Love Yourself As If Your Life Depended On It

The Author Kamal Ravikant

Kamal went missing. We had been corresponding for over a year, ever since I started this blog. I’m very grateful for the great friends I have met through this blog. It has been a totally unexpected but much appreciated benefit of doing this.

Finally I was visiting San Francisco and after 100s of emails back and forth during the prior year, I was getting all set to meet Kamal Ravikant. But he didn’t show up for our planned breakfast. His brother, Naval, called him a few times. “He’s at home,” Naval said, “but he’s not picking up. His illness must be overwhelming him today.” Naval had a GPS specifically attached to where Kamal was.

Kamal was very sick. This had been going on for months. He had gotten more and more sick. Some days he couldn’t move or wake up. Other days he had enough energy to go outside but only for minutes and then he had to go back inside. Kamal’s sickness was chronic. The doctors couldn’t help him, he was infinitely tired, feverish, in pain, and it was getting worse.

I knew from our correspondences that Kamal had been going through a hard time before he got sick. His company, which had once been well enough to raise a significant amount of money, was faltering, perhaps failing. He had recently broken off a relationship. A close friend had died.

Often when we attach our happiness to external goals: financial success, relationship success, etc, we get disappointed. Even when things work out, everything cycles, the happiness is often fleeting.

When those goals break, the external pain immediately gets reflected into  our internal bodies. Our emotions break. We feel sad, disappointed, in pain. We cling to the past happiness, or our hoped-for goals that now have to change. It often feels like your arm is being torn off your body.

But Kamal was trying to hold it all together to be fair to everyone within his company – the employees, the investors, the customers.  He was clinging to the past, to the future. To everything and everyone except for his own happiness in the present.

So his emotional body couldn’t handle it anymore. His emotional arms and legs were torn off. And then his physical body broke. He completely broke down.  I noticed he had dropped out of touch a few months earlier and I hadn’t seen his comments on the blog in awhile. “What’s going on?” I wrote him. “I’m sick,” was his reply. He dropped out.

But then he started getting better. He started writing again and telling me what was going on in his life. He started commenting on the blog again and interacting with the great community developing here. He was alive again.  We finally ended up meeting.

“How’d you get better?” I asked. “What happened?”

“I’ll tell you the secret,” he said, “I thought I was going to die. I was just lying in bed and couldn’t move, I had a high fever, and was in too much pain. I really thought I was going to die. Finally, I just started saying over and over again, “I love myself.” He paused and started saying it right then as if still in the cure. “I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. I would repeat it all day. “

As Kamal then says in the just published book, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It about his experience:

And I got better. My body started healing faster. My state of mind grew lighter. But the thing I never expected or imagined, life got better. But not just better, things happened that were fantastically out of my reach. This I couldn’t have dreamed of […] I found myself using the word ‘magic’ to describe what was happening. And through it all I kept repeating to myself, “I love myself. I love myself. I love myself.”

Love Yourself by Kamal Ravikant

In the book Kamal describes his transition from sickness into health and the other magical things that happened to him. He also gives a series of techniques and practices to try this for yourself in a variety of ways and finally he answers the dreaded question, what happens if you don’t love yourself? Can you still get this magic into your life?

“Think about it,” he said to me months later when we met in NYC, “when someone is in love, they almost magically look better. I needed to be in love with myself to feel better. So much of what had happened had weighed on me until I collapsed. Now I needed to love myself. It became a mantra for me.”

As someone explained to me the other day, the word “mantra” has two parts (in Sanskrit): “man” – thoughtfulness with zeal, and “tra” – to protect. So by saying “I love myself” over and over Kamal was protecting the thought, nourishing it, and the love was nourishing the rest of his body, his emotions, his mind, his spirit.

Kamal is now completely recovered. He also figured out the situation with his business and when I saw him in NYC it was as if a gigantic weight had been lifted off his shoulders.  He is so recovered that I can’t recommend enough the book about his experience, available on Kindle right here. The title: “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On it”.  He used Amazon directly, uploaded the book and it became available within days after he wrote it.

I’ll let a quote from Kamal’s excellent book close this post:

“If a painful memory arises, don’t fight it or try to push it away – you’re in quicksand. Struggle reinforces pain. Instead, go to love. Love for yourself. Feel it. If you have to fake it, fine. It’ll become real eventually Feel the love for yourself as the memory ebbs and flows. That will take the power away.

