Podcast Corner: A New 30-Day Book Challenge!

A New 30-Day Book Challenge Is Here!

When I launched the first 30-day book challenge, I got a lot of great feedback. So I decided to keep doing it.

If you do any of these challenges, I will retweet and talk about your book. 

Read the show notes of the episode here.

Jevon “JT” McCormick: From the Son of a Pimp to the President and CEO of Scribe Media

You probably know I’m very into self-publishing, so when the president and CEO of Scribe Media, Jevon “JT” McCormick’s new book, I Got There, came out, I had to have him on the show to talk about his life journey.

He was the son of a pimp, and now he’s the president and CEO of a major media company. He sticks to his core principle, not letting his past pull him down. 

Read the show notes of the episode here.

Don’t Stir Up So Much Trouble, Zuby!

Zuby, perhaps the nicest person on the planet, is a rapper, podcast host, author, and also, he broke the women’s world heavy-lifting record. Let him tell the story. He’s also got advice on how to go viral on social media… and he explains why he might be the calmest person on the planet. 

Read the show notes of the podcast here.

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