I give up. And I changed. And I wanted to immerse myself in something new. Yet again.

There’s no one “ism” that will define a good life

Surrendering to change, embracing it, rolling with it, understanding it, loving it, hating it, experimenting with it, mastering it, is the key to loving it.

Surrendering to change is the key that allows me to be immersed in a full life.

Sometimes it’s really painful. Sometimes I hate change. It often gives me great anxiety. And I begin to miss my old life.

But I won’t give up anything in exchange for immersing myself in the next steps in my life.


Every part of the universe, for 15 billion years, changes all the time. The only way to be in FLOW in every way is to embrace that change. Meld with it in every way. This for me, is the key to choosing myself.

I never forget that Process is Art. And I always document the process. So here it is.

It’s been three years of THAT. And now I’m doing THIS.

Here’s my latest change.

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