And even more importantly, it will shift the wiring of the memory. Do it again and again. Love. Re-wire. Love. Re-wire. It’s your mind. You can do whatever you want.[…] The results are worth it. I wish that for you.”


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  • nosouthwest

    I narrowly missed hitting another car today while thinking about unhappy things in my past and how it caused me to not be where I want to be today.

  • kylie


  • Nick

    Glad to hear Kamal is doing so well.

    And yes, our lives do depend on this. Without it, I think it’s almost impossible to avoid a breakdown of some sort, either physical or mental.

    • kamalravikant

      Thank you, Nick.  Yes, I really do believe that in the end, regardless of our circumstances, the best thing we can do is work on ourselves, our mind.

  • MichaelDelaneys917

    Kamal, thank for writing your book and James, thanks for writing about it – I look forward to reading the book.

  • The time will come 
    when, with elation 
    you will greet yourself arriving 
    at your own door, in your own mirror 
    and each will smile at the other’s welcome, 
    and say, sit here. Eat.
    You will love again the stranger who was your self.
    Give wine. Give bread.

    Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life,
    whom you ignored for another, who knows you by heart.
    Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,
    the photographs, the desperate notes,
    peel your own image from the mirror.
    Sit. Feast on your life. 

     – Derek Walcott (Poem: Love after Love)

    Surprisingly, we go around the whole world, search the whole world for someone special, without realizing that the Only person who’ll spend All the time its got with us, is US.

  • LauraG

    Amazingly beautiful. I’ve been very depressed lately (the can’t-get-out-of-bed kind), so this blog comes at the perfect time. Thank you!

    Will check out your friend’s book…

    • kamalravikant

      Hi Laura, I understand, I was there.  It’s amazing how truth and ultimately healing is so simple.  I hope you try out what I did (and contact me with any questions you might have). 

      • Momo432

        didn’t read the book..were you diagnosed with clinical depression? Or bi-polar disorder?

        • kamalravikant

          My body was sick, I was under a lot of stress.  Wasn’t diagnosed with anything mental, but I’m sure I would’ve if I bothered.  I was miserable.  

          One thing I’ve learned, the details don’t matter.  What sickness one has or hasn’t.  Ultimately, the human experience is the same.  What matters is fundamental human truth – and loving oneself, for me, has been the key one.

          • Mickeydee432

            well yes and no..if your brain is hardwired or predisposed to “depression” , then it’s physical or your default setting. True you can manage it with therapy but you can’t call it “cured” imo. Plus there are some people that will read your book instead of seeking medication or professional help and may be just putting a temporary bandage on something that will come back and bite them again. Just a thought. Glad to hear you’re managing your situation.

          • kamalravikant

            Hi Mickeydee, I think if one needs medical attention, they should definitely get it.  I saw enough doctors.  But, loving yourself, as a practical and consistent practice, it has a power of its own that serves and nourishes us no matter where we are in our lives.  

          • Mickeyd346

            true that.. I was just saying depression is caused by physical changes the brain goes thru when we experience traumatic episodes that they can now see thru targeted imaging technology…if neural pathways get blocked or “scarred”, repeating an I love myself mantra will do little to help the situation that needs brain chemistry intervention. Charlie Rose has a great segment on this.

            What is your profession, by the way? Cheers!

          • christopherparker

            Not to disagree at all about the physical changes trauma causes in the brain — but keep in mind that if the brain changed once from our experience, it can do so again.  We change.  Our cells renew.  Our physical selves can heal.  Indeed, it can be that one reason brain chemistry intervention might work is that it changes our experience and our experience itself (under the influence) then alters our brain chemistry.  
            It’s not the mantra, that’s just a help the way shoes help walking — or the calcium filler creates a pill with the medicine inside.

      • I’m in the same situation Laura is. I will definitely try this. Maybe I can accelerate getting off the meds. Thank you Kamal.

        • kamalravikant

          Of course. Regardless of meds or not (and they can be very useful), we should always nourish ourselves from the inside out.

          • Indeed. I’ve benefited a lot from James’ posts. But I’ve also garnered a lot of wisdom from the many comments. All of it has helped me start changing the way I think about life and my place in it.

  • a very touching post, im off to love myself. Thank you both.

  • kamalravikant

    James, I’m so moved by this.  And honored.  Thank you.

