Doing Well By Doing Good

I don’t think Craig wanted to talk to me. For one thing, I smelled.

I woke up late and rushed out to get to the “Women Entrepreneurs” breakfast where Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist was speaking.

There were about 40 women there, Craig, and then me. I crashed the breakfast.

I had some questions for him. But he kept angling away from me. Don’t think I can’t read the body language, Craig!

I have to be honest: whenever I’ve started a business, its because I wanted to make money. A lot of it.

I think this philosophy destroyed my life for decades. Too eager to cash out. Never doing things that I loved doing for myself.

Craig just changed my mind.

When Craig moved to San Francisco from Detroit, he knew nothing about the city.

“My friends helped me. They told me good places to live, eat, places to visit, places to have fun.”

So he started sending out an email to all his friends about the favorite places he was discovering. He loved it. And people were excited to get his email.

He had no interest in doing a business. He was just trying to return the favor. Then he became passionate about it.

The email grew. And grew. until an email wasn’t enough and he made it a website. The website has barely changed in 20 years other than to expand cities.

Almost 100% of the site charges no money.

“We only started charging apartment brokers in Manhattan because they asked to be charged so they wouldn’t go out of business from various scams that were trying to hurt them.

“We charged them $10 per listing.”

Why did you charge so little?

“Because sometimes you only need to do enough. You don’t need to take every dollar.”

He said, “our business model is ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’.”

This is the opposite of the advice, “try to solve people’s problems and charge for it”.

He was simply doing what excited him. He did it for free because he loved it. He got good at it because he loved it and it was helping people.

I try now to think of the things that excite me. If you do this, some of those things will intersect with ‘doing good’.

Do the things that fascinate you. Not the things that solve other people’s problems. I want to do the things that make ME happy.

He has a multi-billion dollar business now. And what does he do now? He does more good.

But I think he didn’t like me.


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  • d_byns

    Very inspiring! Im just discovering your blog James and I have to say, it makes my day everyday. I have the feeling you know exactly where I am in my life. Your book, ‘choose Yourself’ was given to me as a gift and I just ate it up!!!

    Concerning this Latest blog…I have tons of ideas, but my problem is, I just don’t know how to start developing them. Im not a Rocket Scientist, but if I did have a brilliant idea about Jet Propulsion and the laws of Physics, how would I go about making this dream a reality. For Craig it seemed quite simple. The pieces just fell into place somehow, but we do not all have the advantage.

    I suppose you have received such a question often enough and it is probably silly, but what would you do?….a great idea, but in no means knows how to get the ball rolling, because the subject is too foreign and lack of funds. ( I mean building a rocket is expensive..isnt it?)…;D

    • JasonRH

      Everybody has ideas. Start learning the skills to execute on one of your ideas. If you have ideas for rockets and don’t want to learn rocket science or physics then pick off one of your smaller ideas and learn what you need to do to get the ball rolling on that. Don’t disempower yourself by saying that your ideas are so big and vast that you can’t possibly achieve them. If you have an idea about jet propulsion but don’t know anything about jet propulsion, then start learning about jet propulsion (read books, watch talks, meet people in the field, go to conferences, etc). It’s actually really simple. Too many people are idea junkies. If you can’t move an idea forward, well, then it’s just an idea. I have a background in computer science and programming, people tell me all the time, “I have this great idea for a (insert website/app idea here).” I listen to their idea, sometimes I tell them, “Wow, that’s a great idea. Now go learn how to build it yourself.”

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  • Stimpy

    Does he really think that his “casual encounters” is ‘doing good’?

  • Kanika Coleman

    I just went on CL after reading this article !!