I Challenged Tim Ferriss To Arm Wrestling And This Is What Happened Next…

We spoke for three hours. It was my longest podcast ever so I decided to release it in two parts.

Part two is out today.

At the end of the podcast I don’t know what I was thinking.

First I was thinking ‘arm wrestle’. But then I was thinking he’d destroy me because we had spent a long time in the podcast on how to build strength.

He had strength and I didn’t.

So I said, “give me a handicap”. We started with me about 1 centimeter from winning.

Then he crushed me.

I said, “You must have some sort of 4 hour arm wrestle thing going on here;.”

He said, “Ok, this is what you do. Grip the other person’s hand so your hand is almost at a 90 degree angle.

“Then, instead of pushing down, it is much easier to push towards yourself. Much less energy exerted.”

And if you watch the attached video, that is what happened.

Another important item from Tim’s book, “Tools of the Titans”:

One of his podcast guests quotes Louis CK: Louis CK says, ‘if you think about something for three times in a single week, then you have to write about it.’

Great tip for writers experiencing any type of writer’s block.

And I’ve thought about this arm wrestle at least three times this week

Listen here:

or start here with part 1: Becoming a Titan & Overcoming Your Worst Weakness



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  • Rick Derris

    Don’t let it bother you, Jim. The guy basically cheated, just like how he did in his martial arts “match.” Plus you still have your hair.

    • SirDukeNickRock

      Ouch, Dude.lol

  • I don’t think it’s a matter of technique … compare the biceps!

    • Sensitive RAB Guy

      I miss the link to questionable stock picks

  • Jim Samuel

    Whenever I listen to Tim Ferris, I feel like he is a guy I should dislike but don’t.

    • Thats astute. I met him once at my cousin’s wedding before he was famous (teaching at Princeton, a year prior to 4hrww), and he went on for a long while about all he had accomplished (won national tango competition, kickboxing in Thailand, supplement business etc..) I thought he was just bullshitting until I realized he was completely serious. 99 percent of the time you hear something like that, you think the person is a boor or braggart. But Tim’s accomplishments and perspective were so unusual and interesting that he was way more impressive than annoying — and, unlike some self-promoters, he spent about half the time listening and asking interesting questions about me.

    • Brian Retford

      Totally agree – as a friend said at a party – Tim is a D.B. with heart of gold. It’s hard to feel anything bad about him.

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  • Chris Cardillo

    Looks like a scene from Over the Top. James has the Sylvester Stallone facial expressions down pat.

  • I loved this one and definitely buying TOT for christmas. Another great podcast i listened to today http://bit.ly/2gKhuxn

    • Sensitive RAB Guy

      Another great podcast I *recorded today.


      • You’re the best hahah!

  • Nicole Wirch

    I usually listen to Tim very carefully, and even anticipate it at some point and I never get the hint of asshole at all. Like the guy said below, it seems like you should dislike him but he never leaves me with that feeling just more enlightened. Thanks James you are great!