Do you consider marijuana a dangerous drug? ‏@TheBJJMind: do you consider marijuana a dangerous drug?


Falling in obsessive love releases various chemicals in the body. And when the girl breaks up with me it means I’m going to walk past her building a million times. It means I might spy on her. It means I might wait for her to call. It means I might cry if she doesn’t.

I’ll write her letters. I’ll explain things to her. I’ll buy her things. I’ll do anything to get her to smile.

Whatever that goddamn chemical is that is being released throughout my body during those moments is the most dangerous drug I’ve ever tried.

After that: alcohol. Which makes you do things you know you shouldn’t do and it makes you like people you know you shouldn’t like. That sounds pretty dangerous to me.

After that: nicotine. Which gives you lung cancer, strokes, heart disease, and other things that will kill you.

I haven’t really tried any other drugs other than those and marijuana. Oh! LSD once. Don’t try it after the age of 25. Life is like LSD after that age.

So what has marijuana done for me? Pretty much nothing.

One time at a party I smoked so much I couldn’t stop coughing and everyone was laughing at me. I had to go into a private room at the party and just sit there while I went back and forth between coughing and having this feeling that time was slowing down just for me. I went to the party with a girl. She left with someone else. My friends thought I was an idiot. I woke up the next morning on the lawn outside my apartment and I spent the rest of the day trying to apologize to people who didn’t think I did anything wrong, they just thought I was stupid.

So that’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me on that “dangerous” drug. And I never had it again.

Oh wait, that’s a lie. I had it once in 1999. I was invested in a company called Gooey. They were an IM chat software that worked on web pages. So if you and I were on the same web page, we would see each other and be able to IM with each other. They got an offer from Star Media (remember them?) for $100 million. I owned 3% of the company. I was on the board. I went up to their apartment (four Israelis in one apartment) and they were all smoking marijuana so I joined them.

“Please sell the company to Star Media,” I told them. “I will get you all hedged up and you can pull cash out of the deal immediately.”

One of them said, after taking his puff, “Who the fuck is Star Media? We are GOOEY! We want Yahoo to buy us.”

Six months later they were filing for bankruptcy.

So yes, it’s a very dangerous drug.