How do you know your current girlfriend is the one?

Hamzah ‏ @Hamzah81: How do you know your current girlfriend is the one?


Check list time:

Do you love having sex with her? This goes away eventually but you NEED IT now.

Ethics. Do you share similar ethics. Because if you don’t, that gap will widen until one of you cheats or goes to jail.

Discipline. Do you both work in a similar fashion to your goals? And are your goals such that they won’t pull you away from each other for long periods of time? Because that would suck. It doesn’t mean your goals have to be the same. But it does mean you will work equally hard on helping her achieve her goals and she on yours.

Physically. Do you both try to stay in similar shape. If one person works out every day and the other person is eager to begin getting obese then you might lose physical attraction to each other.

Surprise! Do you like to surprise her? Does she like to surprise you?

I agree. Can you say “I agree” when she has problems with you. At least agree enough to seek a common ground solution. Don’t be defensive. If she has a problem, or you do, then there’s a problem. It’s not fiction. It’s real. You have to seek common ground. Always a place where you can find a “yes, we agree” and then work from there.Make sure you are both committed to always finding that “yes”

Spiritually. Do you bot have similar spiritual beliefs. Not necessarily the same religion. But deep respect for the beliefs of the other? Else this could cause “drift”. First you think in the background, “she’s an idiot” for believing that and then it gets deeper and deeper until its a permanent dent in that once beautiful car.