Six People You Must Find Today

The aliens have a mission for you.

Six people out of seven billion people were sent from deep space on a mission to Earth.

Each of these people contains a part of a hidden message encoded in their DNA.

You have twenty four hours to find all six people, reach into their DNA to get the message, line the pieces up to put the message together, use your Captain Crunch decoder ring to decode the message.


Once you do this, oxytocin will explode through your body, lighting up all of your pleasure centers.

If you don’t do this in twenty four hours the world will be obliterated. The aliens will come. The good aliens are long dead.

They moved on to another dimension because of superior technology that we can’t understand.

The only things they left behind were you and the six people around the world out of seven billion that you must find. Please find them today.

For the sake of all humanity, PLEASE! Write their names in a notebook. Preferably a waiter’s pad.

Then do it again tomorrow.

Here’s my promise: your life will be 100% different in six months if you do this.

This is your mission. You were chosen to find these people.

I wish I could help you. But I have my own mission today.

The six people you need to find:

1) SOMEONE TO LOVE. Write the name and why you love this person.

2) SOMEONE TO THANK. You must call them and thank them. If you can’t call them, just write their name down.

3) SOMEONE TO BE GRATEFUL FOR: (but you can’t thank directly. Maybe they are dead. Or long gone from your life.)

4) SOMEONE TO FORGIVE: (you don’t have to physically forgive them. It turns out the same amount of oxytocin is released if you write their name down on a piece of paper and forgive them).

5) SOMEONE TO FORGET: (no need to be angry anymore, my sweet baby. Forgetting and moving on, even if their actions were unforgivable).

6) SOMEONE TO ADMIRE: We can often rewire the brain by thinking about the people we want to admire and emulate.

Oxytocin will get released. Enough to re-energize your DNA. To send electric signals that will destroy the bad alien battleships that will arrive on Earth in 24 hours.

You have to repeat tomorrow. Else all is lost.


There! Claudia, I just proved I can do a short post.

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