How can one learn to make a product / service sparkle?

David Mansaray ‏ @DavidMansaray: I’ve discovered the difference between good and great: the final polish. How can one learn to make a product / service sparkle?


The only way: release the product you have. Then get users. Then get feedback.

Then tweak based on the feedback. Then release new features. It doesn’t even matter if your first batch of customers are still with you. You’ll get new customers.

Repeat the process again and again. There is no such thing as a final polish. If you love your product and passionately feel you are delivering great value to your customers you will keep on releasing, keep on tweaking, keep on building.

Note that products that are good but not GREAT (Coca-cola, for instance, has no real distinguishing factors from its competitors) rely on billions of dollars in marketing to fool people into thinking they are great. So the best marketing and the best way to save money is to actually be great.

That’s why this process is so important and will make your business successful.