Any thoughts on Eckhart Tolle?

Any thoughts on Eckhart Tolle? –@EricRomer

Eckhart Tolle wrote the best seller “The Power of Now” and was fortunate to spend some couch time with Oprah Winfrey to really propel his message to the masses. When he first wrote the book, he printed up 3000 copies and basically went door to door at all the bookstores and handed them out. It took him years to find success, which I truly appreciate. I also think much of the advice in “The Power of Now” is interesting to read. It’s a watered down version (he does not admit this) of the Hindu philosophy AdvaitaVenta (best exemplified by a teacher from 100 years ago, RamanaMaharshi) but Tolle does a good job translating that into every day language and I agree with his approach of not mentioning the roots of his philosophy.

The one thing I think limits Tolle is that he hasn’t raised a family, or failed at a business or a career, or has shared his own stories of sadness, depression, and pain. I think that ultimately limits his message. Many of have real careers that we are stressed about, family that drives us crazy, businesses that we fail at.

Many of us need to get off the floor after those failures and know that the hand that’s reaching out to us comes from someone who has been there before.