    • Hi Kamal,

      I just read your book. Thank you for writing it, it is exactly what I needed just now. James’ blog has a way of delivering when you need it.

      I have one question. In the book when you said you started to coast, were you still doing the mantra “I love myself” or do you attribute the coasting to not also doing the daily meditation?


      • kamalravikant

        Hi Michael, thanks for reading it.  You’re right, I slipped, wasn’t practicing what I knew…and my life started to show it.  So I returned to the practice.  

        Key is to make these a habit, like going to the gym, eating healthy.  Over time, the results show clearly.

        Try using James’ daily practice  I use it to make myself accountable to whatever practice I commit to.  It helps.

  • What a wonderful review! I got goosebumps just from reading this- I can’t wait to read the book!

  • Jon

    Thanks Kamal and James.  Truly an inspiration.  My best friend actually has a tattoo on his arm that says in “Love Yourself” in Chinese.  I look forward to finishing Kamal’s book.

  • sarfarosh

    two of your recent post came to my mind while reading this one 

    …what I can say;
    1. this post is very positive
    2 and yeah, its not easy to love yourself with disguise and scars 

  • Thanks james and kamal…cant wait to read this book..

  • Maybe this is why when we were teenagers, the self loving douche bags got all the girls? No? Just a thought…

    • Timmeh

      As the entire point of this post states, self love is not a negative thing whatsoever. Ladies/Men alike are both attracted to confidence which directly correlates to loving yourself. The mean/rude jerks that got women, got women that did not love themselves. 

  • kcastagnaro

    James – this is a lovely post. I’m going to go ahead and say my favorite ever! *smile* I’ve been doing the exercises outlined in Kamal’s book for about eight months now. I started out extremely skeptical and tentative. I’m now a firm believer. And I use to keep myself accountable. Loving yourself works!

  • Kamal and James, thanks for the life lessons. When you go through tough life events, not only you learn something, but everyone can learn from it as well. Everyone’s traumatic life events can also be the sunlight to let every flower around you grow or even blossom. Gracias : )

  • Harsh Thakkar

    Thanks James & Kamal … I love myself :)

  • That’s pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • just bought and read the book. Was a very quick read. Some of the sentences I liked are :
    “if we are made of atoms and molecules, and they in turn form smaller particles which are empty space and energy, then what are we?

    Are we our thoughts?

    Who are you? The thought or the observer of the thought?

    If you’re the observer, then what is the thought?

    Or are you a thought observing another thought? “

  • I am so stunned with awe & happiness for Kamil and the lessons he’s passing on to us all. Very relieved to read “even if you don’t mean it at first…” Love is powerful, was my first word, have been spending all of it on others or things. Today, I’m at the top of my list. Thank you! *magic*

  • CookieA

    Wow. This is going to be my first e-book purchase. 

  •  I don’t own (or want) a kindle. How about a PDF?

    • kamalravikant

      Hi Albert, reason I published on Amazon is because of their brilliant publish once, distribute anywhere strategy.  I don’t have a kindle.  But I have their free kindle app on my mac, my ipad, and my phone.  You can get their app for any device, basically.  And I priced the book the lowest Amazon allowed.

      Here’s where you can get the kindle app for your device:

      • Jacquie

        Thank you Kamal for this information on this application.  I am going right now to get your book.  I too have given up and lost my direction.  Today I said I need a teacher to help me through this as I cannot see the way.  Today James, my dear friend, you posted this amazing arrow pointing the way and Kamal you told me HOW to get the book.  You are both my teacher for the day and I am immensely grateful.

        • kamalravikant

          And I’m grateful for your comment, Jacquie.  I fully agree, James is amazing.

      • Andris Lagsdin

        I love this mantra and I am going to grab this book now. I am curious if you ever change your mantra?

        I love it kamal.

        • kamalravikant

          Hi Andris, sometimes it evolved to “life loves me,” but always naturally returned to the I love myself.  It’s the truest one I’ve experienced so far.

          • Andris Lagsdin

            Thanks Kamal. Beautifully written book and very courageous to put yourself out there. This inspires me to be brave!

  • WheresMrTeddy

    Thank you for sharing Kamal’s story, James.  

