How do I make my unknown website popular?

How do I make my unknown website popular? –@ThePorchHound

It’s funny how “honesty” becomes a strong competitive advantage. Your entire competition is dishonest. I’m not saying they are lying. They are just slick, or are hiding the truth in various ways. They might give “10 best ways to find success” but don’t talk about all the times they failed.

In 1995 (I forget the exact site) there was a girl who was a narcoleptic. She slept 20 hours a day. But, she had a diary she kept online (what we would call a blog now). And because she so honest and sincere about what she was going through, she had more hits per day than People Magazine’s fledgling website.

Sincere voices always rise to the top. Honesty and bleeding are so easy for us to do and yet NONE of our competitors do it. Be honest and you will rise to the top [See, 33 Unusual Ways to Be a Better Writer]

One great example is… Google. Imagine being a consulting company but whenever a client comes to you, you say “no, you should go to my competitor over here”.

That’s what Google does. If you type in “cancer”, Google itself has no content about cancer but will point you to all of its website competitors that do have information that can help you about cancer. Consequently, Google is the most popular website in the world. It’s the source. And his is why Yahoo websites are number two. Yahoo is also a source. Become a Source. You do that through honesty, through fearless bleeding, so people know that your site or business first is the truest spot for information that we all need. [See, How Honesty can make You Rich]