Guy I've been seeing cancels dates yet asked me to be exclusive. Annoys me. He's great when we're together. What should I do?

Guy I’ve been seeing cancels dates yet asked me to be exclusive. Annoys me. He’s great when we’re together. What should I do? –@BiopsyGirl

Well, there could be more details here I don’t know. Is he an astronaut? Does he call you and say, “honey,I’m going into space tonight so I can’t make it.” In which case, didn’t he know that a week in advance.

So here’s my gut take on a guy who cancels dates: because I’ve been on both sides: I’ve cancelled dates and I’ve had dates cancelled on me by women who I had a great time with when we actually went out on dates.

Gut take: dump him and move on.

How come? Because he’s either dating other people at the same time (but of course he wants you to be exclusive. Why not?)

Or he doesn’t respect your own time. You’re supposed to be in that initial dating honeymoon period. You want a guy who can’t get enough of you. Who is dying to see you and kiss you and touch you and give you happiness.

If he isn’t respectful of your time now and not jumping over fences to see you then how will he be in six months. Or in a year. Or two? What about when he proposes but cancels the wedding? What about when you have kids and then he runs out on the marriage? What about when your sick and you need help but he needs to go out of town?

End it now and find someone better. Even though that might feel hard at first.