Any political predictions for 2012?

Any political predictions for 2012? –@socialhotchoco

I have no preferences one way or the other. Everyone thought Obama was going to bring peace. Instead we’re bombing six countries and have military in 130 others, healthcare is more complicated than ever, taxes are killing us right in the middle of economic troubles, etc. And Bush was no better. And Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt, Hoover, etc. etc. was no better.

Everyone says Ron Paul has no chance even though I find him to be strikingly honest for a politician and he’s winning in the polls. It reminds me of a stock I once owned. I called another hedge fund manager who had 10 million shares of it. He said, “listen, this stock is going to go from $1 to $5 and then shortsellers are going to spread nasty untre rumors about it and it will fall back into the$2s until the next move up.” He was exactly right and Ron Paul reminds me of that stock right now.

I’d really like to be surprised and find a President who actually makes my life better. But I don’t think it will happen which is why I think we should Abolish the Presidency and take it one step further: Abolish Congress

Then I think life will be better. But those things are not going to happen. So I never rely on politics for my happiness. Or it’s outcomes.

But, like anyone, I enjoy watching the sporting event of it.

So my one prediction, whether I like this prediction or not, is:

Republicans: Romney is the Presidential candidate and Chis Christie is the VP candidate. This keeps both Wall Street and the Tea party happy and they raise a zillion dollars.

Democrats: Obama is the Presidential candidate and Hilary Clinton is the surprise VP candidate. Hilary’s served her time. Biden is nobody. And Obama needs and extra oomph to overcome his poor ratings. After that, it’s a close race. It’s hard to unseat a sitting President.