How can I make a living as an artist?

Brian Moss ‏ @brianmossart how can I make a living as an artist?


Making a living as an artist requires 2 things: Quantity of work, and networking. For better or for worse, art in this world is all mixed up with personality and charisma.To answer your question I asked a friend of mine with a $500 million art collection and that was his answer. You need to have GREAT art AND be out there in the parties.

In other words, it’s unfortunate but to be a great artist requires you to be all the things a great businessman needs: ideas, charisma, networking ability, an ability to follow up, an ability to promote yourself, etc. I wrote a post once about a guy who didn’t even create his own art, nobody new, and he STILL became a famous artist because of forgery.

So maybe I can offer a shortcut that we can all practice, including me. Be an artist in ever aspect of your life. You can’t just be a painter anymore, or a photographer, or whatever. You can’t BE anything.

Be yourself, and from the moment you wake up in the morning try to make this day different from any other day you ever experienced. Make the day a work of art.

So few people do that. And it would make life much more fun if everyone did.