How do you deal with obsessions?

How do you deal with obsessions? –@PriscillaPWood

I get obsessed with stuff ALL THE TIME. The worst was when I used to get obsessed with people that didn’t like me. Those were awful periods in my life.

There is nothing wrong with obsessions. Obsessions could be fun, particularly when you are learning and deriving benefit from them.

Obsessions can also be negative. Like when I get obsessed over how many pageviews I am getting. When I don’t get enough pageviews I get sad.

So this is where you have to stop and say, “does this sadness make sense?” Like, should I really be spending part of my life if enough people are not clicking on an article?

This is a semi-permanent obsession I have that I’ve written about before. The times in the past year when I haven’t been obsessed on this was when I was in India (because I was doing something healthy for me) or when I was excited about different new business ideas I was working on (none of which worked out but I always try and explore until it doesn’t work and then I cut losses).

Try listing other things that could excite you today. Then go do them. Build new habits and see which ones turn into obsessions. I should be doing the same. In fact, I will. I have this radio show starting Monday. I have to practice making my voice sound interesting for radio. I’m going to try and obsess on that today.

I might also obsess on Claudia if she lets me.