Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of anti-Jewish comments. See below photo. I don’t really know why.

I wasn’t really raised Jewish and haven’t been to many Jewish ceremonies since I was a kid.

We all know about Jewish people like Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk (polio vaccine), and perhaps the greatest Jewish person of all, Greg Pincus, who invented modern contraception.

But little known are these great American creations invented by the unsung Jewish heroes of our time.

I figured, in conjunction with the comment made by my good friend, Gerald above, I would list these inventions so that we would not forget. Never forget!

Robert Adler, invented the TV Remote Control. He has saved me THOUSANDS of hours of walking up to the TV and actually changing the channel. Thank you, my Jewish brother, Robert.

“Syl” Goldman, who invented the shopping cart. When I am filling up on the Pringles cans, how would I carry them all. Thank G-d for this creative jew who invented the shopping cart in his own grocery story, the Humpty-Dumpty Grocery chain in Tulsa, Oklahoma in Depression-era 30s.

Joseph Friedman, the “Flexi-straw”. You know, the straw that you can get that bends as opposed to the inflexible straws. I HATE having to move my neck while drinking a McDonald’s shake.

Akiba Horowitz, the Flashlight. I praise Akiba’s Jew name whenever I am looking for things in the dark and have to use a flashlight. incidentally, he changed the name of his company from “American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing” to EverReady and became known for another invention…batteries.

So forget the jews who invented Chemotherapy, Google, Lasers, Dialysis, and let’s focus on the real heroes who help us in the daily struggle of living.

Congrats to them. Congrats to us. Shame on Gerald but I forgive you.

The only way to forgive hate, to suffer through pain, is to be grateful for the many things we often take for granted in life.

Tonight I will be using the remote control and find a show on Netflix. I will order a soda and sip from a Flexi straw.

I will honor my heritage and to be grateful for this wonderful life we live.

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  • James Buechler

    Everyday while journaling my morning pages, a hefty percentage involves gratitude. You go, James.

  • I am thankful to Gerald for inspiring this incredibly funny and great post!

  • Craig

    Well played, sir. Well played!

  • VODi

    James: I appreciate your witty intellect and snappy ‘take that you idiot’ retorts (and education) — and it wouldn’t matter if you were raised as the most orthodox or the least jewish or not a jew at all — that kind of anti-semitism and bigotry is disgusting and unacceptable.

    Unfortunately it seems more tolerated and encouraged than ever before in some quarters, while in others recognized as the kind of dangerous history-can-repeat-itself bigotry and stupidity we must not become inured to.

    You have allies and friends, James. We must all stand as allies together against this kind of crap.

  • Anthony Butler

    LOL. This is really funny. Thanks James!

  • Bennett

    What’s with all the online anti-Semitism I’ve seen recently?

    I’d always thought that the US, as a fundamentally Protestant nation steeped in the Old Testament, had a strong strain of philo-Semitism. I was naive enough to believe that the Jewish values of hard work, accomplishment, delayed gratification, sincere and all-consuming study, ethical self-questioning, and improving your community were also American values, and as such, Jews would not feel as out of place there as they would in places where these values were not as strong.

    And my feelings were personal, as well. Although I am a gentile, I took it upon myself to learn Hebrew and read the Torah in the original. Maybe I thought a little chutzpah would rub off.

    But look at the comment threads to any Jewish- or Israel-themed themed YouTube video, news story, blog post. So much hate, so much venom. And much of it from Americans. Is this a vocal minority, or is it what most people are really thinking? The scary thing is, I can’t tell.

    I used to think that Israel, while an admirable creation, was a redundancy. After all, Jews lived quite happily in the US. Now, I’m not so sure.

    Oh, by the way, I’d say comment threads are also a Jewish invention. Look at the Talmud – there’s the Mishna, commented on by the Gemara, commented on by Rashi and Rambam, who are then commented on by the tosafot. The internet is becoming a Talmud for anti-Semites.

  • Eric Waddell

    A wonderful demonstration of how reason and humor shines a bright light on ignorance and bigotry. May you always face such comments with your usual grace.

  • Joseph Rodriguez

    Larry Harlow, great salsa band leader from the 70s

  • Laurin Desso

    Never pray for money, always pray for Israel. Yahweh requires that from us. Thank you James for your incites and I wouldn’t have known you were of the house of Judea. Well, Maybe.

  • healthandnutrition

    Jewish people are the chosen ones. Case closed. Now help find me a nice Jewish man. And please, ignore the trolls. You are so beyond this it’s not worth talking about.

    • J Copperhead

      Comments like this invite people like Gerald to spew his venom. We are born white, tall, short, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and no reason to take credit for any of that as it was an achievement. Everyone bar none has the right under the Laws of the Land to be free, even to be a “scumbag” if he/she chooses. Jews don’t have to be in Israel or a ghetto to be free. They should be free and their rights protected in ANY country they live in.

