How do I cope with constant failure anxiety?

How do I cope with constant failure anxiety / lag? i.e. #1 question I get all the time: why haven’t you succeeded yet? –@beerismysavior

By your twitter handle I can give you one quick answer: Stop drinking. Alcohol does two or three things: 1) it’s a depressant. So why take something that is going to reduce confidence and make you depressed. 2) it has a lot of sugar. So you won’t sleep so well. 3) Its linked to all sorts of heart diseases, cancers, strokes. It’s hard enough being human. Why take on those extra burdens. Particularly if beer is your savior my guess is you are drinking too much of it.

But even more important, sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to look the other way. Someone once told me, the universe doesn’t hear negative things. So if you say, “I want to avoid failure”. The universe doesn’t hear the word “avoid” so its as if you are repeating over and over, “I want failure”.

So try this:

– Eliminate all the negative people in your life. It’s hard. Sometimes its close relatives or friends. Ok, you can’t eliminate them but take a break from them. For a month, only positive people. Ask out to lunch people you haven’t seen in years who are good, positive people.

– Most important: NEVER be envious of others. When you are envious it puts a wall between you and success. You are already afraid to fail. Why now put a wall in front of yourself that you have to climb. Catch yourself being envious and every time you catch yourself repeat, “I am so happy for this person’s success.” Then you will succeed also.

Note, we don’t have to think about failure while we are focusing on these positive things.