The 20 Habits of Eventual Millionaires

eventual millionaires

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I read book after book but the advice seemed awful. And even the advice that was clearly good ("eat better") there was almost zero chance I would follow.

I don't know how to take good advice. I don't know how to give it. And all of this talk about "habits" seems beyond me.

I was all alone with no one around to police the spill of my primitive desires.

Trapped in that nightmare world between: "If only this had happened" and "if this happens, I will be a success" without thinking that right now is when things can be different.

The negative things I was doing were weighing on me, causing me anxiety, stress, darkness, draining me of energy, and I refused to take responsibility for them.

So I tried something. Happiness is when you do good things for yourself, but do them just a little each day - else disappointment and failure.

Every day I'd take a random habit that I knew was good (see the attached 20) and I'd try to improve it a little. Just "1%".

Following these habits was not about me. I didn't see success in me.

I noticed I was impacting others when I followed good habits. A good habit is the pebble dropped in the ocean that ripples out to every shore.

Each habit compounds over time. Each habit is a super power.

Self worth is a myth. We're in this together. Our actions are the impact everyone else feels.

Be the person that everyone remembers.

These 20 habits are the seeds. You plant them, you water them, some grow, you grow, everyone grows. I only know this because I had to do it.

P.S.  About habit number 6, “Stand next to the smartest person in the room”...

I find my best ideas this way.

I make the best friends this way.

And I make money ONLY when I do this.


  • Kevin Bingham

    Love it! Though can we get a larger version?

  • Adam

    Is there a chance I can get this pic:
    in high resolution?

    I’d like to make a poster out of it.

  • James Buechler

    Terrific altucher.

  • Jesse Schweizer

    Mr. Altucher, may I suggest using a PNG version of the graphic instead of JPG?

    A lossless format would be great for your readers!

    Short explanation: JPGs lose information each time they’re replicated–that’s why the graphic is blurry here, better on Facebook, and (maybe) better still on Twitter. Consider a JPG as a copy of a copy of a copy ad infinitum.

  • Disbshaun

    I only count 19. Am I missing one??

  • Melayne Flores

    Love your comment about standing next to the smartest person in the room. It reminds me of the advice my mom gave me: sit in the front of the room, closest to your teacher! I wish I had listened more closely and asked her more questions! Boy, do I miss her now.

  • Steve Cousins

    I love those but I don’t really agree with the first one. My entire life changed because I learned to say yes to almost everything. I wasn’t overwhelmed by time wasting requests, but then I understand you are celebrity status and I was never that. Instead I was drawn outside of my introverted, narrow comfort zone and thrust into some very scary life changing situations. And even after I “made it” I kept on saying yes 90% of the time, every time unless I was completely positive it made no sense and wouldn’t give me any chance to learn something new. I get the concept and I’m sure it works for most people but for me, if I had believed that was the way to go, I’d have used it as a crutch to avoid the very ventures that changed my life for the better!

  • Will Chou