I Want To Do This

It's raining outside. I'm 44 years old so sometimes I get the feeling there are things I will never do with my body. But it's a pleasure to watch. When I was a kid I was really into breakdancing. More recently, the past 2 years, I've been into yoga.

So it's a beautiful break from a rainy day when I can watch an amazing artist do both at the same time.

[if you don't see above embedded video, click here]

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  • Jim Crawford

    I…I’m beyond stunned. This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen since Parkour!

  • He looks like you. Cloning? :)

    • That would be pretty cool. I would be proud of my clone. Perhaps a cylon version of me.

  • Lostfootage

    Hope those jeans have spandex in them! Cool stuff.

  • Pretty cool! They say that we are all born with the ability to do these kind of things, but we destroy that ability by being too careful and eating too much. :)

    P.S. James – another great thing for rainy days is reading – I don’t remember you recommending any books recently? Have you read anything light (non business related) that you can recommend? Cheers.

    • mgmarino

       go the library and get any short story collections by Cheever, Updike, Capote –
      will not be dissapoint –

      • THANKS!!! I have read main works by Capote in my efforts to improve my English (as I have read him in my mother tongue as well and wanted to compare), but will check his and other short stories you are recommending. My wife is adding them to our library book reservation list.

  • Yoga mat for sale, as found on Craigslist:


  • Should we be calling you Jimmy the B-boy now ?

  • James, thanks for sharing this video. I had to immediately share it with my network.
    All I could say was WOW! He is amazing!

  • kamalravikant

    Love this, it’s inspiring.

  • Tee Dee

    I was about to drink a couple beers. I saw this and now instead I am going to work out. 

  • Wow, great skills!

  • This is the original video (posted by the lilcrabe himself)


  • Parts of that had me wincing. But honestly, those are some awesome moves.

  • Jo M.

    James–I have to admit when I first saw the skinny frame and wild hair, I thought this was a video of you and you were surprising us; then I noticed that this gentleman is maybe slightly younger than you (and not as handsome).