The 1min 37sec Guide To Beating Fear (And Making Money Like I Do)

Here’s why my Top 1% Advisory Research Service works even after the market crashed:

How has a guy like me with no MBA…

No formal investing education…

And no real power managed to make millions of dollars on opportunities most Wall Street bankers often completely miss?


You should know that for almost every major venture, there’s a “backdoor” way to take advantage of the exact same idea using the ordinary stock market.

It’s like getting a private stake… BEFORE the company goes mainstream.

And I don’t just mean a little 5% 0r 10% gain.

When I find a “backdoor” stock that meets my criteria, the gains can be huge.

  • Like the 269% gain I saw on Taser International (TASR)
  • The 375% gain I saw on Google (GOOG)
  • The 248% gain I saw on Vascular Solutions (VASC)… and dozens more.

I find these stocks through the network I’ve spent my entire adult life building.

I follow smart investors into deals that the public won’t often know about.

It’s like having someone on “the inside”.

That’s how I do it…that’s why this is working.

But that doesn’t mean everything will always go exactly the way I want it to.

I don’t have superpowers that can protect us from every market downturn…

There is no magic here, you’re smart enough to know that.

Maybe that’s why you haven’t yet joined my Top 1% Research Advisory Service.

I can’t tell you, personally, whether you should or shouldn’t.

But you should see this…

I get emails like these everyday from Top 1% Members who had moments of fear.


It really gave me heartburn to pay as much as I did to become a lifetime member into your 1% Advisory without knowing what the future would hold, especially when your first recommendation dropped way below your recommended buy price. I can honestly say now, however, that I am $21,000 ahead at the present time and cashed out enough to cover your fee to become a lifetime member. I am holding out for a bigger profit on the remainder!


Don C.


And this…


“Hi James,

This email is not a question but a thank you. I started investing about two days before [stock name removed] crashed. I initially bought at $15.83. I kept buying and kept losing…until this month.

I am happy to have stayed the course 🙂

Thank you very much James and best regards!

Steve H”


They’re happy (and so am I).  Why?

They chose to “partner” with me. We’re beating Wall St at their own game.

They beat the fear keeping so many people from creating new income.

They followed my recommendations (even when they were a little nervous.)

And they’re making money.


Not because my recommendations went straight up like I wish they would have from day one…

But because, ultimately, this research does work (and now you have proof).

Because I’m committed to this…

To them.

To you.


And now I’m even more confident in this research service than when we first started.

Here’s why…


My recommendations made it through the market crash of early 2016 when things were looking bad:

Like when this supply chain solutions company dipped more than -15% in January before rallying back to +16% as of May 25th.

Or when this chemical company fell off a cliff in November, slipping by as much as 70% by January, but the recovery has been just as strong. The double-down position we recommended just after the stock crashed is now up 86%!

Or when this digital media company rallied 20% in Dec. only to sink to -11% in Feb. Since then, it’s rallied again and our overall position is up 9%.


Of course even during a market wide downturn we were able to pick many stocks that were winners from the start…

Like this metal manufacturing company that’s been straight up since we bought…+33% at last glance.


Listen, I’m proud of this research service and I want you to join me.  And because you’ve been a reader of mine for a while now I’ll make you an unbeatable offer, one that I’ve never made before…

For a little while longer I’ll give you a full year of my Top 1% Advisory for 40% off (that’s $1,000 in savings).


P.S. Remember…

I say Wall St. is a scam, and it is.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money.

I do.

My members do.

You can too.

And right now you can choose yourself, join thousands of other Top 1% Advisory Members and (for a little while longer) take 40% ($1,000!) of the price of one year’s membership.

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