How To Become A Jedi Knight

In 2005, I had a business going down the drain (my biggest customer went out of business) and I had no other source of income. I couldn’t believe how scared I was.

I don’t know why: but I became obsessed with “The Force” in Star Wars. I bought all sorts of books like “The Tao of Star Wars”. I decided to use The Force to save my business. To try and remain calm and to focus on each day doing my best rather than panicking about the future.

Short story: My business got saved and did well. I didn’t shut it down until I started another business which did better. I love these techniques I picked up from watching over and over again the Star Wars movies.

A week ago, Disney released all six movies again. Plus a new trailer for the next movie was released. I watched them all with the same passion I had as a child.

It reminded me of my love for the movies, my love for the ideas and philosophy of the movies.

It reminded me of the strength of being calm – and of the weakness of being angry, full of fear, and aggression. Fear will never solve the problems of the future and only drain you of much-needed strength today.

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how to become a jedi

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