Live Your Truth – Or Die Your Lie

There’s going to be a revolution inside of me. A “James Spring”.

We all have different voices inside of us: the voice that wants to make money, the voice that wants to be loved, the voice that wants to be authentic, and so on.

When they work together, the best version of ourselves comes out. When they disagree (you hate your job, you hate your art, you are feeling stuck, etc), revolt happens.

I might get sick. Or I might be unhappy. Or I might lose people in my life that I love. All of these things have happened to me when one or more of the voices have felt disenfranchised.

Who knows?

I’ve known Kamal forever now in blog years. The last book he wrote, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It” has become a motto for me. My life has depended on loving myself. So many times.

His new book is going to be my new motto. “Live Your Truth”. I interpret that to mean when all the factions are working together. No revolt. No sickness or revolution. Happiness.

But heck, I also decided to try an experiment with this post. A picture is worth a 1000 words so maybe a video is worth 10 million words.

I called up Kamal and said, “I have some questions about your book.”

He said, “ok. Ask away.”

And I said, “No, let’s do it on a podcast”.

So we did a video where I ask him all about his new excellent book that technically comes  out today.

It’s going to be a classic like his last book is already becoming. We go through: why he wrote the book, what has happened to him since the last book came out, what are the steps to “living your truth” and so on.

You can ask Kamal questions in the comments here and I’m sure he will answer. And if you like the idea of me doing video interviews, let me know.

Click the image below for the video or Click Here to watch the 14 minute video.

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