[Special Edition]: I’m Celebrating 300 Episodes!

I’m celebrating my 300th episode. With a GIANT episode. I took all the best clips from years and years of podcast. And recorded some new “behind the scenes” thoughts and ideas about each clip (what I learned and why I loved this guest, how they helped me and how they can help you, too). You’ll hear advice and EXCLUSIVE stories from Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Sara Blakely, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday and the list goes on. THIS is episode 300! And I can’t thank you enough for listening.

P.S. If want to go back to hear the full episodes with these guests, click below:

Ep. 62 – Tony Robbins: Money Is Just A Game

Ep. 217 – Tony Robbins: About The Time Tony Robbins Smashed The Podcast Table (and other things I learned)

Ep. 211 – Sara Blakely: What I Learned From Spanx Founder Sara Blakely

Ep. 204 – Mike Massimino: “I’m Not Good Enough” Probably Means You Will Get Good Enough

Ep. 63 – Tucker Max: Tucker’s Surprise Announcement

Ep. 133 – Tucker Max: Mate: Become the Man Women Want

Ep. 221 – Tucker Max: The Difference Between People Who Succeed and People Who Don’t

Ep. 226 – Jon Morrow: Do You Have A Gun To Your Head?

Ep. 258 – Nancy Cartwright: Becoming Bart Simpson… How to Find the Artist Inside Yourself

Ep. 288 – Mike Van Cleave: A Conversation About Cancer & Learning How to Discard the Meaningless

Ep. 24 – Mark Cuban: Enough Said

Ep. 290 – Ray Dalio: Principles for Investing in a Meaningful Life (Tested Strategies from 1 of the World’s Wealthiest Investors)

Ep. 263 – Naval Ravikant: The Largest Transfer of Wealth in Human History

Ep. 28 – Kamal Ravikant: How to Become an Angel Investor with Only $1000

Ep. 202 – Kamal Ravikant: Maybe a Pilgrimage Can Save Your Life

Ep. 227 – Garry Kasparov: Become The World’s Greatest at What You Love Most

Ep. 216 – Yuval Noah Harari: The Next Step in Our Evolution

Ep. 231 – Jim Norton: Dropout and Laugh (A Comedian’s Journey)

Ep. 180 – AJ Jacobs: Four Words That Will Give You Ultimate Freedom

Ep. 213 – AJ Jacobs: Podcasting, Then and NOW

Ep. 261 – AJ Jacobs: The Intersection Between Discomfort and Curiosity

Ep. 293 – AJ Jacobs: Why We Experiment (And Why You Should Also) 

Ep. 157 – Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Be Successful by Being Yourself

Ep. 2 – Gary Vaynerchuk: Millionaire by Age 35

Ep. 260 – Gary Vaynerchuk: Set a Flag on YOUR Thing

Ep. 22 – Tim Ferriss: Possibilities and Experimentation

Ep. 109 – Tim Ferriss: The Tim Ferriss Experiment Revealed 

Ep. 196 – Tim Ferriss: Becoming a Titan & Overcoming Your Worst Weakness

Ep. 281 – Tim Ferriss: Using a New Lens to Make Life Easier

Ep. 150 – Daymond John: Do This When Success if Your Only Option

Ep. 210 – Daymond John: How to Create Your Own Point of View & Build a Following

Ep. 141 – Judy Blume: Stop Wondering “What is it all for?”

Ep. 13 – Arianna Huffington: The New Way To Thrive

Ep. 169 – Arianna Huffington: The Delusion We’re All Suffering From

Ep. 18 – Ryan Holiday: Turning Trials into Triumph

Ep. 108 – Ryan Holiday: Ryan Shares His Keys to Success

Ep. 171 – Ryan Holiday: The Powerful Enemy of Your Success

Ep. 222 – Ryan Holiday: The Essential Question: How To Live A Good Life

Ep. 238 – Ryan Holiday: The Art of Making and Marketing

Ep. 298 – Ryan Holiday: Competition is for Losers: Invent Your Own Category

Ep. 59 – Brian Koppelman: Brian Ruined My Life

Ep. 98 – Brian Koppelman: The Art of Super-Creativity

Ep. 193 – Brian Koppelman: How to Deliver Every Single Time

Ep. 139 – Cheryl Strayed: James’ Go-To Author

Ep. 6 – Dr. Wayne Dyer: A Test to See If You Are Ordinary

Ep. 129 – Dr. Wayne Dyer: Namaste

Ep. 273 – Sheila Nevins: The HBO Producer Who Dawned the Era of the Human Experience

Ep. 42 – Coolio: Entrepreneur’s Paradise

Ep. 35 – Biz Markie: The Best and Worst Interview You’ll Ever Hear

Ep. 159 – Derek Sivers: The Zen Master of Entrepreneurship

Ep. 45 – Nassim Taleb: Why You Should Embrace Uncertainty


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  • Rebecca Whitworth

    Wayne here…Great show James! Congrats on 300! Keep it up Bro!

  • Dili Solomon

    Though I am a new man here, I read some episode it very good. Congratulation big achievement for celebrating 300 of them

  • Andrew Bartelt

    I wanted to listen to 263 but couldn’t.

  • I only recently discovered The James Altucher Show, and this is a great episode to start with. I absolutely loved it! SO MUCH great content packed into this almost 4 hour episode. Great insights from the guests AND from James. Good stuff!

  • Congrats
    Love your show and how YOU speak to and WITH your guests. Question: What is the name of your sponsor who takes care about customer relationships (i guess it was some kind of software but i dont remember the name..) thankx :)