  • I love this man, I gotta get that book. When you’re raising money you HAVE to love yourself cause it can feel like no one else does :)

  • Kat

    I am going straight off to get that book after I post this topic. What an important book to write! I’ve been trying to use this concept in my own life after reading some of Louise Hays work, but it’s tough to remember.

    I suppose in the end Kamal it was a gift for you to end up so low that you came to the point of this being your salvation. If you didn’t get so sick perhaps you would still be coasting along okay – but not loving yourself

    • kamalravikant

      Thank you, Kat.  I’ve thought a lot about this.  Yes, I wouldn’t have had that wake-up call without getting so down.  My bias has always been to push through, rather than be present.  It’s classic though, if you think about it, a lot of storytelling incorporates this, and good stories come from the truth.

      • Otaddy

        And good comedy comes from seeing the truth in things too!

        PS:  Downloading your book now.

  • Ben

    I say the words “Thank you for my life” to myself about 50 times a day. 
    I stole it from the movie “Joe vs the Volcano”

  • Thanks James. I’m really grateful that you are still blogging. I wish for you a lot of love and success.

  • Get better, man. I’ve enjoyed working w/ and knowing you. 

  • tradereZ

    KAMAL BEST TO YA and JAMES well thought out very meaningful post. 

  • Thanks for the inspirational story. From end of the rope to self-publishing, quiet the turnaround. Well done Kamal.

  • Roy

    What an amazing story….thanks for sharing

    I want to read the book….i have a Kobo e-reader….I wish this book could be made available on

    • kamalravikant

      Hi Roy, that’s the magic of Amazon Kindle.  One can use their free app on any device.  It’s changed publishing forever.  Here’s where you can download the free app for your phone/tablet/computer/etc:…

  • Maria Dorfner

    Great read.

  • Anjanikumar

    Sometimes life seems like a poorly designed
    cage within which man has been sentenced to be free. All of the truly important battles are waged
    within the self.

    For each of us, the only hope resides in his
    own efforts, in completing his own story, not in the other’s interpretation.You are a Good friend to have James!

  • Rfc2530

    James thanks for your courage and writing.  How did you happen to hook up to google ?

  • Jay

    I really needed this! Thanks for sharing.

  • I love myself.  Hopefully I won’t sound egotistical or anything but I’m going to start saying this to myself everyday. 

    I just have a really positive feeling that things are going to get better from now on.  Thanks for the post James and Kamal.

    • kamalravikant

      That’s great, Chris.  If it sounds egotistical, that’s just the ego reacting.  Love goes deeper than than.  

  • Laura S Dudenbostel

    You are a Peach… love love love this.  thank you for sharing… in my view, the mind is everything.. the body just does what it’s told.. we act out these scripts of dying.. end of a relationship, a company, a body…. but he stopped and changed his.  We find out whether we are willing different ways… different paths up the ol’ mountain and all that… but it’s all a big classroom.   And this is lovely.  :) 

  • Kbrkic5

    This has got to be one of the best things I have read lately. It couldn t have appeared at a more appropriate time. My friend is fighting breast cancer, and I immediately sent her this post to read. We both believe that LOVE and POSITIVE THOUGHTS CAN CURE!!!  She has three children ,I have four, and the love we feel for them, each other and everything that we are a part of sustains our existence. It is truly magical. She is getting better day after day, and we know she will be healthy AGAIN. Thank you for sharing your experience. It s truly inspirational!

  • Sooz

    I think you are one of the most compassionate, caring and sensitive friends from J.A.’s Blog. You have always worn your heart on your sleeve which is a beautiful thing. I think you are amazing and I am very happy to know that you got up out of that bed. The world needs more people like ‘YOU’…
    ..and about our dear friend, J.A..
    He is a ‘Super~Hero’ and great friend. So grateful to have both of you in my life..

    • kamalravikant

      Thank you, Sooz.  That means a lot. 

      • Sooz

        peace to, Naval, too..
        for loving you so much!

  • Rob_in_Santa_Cruz

    I feel very fortunate to have found your site, James. In regards to Kamal’s experience, I have been telling myself that ( “I love you, Rob”) in order to go to sleep and otherwise calm down. I will try it more often. Thanks again, as for every person that posts here, there are undoubtedly dozens or even hundreds others who are also helped by your observations.

  • This post brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t even bother to read all the comments. Kamal’s comments on this blog have always lightened my heart. I am happy to “know him” as one knows someone on the Internet.

