10 Jobs That Pay $100k Or More (WITHOUT A College Degree)…

Remember…I told you 3 reasons why college is (still) a lie.

If you missed it, read this post.

Better yet make sure you listen to this podcast with Ryan Deiss. He’s one of the most successful names in his industry…and together we’re going to help guide you away from what’s broken to what’s working now.

One more time. Everything that used to be safe…

It doesn’t exist anymore.


Ugh, I sound too depressing. I’m not a pessimist.

I am an optimist. It might not seem like that because of what I’ve written above.

But these ideas I’m sharing with you today will help you survive. I have been through every failure imaginable. Loss of family. loss of health, loss of mind.

Loss of money…


I’ve applied these techniques for myself. You can try them too.

Over the past ten years I’ve also seen others apply these ideas.

And in the past three years I’ve interviewed hundreds of other people who are aware of what is happening.

They have reinvented themselves. They have thrived.

They have surfed the rage that is simmering underneath and ridden that rage to greater highs and greater hopes.

These people will save the world.

You and I can be like these people. They have done it and made it to the finish line and beyond.

Now is the time to do it. It’s going to be too late tomorrow. And it was too early yesterday.

Today reinvention begins. And tomorrow it continues.


I recommend you start with a skill set that will make you more money at your current job, help you start something on the side…or let you quit and start your own business.

Learn how to sell something. Learn how to market something.

Listen, I’ve never read a book on sales. They seemed corny.

Like many people, I always looked down on the concept of “selling.” It seemed like something lower than me.

To some extent, selling appears manipulative. You have a product where you give the perception it has more value than it has in reality. So you need to manipulate people to buy it. This seems sad.

I was a salesman snob.

I was wrong…

And for the past 25 years all I have been doing is selling. Selling products, selling services, selling businesses, selling myself.

But don’t listen to me.

Listen to Ryan Deiss. He’s a world class marketer and he’s sold way more than I have. Ryan can land in a desert with no computer and no Internet and still somehow build a hundred million dollar online business.

Today, he’ll show you the easiest way for you to learn these same skills…for just $1.


Oh and here is a list of 10 jobs that pay $100k or more and don’t require a college degree.

But honestly I don’t know anything about these jobs. I can’t help you get them.

I can only tell you what I know works…what I’ve seen work for others. So try any of the jobs below if you want.

Or let someone I know…someone I trust and respect teach you a skill set with huge earning potential. How can Ryan Deiss help you?

He’ll start by showing you the fast, fun, & convenient way to learn how to effectively grow a business online…for just $1.


Here are the other jobs…

  1. Executive Chef
  2. Real Estate Broker
  3. Small Business Owner
  4. Construction Manager
  5. Plumber
  6. Fire Chief
  7. Court Reporter
  8. Pilot
  9. Air Traffic Controller
  10. Network IT Manager

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