Politics Has Nothing To Do With Politics


Here’s a conspiracy that wasn’t just a theory.

From 1942-1945, 130,000 people worked on this project without telling anyone else.

When “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – that’s when the rest of the world found out.

Harry Truman said, “We made a $2 billion scientific gamble…and we won!”

250,000 civilians were killed. That was the metric for winning.

65,000 civilians were killed within three seconds of the bomb dropping on Hiroshima.

Harry Truman was re-elected, then retired. His daughter wrote mystery novels.

That’s politics.

Politics mixed with bureaucracy creates death. Creates delay. Creates debt.

Politics mixed with television creates ratings. Creates advertising dollars. Newspaper stories. Water cooler conversation. Twitter memes.

Each election has to up the ante for entertainment.

People say to me, “Why don’t you vote?”

The role of politics is to help those less fortunate who might not be able to help themselves. This is a very small part of the population

The role of government can be extended to say: don’t murder people or rob from people.

Since 1992, across three presidents, average salary for people ages 18-40 has gone DOWN from $36,000 to $33,000 while student loan debt has gone straight up, inflation has gone up, healthcare costs has gone up, housing costs have gone up.

Who are we doing all of this work for? Who is making the money off of the value you work hard to create?

Gingko Biloba trees are a species that has been around for 270,000,000 years.

They were the only things that didn’t die during the Hiroshima bombing. They are flourishing in Hiroshima today. Politics didn’t destroy them.

Humans have been around 200,000 years. Maybe we have a few more years to go, give or take. We had an OK run.

Voting won’t stop the tidal wave of politics destroying our species. There are only two gifts you can give that will help society.

Love is the gift you give yourself. Kindness is the gift you give others.

That’s how I try to vote each day. But it’s really difficult and I’m just one vote.

P.S. –  But when it comes to general elections I don’t vote. I won’t vote…

I have no political anti-establishment reason for not voting. I’m not an anarchist. I just don’t see why I should vote.

A vote is a choice between two elaborate theatrical productions…

It’s a choice between the aesthetics of Star Wars versus Indiana Jones.

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It’s a vote to see which artist more cleverly evokes our mythological and unconscious responses to the perilous world around us.

Oh and there’s this…We’ve had a Republican, a Republican, a Democrat, a Republican, a Republican, a Democrat, a Republican, a Democrat – since I was a little kid.

Meanwhile salaries are plummeting in America today.

They are going down versus inflation, versus healthcare costs, versus housing costs, versus food… versus just about everything.

The median real salary today, adjusted for inflation, is almost 10% lower than it was in 2007.

It’s lower than it was in the year 2000.

And average hourly wages are lower than they were 40 years ago, according to recent U.S. News & World Report article.

A salary will not keep your family afloat anymore.

Even two salaries won’t keep most families afloat. The idea of retirement–for tens of millions of Americans–doesn’t even exist anymore.

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  • Carmela

    Gingko biloba (not bilboa). Love your writing. Just finished Choose Yourself this weekend.

  • JohnG

    Big fan, James. I am not voting this year mainly because I live in a state where Trump is guaranteed to win. I am trying to move back to a state that is currently very pro-Clinton. Not sure what that says about anything. Please keep writing, James. Really helps liven up the mornings.

    • Midnight Tok’ra

      That’s the kind of thinking that will ensure a Trump presidency. Do you really want to do that to us?

      • JohnG

        Trump is going to win. It’s like the line from Men In Black where K tells J at the beginning “A person is smart. People are stupid.” I think people are a little bit racist as well and they don’t want to admit it. Trump will destroy the economy, ruin the Supreme Court for the next 30 years and probably start a nuclear war with some other country. But on November 8th, more than enough people will believe the lies about Hillary Clinton and push the button for Trump. For the same reasons they watch the Kardashians. He’s entertaining and people trust the words coming out of his orange, bloated face. Cause he has been on the TV. Hope I am wrong but I don’t think so. Canada is looking better and better.

        • Rondo

          You should educate yourself regarding Hillary.

          • JohnG

            She is no bed of roses, I know that. I did not want a Clinton or a Bush as President. But Hillary Clinton has released 3 decades worth of tax returns and Trump won’t release one. The George W. Bush administration used private email servers and deleted millions of emails and the Republicans never pushed to investigate it. Seven times in eight years, Bush asked to raise the debt ceiling and seven times the Republicans voted unanimously to do it. The first time Obama tried to raise the debt ceiling, the Republicans shut down the country. Now we have Donald Trump, a serial liar with at least 4 and maybe 6 bankruptcies, who apparently doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t pay his workers and undoubtedly is in bed with former KGB chief Putin. Maybe instead of telling me to educate myself, you need to stop using Breitbart News as your primary source of knowledge.

          • yohami

            No he’s right, dig more into her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyaFsPKjZdo

        • Looks like you were spot on. I’m sorry.

          • JohnG

            Thanks for the condolences. We’ll be fine. Trump has made too many promises that he can’t keep. It will be entertaining to watch him try to weasel out of all the stupid things he said to win the election. I feel sorry for the ones that voted for him. They feel left out and seriously want change but they have put their faith in a con man. Maybe in four years we will have someone decent to vote for.

      • Rondo

        I hope Trump wins.

        Hillary is the most corrupt candidate for President ever.

        • Midnight Tok’ra

          Keep drinking the kool-aid.

          For 25 years they’ve been trying to pin something on her. She’s either not guilty or the greatest criminal mastermind the world has ever seen. Either way, good presidential material.

          • Rondo

            Hmm emails the foundation even her name she lied about what about stealing from the white hose too many things. Educate yourself

          • Midnight Tok’ra

            This is America. Speak American.

          • Rondo
          • Midnight Tok’ra

            Hey, Kool-Aid!

      • JohnG

        Just wanted to set the record straight that I did go ahead and vote but my choice did not win. Oh well.

  • Bryan Fyock

    With the understanding that it is nearly impossible for us to fight against or bring wholesale change to the government and politics, this post is an interesting perspective that manages to find life amidst death. Thank you for the ray of light, James.

  • jawad ben

    Great perspective James. Whether we like or not, we still have to elect a president or any politician to continue on the destruction more than building bridges between people. In the current situation, casting our vote will swing the presidency to a lesser dangerous person. The choice is ours. Peace & Love.

  • James Buechler

    This is a real gem from start to finish

  • Grzegorz Albrecht

    Hey James! It’s Gingko Biloba (not Bilboa). Thanks for your podcast. I really enjoy it.

  • wolf61

    ‘The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.’

    • Steve Martin

      Hmm … sounds like two sides of the same coin.

  • Kevin

    The argument thread in the comments shows they entirely missed the point of James’ article. Not who’s the best candidate, they are all hurting us.

  • Suzanne MacDowell

    I had my million dollar idea today. I am going to sell Trump Bullshit on Amazon. The package will include something that he said that is just gibberish, or an out and out lie juxtaposed against the truth, and will include a big piece of fake poop, spray painted gold. Our motto will be: “You can’t polish this turd, but you can gold plate it.” LOL, I bet it sells like, um, not hot cakes …. cow pies???????

  • Paul

    Wonderful article. Warms my heart.