      James fell in the trap set intentionally or stupidly by Gerald and his ilk of mind, by focusing and attributing a list of commendable achievements to “Jews,” making it sound as if their “Jewishness” ALONE did it,leading of course to people like Gerald to say,’see, as I told you, Jews feel superior to the rest of the human race….” If that was true, then the Yemeni Jews, or Ethiopian Jews, or Moroccan Jews, being ancient and THE most likely to be direct descendants of Biblical Hebrew Tribes, would be the Einsteins of the world. They are not. If James or the geniuses he listed above were raised in Sudan, or in Gaza, or in Haiti, their Jewishness wouldn’t have helped much with their ingenuity, or rewarded them for their hard work. German Jews, American Jews, English Jews,certainly benefited from nature, which had its contribution of 5-10 % like the rest of us poopi-pants, but NURTURE and CULTURE made them great, like it did to many non-Jews.

      We are human beings -Homo-Sapiens on the way to extinction. Let’s not complicate our dire situation by piling more bullshit on top of all the sickness we are enduring of political, economical, and social injustice.

  • nikita6050

    I grew up with a very unbiased outlook on life and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt.
    This is also how I raised my daughter with the same mindset as myself. Your hard work, hilarious approach to every situation presented and great fortitude are very endearing traits. Cruel comments from others can be hard to digest and eat away at your soul. These comments do not define you, I think the next Jewish inventor should develop a off switch to the brain to block out the negative world. Love what you do James!

  • Cardinal Fangg

    I agree with Wendy below – although the hate spewed from the minds of people like Gerald is appalling I appreciate that it gave you the opportunity to respond with such an entertaining, and informative (Eveready??!!!!??) post.

    James, you are an inspiration and as also stated below, I try to begin or end every day with a focus on gratitude thanks to you. We all get hate from someone, doesn’t matter what we look like, or how we worship, or where we were born anymore. Hate has become universal, it’s just not equally spread.

    The best way we can fight back is exactly how you’ve shown us here. Let it roll off, do not believe for one second it defines you, and keep being a 1% better person every day.

    Thanks James, you rock!

    By the way – Reinvent Yourself and other information you’ve shared with the world helped me to become a successful writer in less than two years. I didn’t have the nerve to attempt a third career change until I read your book and began to follow you online.

    Thank you so much for helping met to get past my fears.

    Chuck Warren

  • Debbie Sipowicz

    Thanks for writing this. I love how you turned that random negative comment into something funny and inspiring. You rock.

  • stephanie sun

    Fun and cute post! The internet trolls are jealous of James.

  • Vernon Fragnito

    I understand all the contributions made by Jewish people and how their inventions have improved the lives of countless millions. That said, we have to acknowledge a few of the Jewish people that had adverse affects on the world in general: The Rothchild banking family who financed the Nazi war machine or how about the Sackler family who through their ownership of Purdue Pharma (through their ruthless marketing of painkillers) have led to the deaths of thousands through opioid addiction.

    • elfel

      and why are you posting this? “Because we have to acknowledge a few of the Jewish…..”, Really? We have to? I guess we have to for the same reason why the article was written. But even your facts are wrong. The Rothchilds never financed the Nazis. In fact the Nazis used the Ordinance on the Registration of Jewish Assets to dissolve nearly all of the Rothschild’s charitable and educational foundations. Much of the private property of those Rothschilds in Germany was stolen or confiscated.
      The Rothschild’s didn’t fund Hitler. His government stole their money and property and dissolved the charities they created.

  • Omar Ricardo

    Thank you, James! I want Gerald to know that I am thankful to the Jewish people for the following:
    Chuck Lorre and The Big Bang Theory
    Jon Stewart
    Don Rickles

  • Naman Jain

    Excellent sir. I am an indian and a great fan of the jewish people’s contribution to society. Also as indians we can proudly say that as a country there has been no persecution of jews on our soil.

  • Julius Cesar

    Racists want an Israel for white people, where a real or hypothetical reduction in the number of white people in contrast to non-white people is seen as a threat to national identity. The worst white supremacist has a lot in common with your average Zionist. They believe their race is superior and more important than others (to believe your race is “chosen” is pretty Hitleresque, as offensive as that may sound to some) and arbors a God-given right to dominate the inferiors (the whole Palestine thing, with Arabs refusing to bow down to clearly superior Jews). I suppose white racists like Gerald, besides envying the success of Jews, are annoyed by a glaring contradiction among so many Jews, where they are progressive and pro-multiculturalism in the Western world where they live and pro-nationalism and pro-authoritarianism in Israel. It’s a double standard that although implicitly acknowledged by a lot of people should never be mentioned. I’m mentioning it here for obvious reasons (I don’t think neo-nazis browse this site). Besides Gerald, that is.

  • Richard_Ran

    “We all know about Jewish people like Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk (polio vaccine)” –

    Come again? Jonas Salk the criminal doctor who experimented on orphans to avoid parental consent, crippling hundreds and killing at least 11? Jonas Salk the posterboy for the Big Pharma pseudo-science of “vaccination”? The Salk who conducted illegal experiments with flu vaccines on mentally ill patients in Michigan?

    Yes, we know about him.
    You apparently don’t James, or worse, chose to deny some inconvenient facts about this appalling doctor.

    EDIT: forgot to mention that Jonas Salk should properly be remembered as the crook who gave the US and the world SV40 through his pseudo-scientific Rockefeller-sponsored vaccines. Cancer for all folks. Salk’s gift to the people.

  • Am I the only one who realizes the guy’s name is Gerard, not Gerald?