The Best Comedian of All Time…

I used to watch comedy. And I had a totally different list.

Now I’ve been doing standup for almost three years. Now I see so many more of the subtleties.

But still my list changes every day.

Today this is my list:

A) Dave Chappelle.

Watch how he tells a story. He uses his voice, his body, he gets angry, he does impressions, watch how he uses his eyes, watch how he uses the mic and steps backwards, watch how he slows down, speeds up. And listen to the punchlines.

The man is a demon. The nuances in every moment of his performances are so immense I can’t even absorb it all.



B) Louis CK

I know. I know. It’s inexcusable now what he’s done.


He takes every single topic ever, finds the weird and anger in it, twists it into an absurdist story, acts it out with voices and finally punches and punches it again.

He is a must-watch for the artistry. It’s horrible that it can no longer be taken out of context.


Those two are my favorites. But I have many runner-ups.

Gary Gulman.

He tells the funniest six minute joke ever. We once did an entire podcast breaking down every line of that joke.

(watch this clip:)

Daniel Tosh

Before I give a talk I often listen to his standup. He has a fast, smart energy that gives me confidence in my talks.

Bonnie McFarlane.

She does the best classic setup-punchlines.

Jerrod Carmichael

His pace is so slow it’s like he’s trying to work out his material right there with the audience. It makes his performances endearing and you want to laugh with him.

Bo Burnham

He might be the best ever. I might have to change this list tomorrow and put him at the top. I only put him here because there’s no way I can ever do what he does. But the last eight minutes (“Kanye rant”) of his last special is the best comedy ever.

(the Kanye rant).

Anthony Jeselnik

He refuses to be liked. And yet…he’s likable. He insults the audience. He brags. He’s arrogant. And then he has a punchline to wrap it all up.

And for the people too “stupid” to get it, he explains it. Letting himself tell the same joke twice and it’s even funnier.

Sarah Silverman

It’s because she’s trying to explain her reality and it just never quits come across. And thats the punchline.

That’s my second list. I have a third list but it’s huge.

Chris Rock, Tony Rock, Geno Bisconte, Marina Franklin, Aaron Berg, Judah Friedlander (best crowd work ever), Todd Barry (best crowd work ever), and many more.

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