Dealing with uncertainty and which idea to choose?

Gregory DSouza ‏@gregdsouza: How do u deal with uncertainty to pursue what you love when u are interested in many things. But maybe the best at ONE!!

chris ‏@chris_peacock1: what if you have 5 what you great ideas which do pick first


Two answers. Diversity and Time Management

Time Management. This is what you are really asking. If an idea didn’t take up so much time you wouldn’t be so concerned about the uncertainty of it. Wake up ten minutes earlier. Go to sleep ten minutes later. Don’t watch TV. Believe it or not: don’t eat dinner. You don’t need it. Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t take on wasted meetings. Most meetings amount to a big ZERO. Don’t hang out with friends more than once a week. Don’t read books that don’t move your forward on your idea. Don’t play games online or surf more than you need to. Even if you just do the items I describe above you’ve probably saved 50 hours a week. Now take one day on the weekend to work. Don’t go to family events that are boring. Don’t do things that you can delegate (for example, you get a bed from ikea – get a local handyman to build it. You just saved yourself 3 hours).

Most people are awful at time management. They sit around at night toasting their friends over late night dinners, desserts, alcohol, walking, flying, saying, “I wish I had more time for my novel/idea/job/family/etc” and they just killed eight hours. KILLED. Those eight hours are dead. Then they wake up late, hungover, realize it wasn’t really that fun the night before and then that morning KILLS another four hours. KILLED 12 HOURS.

Diversity. What you really need to do is do all of your ideas. You say you have many ideas. You can bring down uncertainty by doing all of them. It’s not true that if you spread yourself too thin you will do none of them well. If you do time management well and if you learn how to delegate and filter out the useless activities you will be able to do each one activity as if you were anyone else doing that one activity full time!

When I did, which I successfully sold, I was running a fulltime business and also experimenting with ten other websites and writing a book. This had a cost. I had no friends (but that is always temporary). I was a bit of a mess in a lot of ways (but that was temporary). But I produced a baby idea that grew into a nice success very quickly.

You will experience such growth if you follow the two ideas above.