierce look which of course i lLooooooooooooove and would scare some men away ;) 

    Honestly reading the post feels like im reading a commercial – you should have james help you write a book and post a couple of videos on youtube. 

    You do look amazing – really. Theres nothing as sexy as a confident woman who of course has great hair. 

  • Oliver Oberdorf

    Inspirational, thanks so much for sharing

  • Very impressive feat, losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. Congratulations!

  • Hi James,
    Like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this great story and no wonder Lisa will be inspiration for those who thought they can’t lose weight. Lisa congratulations on losing 100 lbs in 9 months and sharing your meal plan and old + recent pictures of yours with everyone.

  • Laura Paddock

    Congratulations Lisa – you are an inspiration and very pretty too! So I have dualing vanities here, but, my question is – do you think walking at a good clip is an effective form of cardio? I used to run quite a bit (finished a marathon successfully) but presently am inactive and trying to get back into a routine. Frankly I worry that running regularly could negatively impact the er, perkiness of The Girls, if you get my drift. I don’t want to be saggy there, and I never feel like running bras do the job (I wear two when jogging.) Does walking actually burn fat? 

  • Jeanine Riegler

    Lisa, I had no idea and this just proves once again since I met you all those years ago how inspirational, beautiful and hard working you are!  You are amazing and beautiful both inside and  out.  xoxo

  • Great post James and great job Lisa! Congrats on the phenomenal weight loss! It took me close to a year to lose 60 pounds but I am glad I did not follow any fad diets and did it the right way ( like you )… As you have probably already noticed..success in one area of life easily transfers over to other areas of life if you apply the same principles… Great job once again!

  • Ian

    Thank you for your articles.  I recently started on a (mostly) primal diet – few carbs, thanks to this article and the rest of your blog.  We’ll see how it goes.

  • This is really unbelievable. Well done LISA. You just need a firm determination if you want to lose weight. More tips for US, do share please.

  •  Great motivational and inspiring story Lisa.I am also trying to lose weight and already lost 20 lbs in the past three months.But now I’ll gonna follow your diet plan and hope it will proves to be more helpful in losing weight.

  • Quiera

    I have a question. I weighed 240 pounds at my heighest and am in the process of losing the weight. I am really concerned about excess skin once I lose the 100 or so pounds and was wondering if you had any issues with this and if so, has it resolved on its own long term? I have lost 23 pounds in 5 weeks and going strong! Congratulations on your weight loss!

  • Cynthia Callahan

    I’ve lost 125 pounds through healthy eating and exercise. I have another 100 pounds to go, and I’d love to share my journey with you:

  • guera

    i know this is super late but i hope she sees this! when you say cardio what exactly do you need