Dr. Sanjiv Chopra: The Art of Well-Being

i read Dr. Sanjiv Chopra and about The Art of Well-Being after my flying lantern fell and melted to the floor

Episode 174

I heard her yell, “that’s my journey right there! I’m going to be a mom! And a doctor!”

The lantern flew. “Angels! Angels!” She yelled.

She passed me a lantern from the balcony above. She must have laid on the ground to reach her arm to mine.

“Don’t lose the wax. That’s what makes it fly.”

My friends wrote down wishes, lit the lantern and watched it sink down to the floor 20 feet below.

It burned to the ground. The ashes smelt like black popcorn.

And my friends began to mourn their dreams.

I left the party to read.

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra gave me 5 ideas to experiment with. His brother is Deepak Chopra.

They wrote the national bestseller, “Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny and the American Dream.”

(highly recommended)

Now Dr. Sanjiv just published, “The Big 5: Five Simple Things You Can Do to Live a Longer Healthier Life.”

Deepak called it “the lazy person’s guide to health and longevity.”

I am the lazy person.

When you listen to today’s podcast you’ll learn:

1. How to rewire your brain [13:00]
2. Dr. Sanjiv’s secret to never getting yelled at by his wife [10:14]
3. What exactly influences your health [38:15]

She kept yelling, “Father!”

“Angels, take them away.”

My head got heavy while reading.

The party ended. But it was still on my mind. The burnt dreams, the way she moaned to God, the connection between strangers, the distance betweens strangers…

From Sanjiv, I learned tricks to live longer.

And from the party I learned one trick to live fully…

Never depend on a lantern to carry your dreams.

Unless you’re the lantern.


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Thanks for reading. Become a member of my “Choose Yourself” community. Listen to my interview with Dr. Sanjiv Chopra to learn how 5 simple tricks to live longer and healthier. Then comment below. What will you do with a longer, healthier life?

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  • Laurie Walker

    James, I think this is the best post you’ve written yet. Namaste.

    • Murray Beaulieu

      Agree! Fabulous! Keep up the good work.

  • Ralph

    Great podcast, James, with lots of practical ideas. I really appreciate that Dr. Sanjiv Chopra’s recommendations are evidence-based from published research, not just his opinions or experience. I’m looking forward to reading his book. If you want to go deeper, though, you might check out Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. and his “How Not to Die”.

  • mtr amg

    coffee really might be good for us. Healthcare triage – who always looks at the research – says it’s pretty good…

  • Christine

    This episode helped me endure the most boring of errands: shopping for a fan and a pillow and making a return. I’m glad I heard this now I just got my results from my annual physical yesterday. My diagnosis is low vitamn D and boarder line pre-diabetic. Love the simple advice given. Can’t wait to see if I can increase my D levels by my 3 month check up. Walked the 45 min for today and will increase it overall this week and into eternity. I always felt bad if I had more than one cup of coffee a day but heck…Coffee breaks here I come !! Thanks Mr. Altucher !! More love & blessings for you and the familia.

  • sss

    Does Coffee with Milk & Black coffee has same benefits?

  • He seems to waiver on the effects of coffee regarding anxiety… My personal experience with too much caffeine is that it contributed to my anxiety. I had a period of my life where I was finishing grad school, working full time, and starting my now business of 10 years. I was drinking a lot of caffeine thinking it was helping me stay alert to get things done. I had three bad panic attacks over about a 4 week period. I was just really on edge. So a nurse practitioner put me on some meds. They made it worse. A doctor at the emergency room told me to stop taking them and gave me some kind of great pill that relaxed me (one time). I went back to my regular doctor the next day, who had been on vacation the first time. He told me to stop drinking any caffeine. I did. And I haven’t had that kind of anxiety since.

  • Sudhir Kumar Singh

    Dear James,

    It’s always been a great pleasure being avid listener to your podcasts and reader to your writings and books.

    Have one question from this podcast with Dr. Sanjiv Chopra. You sit with all the greats from different walks of life and get their suggestions all the tine and am sure you try to implement them in your personal life too if that is applicable to you. But, sometimes it feels that one suggestion (given by one eminent person) was against the suggestion given by another one on your show. So, how do you manage those suggestions in your own life?

    I will give you two recent examples:

    The first: Anyone I ask on coffee consumption, they say, too much of coffee is not good for you. But, Dr. Sanjiv Chopra says, 4-5 cups of daily coffee is actually good for any person who is not dealing with heart-burns etc. I guess you are adapting to his advice now. Did you hear any other suggestions on coffee intake from any other famous doctor which was against this claim? If yes, how do you deal with such contrary argument from two different scholars / experts?

    Another example: You queried to Johan Berger, where he suggests to compete with peers who are slightly better than you for the skill that you wish to acquire, that you have always tried to learn any skill from best in business. Somehow, Johan tries to cover his claim but was not completely convincing. Once again two contradictory statements.

    I might receive a response to this question from you or might not, I admit that it’s a tough sit where you are sitting and managing these arguments / suggestions, being well aware that there is a massive audience listening to your podcasts.

    Bravo James!!

    Sudhir Singh,
    The Netherlands

  • Louise

    This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. Practical and evidence based. Thank you!

  • Renata

    What was the brand name of Vitamin D Dr. Chopra mention on the podcast?

  • James Buechler

    loved “put down the fork bet. bites”, doing it now; gggggreat advice. also ordered jr jacobs book Drop Dead Healthy, whose suggestion i followed: get a pedometer, walk a lot of steps, 10,000 i do sometimes, but other movement work too, so it balances out. thanks, james.

    wish i could be your adviser, have heard 1,000’s of hours of interviews on health since jan, ’09.