Doesn’t being happy and thwarting your want for things impact ambition?

Prat Agarwal ‏@PratPreneur: Doesn’t being happy and thwarting your want for things impact ambition?


When I was in 7th grade we had one of those stupid “Most Popular”, “Most Funny”, etc class election sort of things. For some reason I was voted: “Most Ambitious”. I can tell my dad, who was their at the “graduation” was a little embarassed. He said to me, “did you even want that?”

What good is ambition? What is it? Let’s break it down. It means there’s some goal in the distant future that you might achieve that will make you, perhaps, happier than you are now.

Ambition is about time travel. It’s about traveling to an unknown future science fiction society where your dreams have come true. Your ambition has become magically quenched in this future and I guess the idea is you no longer feel it.

Take a step back. Pretend the ambitious side of yourself is another human being living in your body. Feel that ambition in your body. Say hello to it.

Now ask, “who am I without that ambition?” Let’s say you are ambitious to make a million dollars. Or you are ambitious to fall in love? Who are you without those ambitions? Take a deep breath while you ask it. Are you breathing? What sounds do you hear? What things do you see in front of you?

Can you be happy with what you have right now? Now go down the rabbit hole. Take it one step further. Whoever is happy, put that person aside. Who are you now? Keep going. Keep going until nothing exists but you. Who are you?