    Kamal- I am so pleased that you are better. I will learn from you – and love myself. Thank you. And thank you for allowing James share your story.

    It’s a fantastic day. :)

    • kamalravikant

      Thank you, that’s beautiful :)

  • Janet

    Dear Kamal

    From the moment you began saying “i love myself”

    How long did it take until you saw improvement?

    And how long until you were fully healed?


    • kamalravikant

      Hi Janet, I did it with a desperate intensity and noticed changes within days, which encouraged me to continue.  It took about a month to recover mostly.  By the way, I’m not bypassing medications.  But so much of body healing comes from the mind anyway.  And feeling better mentally, emotionally, it makes such a difference.  It’s a cycle that makes you improve and improve. So one should work on the mind regardless of what medication/therapy they choose.

  • tvn_vn

    Like for many other JA followers, this post and Kamal’s story have arrived at the perfect time for me. And this time, it feels like it should – doing the Daily Practice means it had to arrive. Thanks for sharing – very grateful for all the superb insights, and also for the quality of the comments from others. Best wishes to all…

  • I’d love to think that love for oneself were enough. But what if someone had serious, real, concrete reasons to dislike oneself? Maybe someone has done something irreparable. Love for oneself might be the first step which helps one confront the situation, but it doesn’t complete the circle; in other words: it doesn’t constitute reparation, not even repentance, and in some cases, (in the case of a sociopath, for example), it could even be an excuse, a pass, which would help a person to erase what remains of a guilty feeling.
    In any case, all the best to you Kamal.    

  • KJerzak

    I am so glad that I read this this morning as was able to reflect on it all day.  Very inspiring.  Myself, being knocked to the ground, I am constantly grateful to God…today I changed it up a bit, Thank you God, I love you, You love me, I love myself and I love my neighbor…thanks for keeping the love alive!

  • James,
    Really dosen’t matter how much I love myself, when you have politician like mine sucking blood out of every possible orifice for money, lets just say the love evaporates

  • Capitalistic

    Awesome post. Loving yourself through your own eyes is difficult for most people to do.

  • Lacheraqui

    james. kamal. for those of us who are barely balancing on the high wire with no net, who are up against the wall, who are feeling the pain at all four levels, whose wells have run dry and are looking frantically, desperately, for the next place to drill…thank you for this generous post and the kind, elegant reminders within.

  • Bruce Whitney

    This is just phenomenal! I may never be the first to the party…I just started reading this blog this week. Imagine my elation when I saw this post about a man I am humbled to called friend.  Oddly enough I just cracked the book earlier tonight, not having any Idea what to expect.  I am blown away by the book. Blown away by this post. Blown away by all the wonderful comments.  What a moment to be privileged to enjoy. I am grinning ear to ear and crying at the same time.  Thank you Kamal. Thank you James. Thank you all.

    Ain’t Life Grand?
     – Nathan Whitney (1915-2009)

    • kamalravikant

      Thanks, my friend :)

  • Andie_fc

    This story is absolutely amazing. I love the notion that thoughts become things and the point of power and change is in the present moment. What a blessing to be able to share such a remarkable experience.

  • christopherparker

    James, thank you for sharing this.  It’s what I needed and I think may have really changed my life.  I was ready.  Kamal, thank you for writing it.

    • kamalravikant

      Thank you, Christopherparker.  Very much appreciate it.

  • Dear James and Kamal – THANK YOU!!!! I read this yesterday, and it was exactly what I needed. I went to sleep last night (at 10:30! very unusual for me) repeating “I love myself”, and between all the great posts on James’ blog and that “mantra, I woke up this morning and started writing for the first time in 2 months. I had been paralyzed by fear and getting really depressed. Thank you sssoooo much for sharing! :-)

  • I was directed to this post by a friend for a variety of reasons. What an incredible post – it is exactly what I need, right now. Thank you (I’m off to download the book now).

  • Mano

    Thanks for the awesome post, James! And you deserve it, Kamal! I just completed reading your book. It’s amazingly simple with powerful insights. 

    • kamalravikant

      Glad you liked it, thank you!

  • david18

    this was an amazing article.  i’m going to get the book!!!!  after bottoming out a couple of months back i am doing better than i have in years, or decades, and doing work like you describe is making all the difference!

