How do you find a mentor?

@petachung asked: how do you find a mentor ? (although I am paraphrasing since I can’t find it now but still want to answer it here).

nobody needs a mentor. Every day find someone u admire and list why. And just think abt what was truly good they did.


I’ve had a lot of mentors. Eventually the mentor-mentee relationship tends to go sour. The mentors try to control the mentees but eventually you will surpass or lose interest in your mentors and their egos can’t handle it.

So here’s what I do now. I find people I admire and I try to read and study everything about them. There’s where I come up with posts like 9 things I learned from Woody Allen. Or “What I learned from the World’s First Blogger“.

There are many amazing people throughout history. Really study them and list what you’ve learned from them. They are your best mentors. Right now I’m reading books about Howard Hughes, Kevin Smith (writer/director of “Clerks”), and Cyrus the Great. These are my latest mentors.