12 People Who Found Success Later In Life

This is what happens at 50:


Nothing changes. And I’m still ambitious. And I still worry about tomorrow. And I still want to learn to be more peaceful.

I still want to choose myself. For health. For success. For good people in my life.

You have more experiences to create art, write a book, start a business.

With know how to DO instead of just type onto an angry message on Twitter.

And in 50 years, hopefully I have at least one, maybe two, unique things to say.

People say, “no idea is new”.

This is BS. Every idea is new. You did it.

When I was ten I wanted to be an astronaut, a writer, a spy, a superhero, and an advice columnist.

I wrote a play. I did spy on people. But I couldn’t figure out how to be a superhero. I read collected columns of “Dear Abby” (an advice columnist) every day.

The only advice I remember her giving was to a woman who was married to a guy who would go to clubs for “sexual favors”. The woman didn’t know what to do. Abby told her!

Then when I was in sixth grade I forgot all about the things in fifth grade. I wanted to be President! Then in seventh grade I joined a cult. And so on.

Now, people as young as 17 are sending me emails that say, “I’m 17 and I feel like I have done nothing in life! What should I do?”

There’s a simple answer: do whatever you want. Then it all adds up.

If you try to get 1% better each day at your health, at your relationships and the way you treat people, at your creativity, and at turning despair into gratitude, then that 1% compounds into an amazing person.

Do that 1%. Take one action. Even if the actions is for one minute. The 1/1/1 strategy.

I know this. Because I’m still compounding. What is 1%? Whatever you want it to be. The math of life is multi-dimensional.

What happens to amazing people? Everything happens to them. And you never worry about what you accomplish. Because there is no ONE thing. There is EVERY thing. And every day.

Here are some people who accomplished things late in life. I admire all of them. I’m 50, and one day I’m going to figure out what I want to do with my life.


  • Linda Lee/@LadyQuixote

    You are awesome. Happy birthday! Fifty was a great year for me. I recently turned sixty-five. So far, this is my best year yet!

  • I am 30, I want to one of them, is it okay to tell my self extremely angry how stupid or bad they’re acting instead of put in angry telling them, I just to pretend not angry and how I feel bad them ? cause I see many things screwed up to me. I feel suffer of the people how to extreme anger and wrong mindset.James are you same thinking with me?

  • Hello! I really liked this post. It was very inspiring and motivating. I’m a married woman with 2 kids and currently living here in Metro Manila, Philippines. Sometimes I felt like I had nothing else to do anymore, thank you for this because it was able to inspire me. Being 40 does not mean that there are only a few things that I could do in life. Your age would not determine whether or not you would become successful, but it is with you perseverance and hardwork. Hoping for the best!

  • Neal Pritchett

    Hello all
    I am 60 – yes, 60. I dropped out of college at 19, and then went back, and dropped out again at 30. I have done a lot of things in life. Many of the things I have done seemed pointless, and many still do. Yet everything contributed to what I am today – whatever that is. At 58, I went back to college. This time I am going to finish. I know this, because I am not here out of desperation; I am here out of desire. I want this, and I damn well am going to get it. I have already graduated from a technical program, and will have my degree in two more semesters. Why didn’t I do this when I was 19 or when I was 30? I didn’t do it, because I didn’t do it. Why am I doing it now? I am doing it now, because I am doing it. I logician or professional writer would tell me that the preceding was circular logic, and that this is a bad thing I don’t think so. Sometimes you do things, and sometimes you don’t. Much of life is about the will to do things. I am writing now, and have sold two pieces of writing. I am saving for a motorhome, and just spent a fair amount of money on some new lenses and camera bodies, so I can take photos to go with my writing. We have a lot fo power in our lives, but have been trained not to use it. Deciding what to do, and then doing it, appears to to be the secret of everything ,