Do we believe that we have free will?

Collin Ferry ‏ @collinferry Do we believe that we have free will? (This is different than asking if you believe the future is already written)

ANSWER: This gets esoteric. I respect everyone’s opinion in terms of religion. People have religion and faith for many reasons. They also believe in things like “free will” or no “free will” for many reasons.

I believe in free will for two reasons and they are related.

A) The only moment that actually exists that we can PROVE without a doubt because we are experiencing it is right now. We don’t actually know if the past exists, and we don’t really know if the future exists. There’s no way to know. So the concept of free will doesn’t even make sense in that context. Free will for what? There’s no future. There’s only now.

B) Information itself is finite. All atoms, all thoughts, all information, all everything, is made out of material that vomited out of the Big Bang about 16 billion years ago. What was before then? The question doesn’t even make sense. Time itself started with the Big Bang.

In my personal beliefs, I believe in whatever was before the Big Bang. Which, as I’ve said above, doesn’t even make sense because information didn’t exist then. So Belief, Faith, Will, Time, God, Consciousness, Self – none of that makes sense. The real You, Me, Everyone, are clothed by the fabrics that came out of that Big Bang, but inside is something else that we can’t understand because the information to explain it doesn’t exist.

In a nutshell, that’s my belief. And the way we get closer to that 15 billion year old essence that is inside our true self is by (I believe) the daily practice I describe in this post: keeping the physical,emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies in shape and in constant improvement. And , in doing so, you’ll be able to see right down through them to whatever reality has to offer.