Money, Freedom And How Not To Ruin It All…

If you believe money will buy your freedom – you’re wrong.

I believed it….

So I did everything I could to make a lot of money.

I started a company. I was building websites for huge companies (think

And I was making more money than I knew what to do with. I was finally able to be free. The future felt bright.

But instead I bought chains.

I bought a house…

I bought a paintings…

I bought expensive material goods that turned me into a sick maniac.

Money can buy A LOT of chains. Many more chains than if you didn’t have money.

But although I ruined it, just like so many other people do, I realized that money often gives you a momentary glimpse of freedom for the first time in your life.


What I’ve found:  Money, freedom and how not to ruin it all.

That glimpse of freedom money first gives you is not a lie.

It’s real. It can last. Just don’t ruin it.


Decluttering. Not just your house….

  • But your body: make sure you’re healthy every day.
  • Your emotions: make sure you only spend time with people you love and who inspire you.
  • Your mind: make sure you attempt to be creative every day. Creativity takes the mind away from anxieties.

And then…make some money.

But do it by making money YOUR way. Don’t let the chains creep into your life.

Invest in experiences. In people you love. In things that make you happy.

Making money is the easy part.

Breaking the chains is the hard part.

Many people write to ask me how they can make more money. (There are so many ways you can make money. For example, can you write a letter like this?)

But no one writes me to ask how to break their chains.


I’m experimenting with no chains…

No house. No stuff. No “job”.

Nothing I can’t put in a bag and carry.

I can go anywhere anytime…no chains.

That feels like freedom to me right now, but you don’t have to be “homeless” like me to be free.


That doesn’t mean money isn’t important.

The ability to make money on your own terms makes everything easier.

It makes it easier to do what you want.

But you have to choose the freedom you want by choosing what chains you don’t want.

Making a lot of money isn’t the same as being free.

If you really feel like a lack of money is holding you back then develop a portable, highly valuable skill that let’s you work on your own terms (like writing for money).


Just don’t buy more chains once you do.


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