How do you apologize to someone?

Ed Zitron ‏@edzitron: how do you apologize to someone


A few years ago I had to call someone I blew off for many years. I didn’t have to call him but I wanted to. He had been a good friend and then for some reason I stopped returning his calls. And then when I stopped returning them, he kept calling and saying, “why aren’t you returning my calls?” and I felt so bad I kept telling myself, “I’ll return his call tomorrow, DEFINITELY” and then I never would.

So eventually I called him. I simply said, “I’m sorry. I get that way sometimes and I don’t know why. I get weird but I want to get together and hang out and I’m sorry.” So we got together and hung out. And, because we truly are good friends, even though years had passed by, we instantly were good friends again. We took a long walk. I showed him the ring I had gotten for Claudia to ask her to marry me. He said congratulations. I hadn’t even shown Claudia that ring yet. It was nice to share my secret with a good friend. But the apology came first. Just be honest about it and hold your breath and get it over with. So you can be friends again.