Ep 64 – Tucker Max: Surprise Announcement! Part 1


My good friend Tucker Max was my first ever guest on The James Altucher Show. Now, 63 episodes later, he is my first repeat guest.

A few months ago, Tucker let me in on a secret that he had been keeping. He told me that he wanted to wait a while before he let the public know what it was, but once he decided to, he would like to reveal it on my podcast.

And he sure as hell delivers.

I’d like to talk more about the episode and the secret that he reveals, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Tune into the latest episode to find out what Tucker Max’s secret is!

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  • Mark

    Hi James,

    I know from your v/o stories you are unlikely to give this review much credence, you are likely to be obsessing over a criticism from someone who didn’t listen carefully enough!

    But as a Brit in England I just want to tell you that your question of Peter Diamandis and Stephen Kotler that pushed them beyond their prepared material into the realms of the Matrix, was WITHOUT A DOUBT the best question they have answered, anywhere.

    Generally, American interviews are congenial chats between two people who agree with each other too much, or ranting matches. This was a proper bait and trap in the best traditions of BBC radio 4.

    Absolute gold. Has had my mind noodling for days.

    Well done. Really. Excellent.



    PS I was head of media relations for a £bn FTSE 30 company for a fair time, and am a media trainer for corporate spokespeople- so don’t give be this praise lightly.

    • Thanks Mark. I like to obsess over praise much more than obsess over criticism so I appreciate that you wrote this.