Can you make a living from blogging anymore?

April Judson ‏ @AprilJudson can you make a living from blogging anymore??

ANSWER: I don’t really know if anyone has ever made a living from blogging. Maybe there has been three types: the companies that created, wordpress, weblogs, etc.

The companies that call themselves blogs but are really mini-media empires (HuffPo, Gawker, etc)

And three: the bloggers who sell DVDs on “how to make money blogging”.

So the answer is “No”


Assuming you have a kick-ass blog (great content, you syndicate a lot, etc)

You can parlay that into:

– Books

– Consulting opportunities

– Speaking opportunities

– Investing opportunities

– Client opportunities

From my blog I’ve made money on each of those. Far more than I would’ve made from taking ads.