  • Mike

    If anyone has ever read David Lipsky’s road trip book with David Foster Wallace, there is a part in there where DFW says “If you can think of times in your life that you’ve treated people with extraordinary decency and love, and pure uninterested concern, just because they were valuable as human beings.  The ability to do that with ourselves.  To treat ourselves the way we would treat a really good, precious friend.   Or a tiny child of ours that we absolutely loved more than life itself.  And I think its possible to achieve that.  I think part of the job we’re here for is to learn how to do it.”

    He was clearly on to it.  Its a shame he couldn’t figure out how to do this for himself.

  • YN

    What a great reminder!

  • Mano

    Yes, it works so well! I don’t want to dig deep and know the reasons why it works. But it works. Thank you, James and Kamal.

  • Incredibly moving. Thank you James for sharing, and Kamal for being so open and brave.

  • Flowering Soul

    I LOVE this book! I’ve read EVERY self-help/enlightenment book on the planet and still do not LOVE myself! I read the book last night and have been saying, “I LOVE myself!” all day and am already feeling the ‘magic’! Thank YOU!

  • Cory Ledesma

    thanks, i needed this today

  • Geet

    Its amazing how this universe works! Since I have finally realized and internalized that ‘being happy and accepting oneself (loving self) is the paramount truth in life, I come across people who validate it. I have ordered the book(s) on Amazon and it will take some time before it reaches New Delhi! I look forward to reading them.
    Thank you Kamal for sharing your experiences and James for sharing them…
    All the best to you…

  • Lisa Towle

    Hello Jams and Kamal. I have been listening to your book and appreciate it’s simplicity. I feel like I don’t have a good reference for what it would be like to love myself. I mean, do I live in a castle and max out my credit cards because I love myself so much, or do I live in a small shack and stay connected to the earth, because I love myself? This is a hypothetical question, of course. I guess I have a hard time defining myself, so it’s harder to love a moving/changing target. Any suggestions about how I can get clarity/definition?

  • Celia K Dale

    I read Kamal’s book last night and the very first time I read I love myself, the tears started to flow. It was like that V8 moment. I immediately said it, then I said it again and again and read the book from front to back in no time flat. I then told my daughter to read it as if her life depended on it. All my life as far back as I can remember I’ve been unhappy. I’m 43 so that’s a long time. I was a miserable kid, a terrible teenager and an insecure, unhappy woman. I would come home from work and spend the rest of the night in my room. I couldn’t stand me and I had reached the end of my rope. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I needed to do something drastic or I’d slowly die. My truth… Well I know my truth and someday I’ll share it with someone else. But for now, I am loving myself. I am so in love with me I could shout it from the rooftops. The love and care and concern that I give those I love is the same love and care and concern I’m giving myself. I already feel the difference. I sprang out of bed and did my meditation and I listened and sang very loudly with my favorite song on the way to work. I will let nothing come between my love affair with ME. So, I’ve written this mini book Kamal to say thank you, thank you, thank you. You have shared a gift and I am grateful to God I found it.

  • James this is a powerful post. I will be reading Kamals book today. I can relate with both of you and Kamal (as far as the failed business and depression stage). I decided a few months ago I would write a book on all my stories. Im almost done just trying to find an editor before Im all finished. I hope to help people with my book to. Cheers to you James & Kamal. You guys are great. Thanks again – Alex

  • Andre Carvalho

    hi Kamal Ravikant. I’m andre and I just read your book nd I did get emotional wen I was reading your book just to think how much you’ve being through and coming to realise that what was missing in you was self love. I love your book a lot it teaches us to not get attach to material things because wen we loose everything.who are we now that lost all the things that we we’re attach. awesome book I will do everything that you put in your book. thanks for cheering your life experience with us. all the best. andre Carvalho

  • Kathryn Anker

    I very much enjoyed this article. Inspiring and hopeful. Thank you.

  • Mitch

    That book cover is obscene. If Kamal had something to do with it, shame on him.

    • sara hawes

      art is a reflection of life.. emotion, heartbreak – where is the shame in that?

  • Wisdomfortheage

    This reminds me of the Poem credited to 70 yr old Charlie Chaplin “When I began to love myself”. There is a verse in which seems my own life depends on remembering “As I began to love myself I recognized that my mind can disturb me and it can make me sick. But As I connected it to my heart, my mind became a valuable ally. Today I call this connection WISDOM OF THE HEART.”