Todd Barry: Accidental Comedian

Todd Barry talks to James Altucher about Accidentally becoming a Comedian

Episode 311: Accidental Comedian – How to Stumble Into Your Calling

“It’s weird to do something that you didn’t really plan on doing,” Todd Barry said. He’s a comedian, actor and author of “Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg: One Comedian’s Tour of Not The biggest cities in the World.”

But he wanted to be a musician.

“I didn’t go on stage with the conscious goal of pursuing comedy. In my mind, I still wanted to be in a band. And at some point, I think it was like 8 months in where, I was like, ‘I guess I guess I’m doing this.’”

I wanted to know what kept him going. And it was simple.  

“Weirdly, I don’t think I ever said ‘I’m thinking about quitting…’ which I guess is pretty telling.”

I never thought about quitting this podcast. Or my writing.

Some things I think about quitting every day. But then “reason” comes in.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t choose myself but only because I’m choosing myself in other areas of life. And I think that’s normal.

Todd stayed on stage. He became a comedian. He didn’t jump.

Maybe that’s how you find your calling…

By not quitting what you don’t hate, you create skill. And skill becomes love.

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