How To Make Millions With Idea Sex

Stan Weston had an idea that would change the lives of little boys forever. And then he made a really bad decision.

He knew that girls liked to play with dolls. But boys had no dolls to play with. Boys liked guns and action.

Dolls + Action == ??

He made a doll based on a soldier, gave it a plastic gun, and called it an “action figure”. He named it GI Joe.

He showed it to Hasbro and Hasbro made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Hasbro said, “We’ll give you a license to take a piece of revenues forever. OR. We’ll give you $75,0000”.

Stan drove a hard bargain. He got them to raise that $75,000 to $100,000. He went home a happy man and put the $100,000 in his bank account.

Since then, GI Joe has sold over one billion dollars worth of merchandise.

Stan Weston didn’t come up with the newest newest new thing. All he did was combine the simplest concepts and made something that millions of kids loved.

THIS IS the critical thing he said that defined his success:

“Truly groundbreaking ideas are rare, but you don’t necessarily need one to make a career out of creativity. My definition of creativity is the logical combination of two or more existing elements that result in a new concept. The best way to make a living with your imagination is to develop innovative applications, not imagine completely new concepts.”

That’s it. Make two lists of what people love. Combine them. Have fun.

Do it every day (exercise. Practice makes progress. Progress makes permanent.).

Pick the best idea. Make billions. Help millions. Make people happy.


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  • pumptracks

    Thats hucking genius – two things I love fuse them together wow G.I Joe floating in the water….G.I Joe going in a cave – yes I am MAD.

  • Adam Abramowitz

    Great story.

    It reminds me of how Play-Doh was invented.

    It was originally created as an application for removing soot from peoples wallpaper.

    During the industrial revolution, coal furnaces were gradually replaced by electric. There was no more soot for people to remove from their homes.

    The company had warehouse full of product, with no one to sell it to.

    The Founder received a call from his niece (a teacher) who had given the kids in her class some of the “soot removal dough” to play with. They loved it.

    The founder re-invented his company, catering his product for a new client. Children.

    They integrated coloring for the dough and marketed it as a toy.

    And now we have Play- Doh.

  • বেন মক্যাডোও

    So all he made was the $100,000? I’m trying to find more about this. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ‘pimp game’ dynamics of life and human behavior.

  • “…creativity is the logical combination of two or more existing elements…”
    True words of wisdom, James. Innately wired to mix shit up, that’s how we create at the Tank…;) We come from the camp of practitioners who believe magic happens in the eye of “technology X liberal arts” storm. Just launched a service that aims to democratize the storm. We’re calling it Management Muse. A freelancing platform for Poets to cross-pollinate with Quants.

  • About Creativity

    Step by step.

  • Finola Howard

    Beautiful, inspiring and simple approach to creativity. Great technique to entice people to explore their creativity. Thank you :)

  • Kim Duckworth

    Love this!