How do you control envious feelings?

Jeremy Lamb ‏ @LambJeremy How do you control envious feelings?

ANSWER: Here’s a rule of the universe: when you envy someone, you put a wall up between yourself and the things about that person you envy. If they have a good job, there’s now a new wall between you and getting a good job. Why? Because you are programming yourself to dislike people who havegood jobs. So how will you get one? Unless you like disliking yourself.

Clearly envy is bad. What you ahev to do is train your envious mind. Everytime you notice yourself thinking an envious thought about say, “Alice” try to catch yourself doing that and then reverse it.

Think: “God bless Alice. I am sincerely happy she has been able to make these achievements.”

Reminds me of a story I read as a kid. Two guys are walking past the Executive Lunchroom at some Big Company. One guy says to the other, “look at those assholes eating there.”

The other guy says, “I like them eating there. Because one day I will be eating there as well.”

Without envy, the entire world is open to you. With envy, you just put a line in the sand, and you’ll never cross it.