How do you become more persuasive? ‏@TheBJJMind: how to be more persuasive?


I’m going to make a list.

– Honesty. If people know you are always honest and you never BS, even at the smallest levels. You never exaggerate. You have no hidden agendas, etc. then you will be more persuasive. Your words will have infinitely more power. Honesty has exponential and not linear rewards. The more you practice honesty, the more powerful your words become in an exponential way. But it takes practice and consistency.

– Love. You can’t be persuasive about something you don’t believe in. If I was paid to sell vaccuum cleaners I could only be persuasive about it if I felt my cleaner was either the quickest, the “cleaniest”, the cheapest, the whatever, of all vacuum cleaners. It would have to be religion for me and that vaccuum cleaner would have to be the god of all vacuum cleaners.

People are better at smelling bullshit than you think. Actually, people are about as good as you would expect. If you put a plate of bullshit in front of them, it will smell.

The slightest bit of dishonesty and lack of love for what you are being persuasive on, creates bullshit. And it takes only seconds for the other person to smell it and then the meeting is ruined. If you can’t say something without turning it into bullshit then better to stay quiet until you stop vomiting. Then you will become a more persuasive person.